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  1. As a proud member of the Sparkle Fisters (the saboteur branch of Fist of the Empire) and as one of the top scorers on the server I can honestly say that FoE is great for beginners and hardcore gamers alike because we hardcore gamers enjoy mentoring and helping new gamers. When I first started playing Crowfall I hated it because I didn't understand how anything works. The learning curve isn't hard but the game is not intuitive, you definitely need to join a guild to learn how to play. Favor to Malakai, Glory to Chaos.
  2. The season of summer had come, the winds of war calm but saboteurs from Fist of the Empire began to scream into the night. It was a new era, a new time for legends to rise. Even the darkness has its heroes. They call themselves the Sparkle Fisters (the saboteur branch of Fist of the Empire) and they are a Machiavellian and moony bunch. Their whimsical playfulness tainted by Chaos manifests into debilitating misfortune. No one would say they are hard to kill or dispatch, but all would agree they regretted their encounter entirely. For it is not their vessels, or their gear, or their disciplines that make them formidable. It is their tactics and tenacity, more so insanity, that leads their opponents down a winding road of misfortune and woe. As the clock ticks- tick, tick, tick, more and more things begin to go wrong for their foes… Night had just fallen as Praelian, TaeSilverfox, and Krakadil meandered through the domains of Balance. Happening upon a Balance fort they decided they should take it. “I’m taking this fort.” TaeSilverfox said blinking in on his new wood-elf vessel. He had not fully trained his archdruid body but was too eager to wait. He had seen what others had done with such vessels and was bursting with glee and merriment. Praelian squeaked in his high pitched Guinecean’s voice, “Well, we can’t get in, I don’t know how to tunnel that far down. My paws are so small and only good for praying.” Standing next to Praelian, Krakadil only silently sharpened his assassin’s blades while leaning against the fort’s wall. TaeSilverfox, “Keep watch and I’ll have this done lickety, banana fruit, split” Stepping into the inner sanctum of the fort sent out alarms across the domain. The game had begun… Krakadil whispered, “Contact, Silhaku entering the fort” Tae quickly hid himself within the inner keep. Silhaku was a ranger and no stranger to those who hide in the shadows. He quickly scouted the fort for any visible enemies, and when he saw no visible threats, he began to scout for the invisible. Launching flares and raining arrows down Tae held his breath and narrowly escaped becoming a pincushion. The plan had already been discussed on what to do should an enemy enter the fort. Praelian with his small furry cute little paws and mystical throwing hammer began to beat on the outside walls, casting spells and making a racket while Krakadil stood silently in the shadows. Silhaku ran up onto the ramparts and found it difficult to get the angle needed to shoot the solo sieger. While Silhaku engaged the rodent, Krakadil waited for him to jump down and Tae began to weave his archdruid magics. When Tae was ready he again set of the alarm of the inner sanctum alerting Silhaku to an intruder’s presence. Silhaku jumped from the ramparts and rushed to the sanctum. With his bow drawn he launched a devastating arrow into Tae’s chest, then pulling out his blades, elation clear upon his face, he leapt to the intruder and- exploded into a million pieces where he should have landed. Only the screams of blight lingered. Picking up Silhaku’s skull Tae looted the scraps, pushing them around with his foot. Krakadil whispered, “Contact, Nukz” With a devilish smile, Tae began to weave. Nukz threw open the doors of the fort and ran full speed into the sanctum to where the archdruid was standing still. Tae was crippled by Nukz first attack, and then with a ravenous fervor in his eyes Nukz unleashed his rage growing in size- and then exploding into a million pieces. Where a behemoth of a half-giant should have been raging only the screams of blight lingered. Tae erupted into maniacal laughter, “KhAhaHAhAha!? KhaHaAhaAHahaha!” “I think I like this new vessel.” Favor to Malakai.
