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  1. Thank you for putting things straight.
  2. What the f*** man all those l33t guild marketing and communcation skills. Is this how guilds have become now ? I am impressed ! Are you going to try to sell me something once I have joined ? I don't even know if I am going to be allowed to post in there that very message. It will just go poof when I click on Submit Reply. Anyway, nice job with this presentation !
  3. Hi, EU (FR) player looking for a 5+ currently-active-members guild. I am currently online between approx 21:30 and 00:30 MON-TUE-WED-THU. Then occasionnally on SAT and SUN. Tried many classes but only in PvE, because PvP is just unreachable for solo players (ie without proper gear / vessel or a group) or so I heard, because I couldn't manage to properly PvP just yet. Pretty simple, sometimes I don't even know where to go to find PvP. And I bearly to never get answers when LFG in faction chat / or zone chat. So I would like to finally try PvP and get a real feeling of the game and
  4. Allow skill points allocation through the game site. Or an app. And spirit bank /guild bank management. And EK vendors management.
  5. Whether it be in EK / God's reach or campaigns, I login, then play several minutes (5 to 10) and get kicked back to the "lobby". If I log back to quickly, I'm stuck looking at what appear to be the sky (it's all blue with bird noises), not being able to call the menu, and I have to kill the exe with the task manager. Tried launching the game with admin rights. I have a very common antivirus (ESET NOD32 Antivirus) that I tried inactivating while playing, but it didn''t change anything. I don't even know what kind of information I could provide to give you hint. First time ever I am ha
  6. Obligé de déterrer le bousin : j'ai eu des palpitations (devrais-je dire papytations ?) en voyant tous ces noms, que putain, bah que je connais quasi tous en fait !
  7. I want a cash shop that enables me to buy fully leveled characters for the price of a monthly subscription. That's if there's any leveling at all in the game.
  8. If a had to choose ONE thing, it would definitely be the deepest character customization ever seen, with thousands of viable templates. EDIT : and millions of gimps.
  9. Sandbox GvG with land claiming and politics and just not compatible with hundreds of bots and gold sellers. End of story. Pay to play, under any form.
  10. I couldn't agree more with the idea of abandonning leveling. Just give us a deep character customization at creation (with stats, skills, and basic gear) and let's roll. You can replace the leveling by usefull farming (to craft gear / build your town / construct siege weapons). Farming profit can be shared among the whole guild. This evens the gap between people who can play 12h a day and those who can play 1h-2h a day. XP, as it works today, can't be shared (or maybe in a way with powerleveling). You could invent some kind of guild points that could be spent in skill trees in order
  11. Me wants them God of War III style combat, or even Mortal Kombat style, so that my 10yo cousin can beat the poorly made socks out of you all ol' MMO junkies. INTELLIGENCE over DEXTERITY PLEASE.
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