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  1. I think all packages gives you access to play now, even the 49$ one, but you will get access to the Live servers witch is always one version behind the Test servers. As far as i understand you need to be an initial Kickstarter backer to have access to the Test server.
  2. It does matter for sure, if gaming sites and youtubers list the game as a 2018 release, then people gonna think that the game is currently far ahead in development, and at the same time when ppl see that the game has early access, and they sign up and see what is available.... Then the game will get negative publicity... And people will start to hate on Crowfall even before its out of pre-alpha...
  3. Ya, but if the videos and MMO sites list Crowfall as a 2018 release, and ppl start to sign up because of it, then you are gonna get alot of "Crowfall is crap" publicity, even tough its only in pre-alpha.
  4. I higly doubt it, not unless they employ an army of game developers, a year of dev time is pretty short, a month passes by in the blink of the eye really. Anyone in testing pretty much know that this game wont release this year. Not unless they cut alot of promised features from the game.
  5. Hi all. As the title says, people think that Crowfall will be released in 2018... I think it would be a good idea that sites like mmorpg.com stop listing this game as a Q1 2018 release, also ive seen VERY recent videos of quite big MMO Youtubers listing Crowfall as an upcoming MMO for 2018. It would be good for the Crowfall devs to clearify that this is not the case, i mean the initial flow of funds from early access buyers sure is nice and all, but the backlash when they figure out that the game is nowhere near release could seriously backfire on them. Theres allready Youtube videos of the "Best MMOs releasing in 2018" out there, less then a week old, with over hundreds of thousands views, and they claim that Crowfall will release this year.
  6. We all know the game cant be successfull without ./Dance Is there an eta on when this will be available? is it on top of the priority list allready?
  7. Hi all. If i buy early accessdo i get access to the Beta test? like instantly? or is testing done on set timeframes?
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