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  1. Whether it be in EK / God's reach or campaigns, I login, then play several minutes (5 to 10) and get kicked back to the "lobby". If I log back to quickly, I'm stuck looking at what appear to be the sky (it's all blue with bird noises), not being able to call the menu, and I have to kill the exe with the task manager. Tried launching the game with admin rights. I have a very common antivirus (ESET NOD32 Antivirus) that I tried inactivating while playing, but it didn''t change anything. I don't even know what kind of information I could provide to give you hint. First time ever I am having issues like this with a game :-S
  2. Obligé de déterrer le bousin : j'ai eu des palpitations (devrais-je dire papytations ?) en voyant tous ces noms, que putain, bah que je connais quasi tous en fait !
  3. If you call "risk" a lottery system, then we clearly don't have the same definition of risk. And again, I'm talking about enjoyment versus frustration. And I don't know about you, but I get no excitment in beating an RNG test. Maybe you could keep the failure system for higher levels of crafting, but clearly I don't think it would be wise to keep it for the "mandatory" levels of crafting i.e. basic gears.
  4. It's pretty simple, and it's been said multiple times already : failures fail. They add nothing to the game experience but frustration, disappointment and anger. There is NO challenge in successfully passing a RNG test. This adds nothing to the pleasure of successfully crafting an item. Failures are just a dull gameplay mechanic when it comes to crafting. Besides when crafted items have a set durability. Instead of failures, just look the other way around. If you absolutely want to see RNG in your crafting mechanics, then think of POSITIVE RNG tests. Replace your failure % by a critical success % which would make the crafted item better than what it was supposed to be. THIS is rewarding, THIS is positive, THIS is an incentive. No, you are not making your game hardcore with those failures, there are better ways to achieve that goal.
  5. Remove crafting failure. They proved it. Now do it.
  6. koo-koo-ka-choo happened to that thread...
  7. Something I would like to see in combinations, is "inherited" bonus. I have no idea if it's been done before, or if it would be more tactical than what we've seen in games so far, but I think it could be fun. You can take all the "effects" that already exist in games and then you combine them with inheritance, with decreasing effects after each swing (or not). Example : I open with a damage buff : my strike deals 50% more damage. Then I chain with a snare power : my strike deals 30% more damage (inherited from my first power), and slows the target movement by 50% for 3 seconds. And I finish with point blank AoE : +15% dmg -30% mov for 2 secs + 2 meters PbAoE. Then what ? Either start again from 0, or keep the chain sustained : This needs to be thought through. That way, I can really create my own combos out of all my moves range. And you can tweak the inheritance options with character traits of abilities, add some inheritance buffing moves, one more step with a lesser ratio, one less step with a better ratio, and stuffs like that. It opens the way for real player customization in combat moves.
  8. I don't think you get the initial point. "Player background" is not spamming in your chatbox, you decide to read it or not. Like some character "inspection", but instead of seeing its items, you see its story.
  9. Well, I'm sure any storyteller could come up with a random good reason for the wealthiest guild in the game to win. I give you one : the guild has been able to buy the services of some ancient badass dragon tribe. Anyway, the aim was to have different ways of winning a campaign, so that military domination is not the one and only way. That could be useful to crafter's guilds. That would be for more defensive guilds, with the approriate crafters and ressource supplies. Well, I was hoping for some "mines" to be kind of hidden under the ground, maybe in mountains, under lakes or whatever. For how much time ? I guess that's something that would need to be tested, between 3 days and a week ? No idea. For the relics, maybe start with parts of maps that are randomly looted (and indestructible), which once combined (crafting skill ? particular altar on the map ? 7 drops of blood of 7 virgins ?) will give you the coordinates of one of the relic. Hold them all for a to-be-defined period of time or bring them all to some random place and you win. Those give smaller organizations a chance, enhance spying and information sharing, could breed alliances with different goals but same enemies etc...
  10. Purely "cosmetic" and probably way too expensive for what it would add to the game experience but I loved how in Dragon Age / Civilization and some other titles, the game recorded your relevant actions and decisions and in the end let you admire your journey through the game. I have no idea of how difficult it would be to set that up in an MMO with thousands of players and thus dozens of thousands of actions to record each day. And how such a system could decide what is relevant and what is not... And if that's feasible, it would be cool to have a some kind of engine that would actually tell your story instead of simply listing all your actions. Instead of "19:07 [Player1] has been slain by [Player2]". Something more like "In the valley/plain/mountain of [region_name_if_any] I sent [player2] back to the grave with a taste of my [killing_blow_power] wielding my bright new [killing_blow_weapon]." That could also be applicable to Guilds, with the dynamic background displaying actual facts and numbers. [Guild1] fielding XX soldiers and lead by [GroupLeader1] and [GroupLeader2] managed to capture the ore mine of [region_name_if_any] from [PreviousMineOwningGuild] who was able to rally XX warriors. Input a situational random sentence builder and I'm sure player backgrounds would finally be worth reading
  11. The devs should have a look at Civilization victory conditions and try to adapt some of them to CF. Territorial control (military / diplomacy) Capture and hold all (or X%) capital cities (military / diplomacy) Amass X amount of money (or X% of the global server wealth). (crafting / economy) Monopolize this or/and that resource (military / exploration) Build that badass monument (crafting) Find and hold those X badass reliques (exploration) Different ways to win might give a chance to smaller organizations. Give means to acquire territories with gold (rough acquisition, or buy some NPC mercs ?).
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