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    Debuffs in this game don't stack up but they do cause the same effect. Applying a new debuff of the same type either refreshes the current debuff, is completely ignored, or overwrites the current debuff depending on the strength and priority coded to it. Plague Lord has a way to apply Expose in Combat stances which is useful, along with some other goodies. The Duelist is also able to apply an Expose with one of their Stealth abilities.
  2. I've felt that it's 3 hits from a unique person hitting you haha. So if you're in a mob you're SoL But that's probably just my superstition IMO make Arcane Archer a Single Target Root, Reduce Mole Hunter Root CD Keep Druid AoE Root
  3. The sheer quantity of required material is too high in my mind as well. 2-300 per suit I can see, not so 450-500.
  4. THIS Bring back the old Templar Parry pip gen and counter but give the Counter a 5 second CD absolutely.
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