  3. He changes them like a mask and discards them like trash. Each new vessel offers its tricks and poetry. He arms them with the weapons and bruised apples the gods leave him. Through his countless incarnations, his mind broken and weakened. There is no sanity here. He throws his new vessels into battle with complete disregard. They can lack experience, and armor, and weapons fit for war. Yet he does not care. This worshipper of Malakai relies on tricks and tenacity to inflict grief and calamity. Once while wearing a Guinecean knight who had just been born into the world, this vessel was weak and paltry, he took a team of 4 saboteurs from Fist of the Empire into the lands of Aerynth, in Balance. There they attacked harvesters and wanders, inflicting grief they enraged the followers of Balance. Unwilling to bear it anymore Balance organized two groups of their strongest soldiers to punish their wicked deeds. After several kills Balance became confident and prideful, and so the trap began to unfold. He changed vessels to a Guinecean Cleric who attained the maximum experience for war. Balance forces, filled with wrath and blinded by pride, chased him to an outpost where two guards had been purchased. Believing their previous victories would earn them victory again they ran in to be slaughtered. This elaborate trap had many phases, and with all great traps of war, the first step is to appear weak and to continue to hide that weakness until it is too late to escape. The team of balance believed their overwhelming numbers would ensure victory against opponents they had previously crushed. Upon running up they assumed the Guinecean they saw was the weak knight they had beaten to a pulp. Even under pressure from the arrows of two guards they foolhardily pressed forward frothing at the mouth like rabid dogs. Once you take the bait, only shame awaits. The Guinecean who had previously been the weakest link became the backbone and lifeline of this team of saboteurs from Fist of the Empire. Dumping heal after heal into the team, blocking blow after blow, the guards worked their magic. Soon the attackers found themselves routing under a barrage of arrows. Skulls littered the ground. A smile took form, as success had been achieved. Favor to Malakai.
  4. The night was cold and dark for the beginning of a new Spring. Blades clashed and smashed against flesh and bone. War ravaged the lands of Balance and Order. There was no peace, and when there is only war Chaos dominates. We never tire, we never sleep, overcome with madness we press on. We conquer. We pillage. Last night Balance and Order succumbed to fatigue and attrition. The will to live drained from their soldiers’ frail minds. But, our insanity is our strength! We grow stronger and bolder as the witching hour nears. Previous battles that had been lost became stepping stones in our onslaught. Standing above all others a new behemoth of Greed and Gluttony has arisen… Glistening in the flames that razed Order and Balance to the ground, tears ran down his face as he pleaded on his knees, "But why are you here!? It’s, It’s, It's Spring!” he stuttered, “The harvests?!?! Don’t you…" With a flash of a glowing runed axe his sentence was cut in half as his head was lopped off. RealBlankSpace, "Because we are Chaos." As rage and despair filled every valley, mountain, and refuge Fist of the Empire lead Chaos to subject fort after fort, outpost after outpost, until there was nothing left, until there was no one left. Standing at the last fort of Order, at the last fort unconquered by Chaos, a madman of greed and gluttony leered. TaeSilverfox shouting, "We will haunt your dreams and serve anguish for breakfast! You will lament your fate and wonder how this can be happening! You will question your materials, you will question your vessel, you will beg for an answer, and then you will start to demand one! You will say how unfair life is, you will proclaim that you are being cheated, you will ask for someone to please do anything.” As the horde of Chaos banged on their walls and shattered their spirits, the remnants of Order frantically ran around in circles. Cowering inside their fortress behind 12 guards, Order could not compose themselves. With the help of Corvus Citadel, we breached the walls and took what we pleased. New demons have been born. You need not see them to be afraid, they will come for you, they will take everything from you.
  5. TaeSilverfox, Ferrat, and LastDraw went on a beautiful frolic through the wonderful worlds of Balance and Order leaving a wake of death and destruction. While Order and Balance slept in their beds Chaos ransacked and pillaged their undeveloped villages, their abandoned outposts, and conquered their paltry forts. Unsuspecting harvesters desperate to escape fled to Forts without walls, they were caught with their pants down and beheaded for their cowardice. Several subjugation forces were sent out to quell Chaos but none were able to fully stop them. These three heroes of disorder, all fresh recruits, accomplished the work of 20 men, conquering entire domains, earning devastating point differentials but it was not the score that drove them. It was their ravenous thirst for fresh harvesters, for common mats, for mere apples that drove them to conquer half the world. For it is the smallest impulses that drive Fist of the Empire and Chaos to GLORY! Expect to see more from these freshmen seeking fresh apples. #crowfallgame #warstories
  6. Amazing response exactly what I was looking for. I'll be trying out these three builds in the next trial.
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