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  1. Think the reason why your friends all bailed was because they were bad games, or at least not good games. I've played my share of MMO's over the years as well. Still looking for a place to call home since the original EQ. Played WoW for about a year and got bored (quit just before the first expansion). Vanguard was actually not a bad game, if only it was finished/polished. Here's hoping Crowfall becomes that game, because I don't see much else on the horizon.
  2. This argument is moot. It doesn't matter if the game is class based, or classless; someone will plug all the numbers into a computer and find the best build, and everyone else will copy it. Then the devs will come along with a nerf bat, and there will be a new build and everyone will copy that one. Rinse and repeat.
  3. I don't understand the whining that's going on here about mobs dropping epic loot. It's a PvP game. What's wrong with getting epic loot from monsters? Someone gets ultra rare loot from dragon, you kill him, take his epic loot. That's the beauty of PvP games. Why the hell would I bother killing a dragon for loot if Joe Bob in the nearby village makes loot that's better? I'm not going to risk my life to kill a dragon that may drop a scale off of his ass. It's a dragon! Dragons hoard treasure! Bring on the loot! The more loot that's in the game, the more incentive everyone has to kill each other!
  4. and it's not high fantasy, it's a sci-fi FPS. There's a big difference between the two. There are plenty of FPS' out there that are multiplayer, yet are not anywhere close to being a true MMO. In a game like crowfall, if there is nothing to do other than PVP, it would be stale and boring and no one would play it.
  5. And your game would be dead in less than a week. If the only thing a game offers is non stop PvP, it would be boring as hell and no one would want to play it. Your game would consist of yourself, and a few hundred other people, killing each other over and over, coming to the realization that you're bored out of your skull, and uninstalling. I kinda wish Crowfall does this type of game just to prove my point.
  6. That's because most people cut their teeth on WoW, and never played UO or Everquest. Even in a game like Everquest on non PvP servers, the drama over raid mobs and dungeons between guilds was epic. As long as you keep dungeons non instanced, the drama that will play out over PvE content (contested mobs/loot) will be a thousand times more fun than fighting in an arena or doing a castle siege over and over ad nauseam.
  7. Amen. If only most people were intelligent enough to comprehend this simple fact.
  8. I see no reason why you can't have both in a game. All PvE, or all PvP is a bad decision by devs because you're basically cutting out a huge chunk of gamers either way. Make the game PvE or PvP centric, but don't do all or nothing either way. I can do PvP and still want to do a dungeon crawl now and again, hoping to pick up a rare item or weapon.
  9. I'm in the wait and see camp. If it's PvP centric, then I want full on FFA PvP. No hard factions, no arenas, no instancing. Please, for the love of God, just have soft factions like they had in EQ. You should be able to raise and lower your factions with different groups how you see fit.
  10. Yes to quests, no to meaningless, collect bear ass quests. Make fewer quests, but make them more significant/meaningful.
  11. Monthly sub. I had no problem paying a monthly sub to play EQ for 5+ years, nor WoW for a year and a half. If the game is good, there isn't anyone who can't afford $10 to $15 a month. The problem with cash shops is it's a slippery slope. They could start out just selling cosmetic/insignificant stuff, and then they see they need an influx of cash and start selling everything from levels, to gold, to weapons, etc... Best to not even give people the option. Monthly sub makes everyone in the game equal.
  12. So the people who are making this game (who are already millionaires) use our money to create it, then if it bombs they've risked nothing, but if it's a huge success, they make millions of more dollars, and we get what, a cloth map and early access to the game? Sounds fair to me!
  13. I don't think you understand what the word investment means. When you invest in something, you're expecting a return on your investment. If I invest $100 into the game, do I get a share of future profits?
  14. worst thing you can do is ask the players what they want. You'll wind up being pulled in a hundred different directions. Most people don't even know what they want to begin with, and those that think they know, wind up not liking it anyway. Best thing you can do is make the game you want. Be passionate, be creative, but most important of all, be uncompromising. True artists don't ask others for their advice. Imagine if Michelangelo would've asked a thousand different people what to paint on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
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