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  1. Guild criteria: Region: EU preferably a German Guild. (looking to play on EU Servers in the future) Atmosphere: I should not feel forced to play when I have other things to do. I'm willing to participate in guild activites. Casual/Hardcore?: I play almost daily so I would say I'm more of a hardcore player. Size: Small Medium or Large. The size of the guild won't matter to me if there are people to play with. Would prefer a medium sized guild where it's more family orientated. Play-Style: I'm an allrounder. I like gathering but also I just love PvP (some zerk is always good fun to me!) I'm mostly a meele fighter but I'm not 100% sure which class I should play. Commitment: I'm a real gamer, which means I play every genre of games. Really, you can find any type of game in my steam library. But MMO's have always been a special type of game for me. I have one main game which I play every day and some other MP games which I play every other day for some time. Miscellaneous: I'm 22, work on Office times so I'm mostly around in the late evening or the night. Experience: I have played a lot of MMO's in my life like WoW, Guild Wars 2, Black Desert Online (RIP), SWTOR, Regnum Online, Albion Online, Blade and Soul are the most I have played over the years. Also I have been in some CS:S clans back in the day and in a lot of Guilds over the years. Voice-Chat services: TS or Discord. Let me know if I have sparked your interest.
  2. I think I'm jumping on the bandwagon. So I was watching Crowfall for quite some time and I finally decided I want to be a part of the development. I'm a pretty chill dude and a sucker for PvP so if you see me around the game feel free to invite me to a party or attack me, depends on what side you are!
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