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  1. "You filthy custard bastard.” “I didn't find out till today that you're a filthy traitor”, Pakkrat said. Chaos is a bitter, passionate faction filled with hot blood and traitors. Defeat stings but it stings even worse when you find out your close friends betrayed you… friends you thought would never leave. “I really thought you had more gumption than that....” Pakkrat lamented. The siege had went really well that spring evening. Really well if you were a part of Balance, if you were a member of the House of Avari, which I am. I had rained down arrows with my new vessel, empowered by my fellow traitor Heartsteel. Her avatar and my arrows brought more kills than I had ever garnered in any campaign prior, and I earned them all in a single fight. Balance is good. Malekai is the patron god of traitors. He watches over and guides me. In my mind burns one desire, deeper than friendships, stronger than allies, and more ferocious than betrayal. It’s a madness really. Quite uncontrollable... the words haunt my mind: I will adapt, I will overcome. I will fail, I will succeed. I will work, I will find a way. I will not stop, I will not relent. I will dominate. Fear is the enemy of the mind and death is a sweet song, a ballad I now play with my bow or occasionally with my bombs. Royal Kitsune, “custard you Tae!” His bitterness was well deserved. I had trained with Royal Kitsune on how to use the full power of the Archdruid. We had bonded as I explained the vessel’s strengths and weaknesses. I had been a friend, a mentor, and now I have just blown him up. It was quite precious to me. My first kill of this campaign. I came upon Royal Kitsune shooting at a bane tree, trying to take it down. My smile turned wry, he was all alone, and I was behind him. Seeing it as a teaching moment I placed orb after orb atop his head. Spinning while I conjured the deep magics of the earth. Then after my final orb I stared at him surprised that he had not noticed anything at all. He was so focused on that one bane tree, and then I just blew him up. “Bada boom”, I said. Favor to Malekai.
  2. Tae Silverfox awoke to a world full of hatred, full of the Gods wrath. Tae had displeased them, all of them, and thus he was made to suffer. Everything he loved was taken from him. His mind had cleared, his madness evaporated. His bag of tricks emptied, his crew of sparkle vanished, his opponents gone. In the fresh new world there was only the wind. He traveled from zone to zone to zone. No one anywhere doing anything. The outposts he once captured alone became obnoxious thorns he had to dodge. The forts he once captured alone become death sentences he had to dodge. The keeps he once infiltrated were filled with countless guards, but they guarded no one? A new massive world filled with wind. While running aimlessly he paused to look at his map, and then he died. Returned to his spirit form he flew for hours, maybe even years. When he finally resurrected he realized dying was the absolute most obnoxious thing that could happen to him. Even his greatest strength had been cursed by the Gods. In a world where there is no one, where dying is an eternity, it is truly a punishment. Every facet of this wasteland was built to spurn Tae Silverfox. "When will I kill again? When will I be killed again? How many years will that take?"
  3. Fall was ending and the Butcher of Tetuoria Taubaet Keep admired his work, 10 guards, dead. Phylor the Jester had taught him the trick for how a confessor vessel can enter a keep. Blink, blink. "No walls can stop him, no guards can kill him, no one can protect them when inside a keep. The Butcher of Tetuoria Taubaet kills you in your sleep. Your safety is forfeited, your protections weak, your best bet is to never hide inside your keep. When you least expect it you'll find yourself dead, and without a head. Goodnight for Tetuoria Taubaet Keep."
  4. Fewer people play in winter and people who play a lot play less. The two factors are that as a PKer I pray on unsuspecting harvesters, in winter there are none... so I move to capture forts, but in winter no one comes because the point differentials are so high that winners don't care to defend the forts and can just recap them as soon as I leave so instead they just hang out in their keep. So I go inside their keep to bring them out, but then they just sit on the wall and wait for me to come in. Overall for a PvP game, it is extremely boring in winter. Many people defend our current winter and say nothing is wrong, they blame the players, those people are idiots. The game is about the players, without the players there is no game, so when a game incentivizes people to stop playing then the game is at fault. We want stronger incentives to play during winter. Hunger shards are annoying to farm because you have to run across the entire map to locate them (very few people are spec'ed into hunger shards too). If you were capturing forts and doing PvP running around would be fine... but there is no incentive to do either in winter because it is hard to find people and people don't care about points. I suggest raid bosses that only spawn in winter and drop rare/epic/legendary materials. This way people can still 'harvest' in winter but now we have a place to go to kill people harvesting (you can't really hunt people harvesting hunger shards because they are randomly generated). Increasing points in winter to x8 instead of x4 would drastically make capturing and defending forts extremely relevant, and thus increase PvP. Winter is supposed to be a brawl fest since we can't harvest right? Add rewards for killing players that only activate in Winter; like bounties of gold/mats or special rewards only unlocked through PvP are essential for keeping PvP active. We need more rewards for playing during winter. Right now Spring and Summer offer us chances at legendary materials and gear. While Winter offers us Hunger Shard Additives that are extremely rare and only a handful of people each faction can actually harvest. Any reasonable player can assess that is beneficial to play during Spring and Summer and a pointless struggle to play in Winter. So add phat lewt in Winter that is given out based on PvP, and/or provide Raid Bosses where phat lewt can drop and thus people can fight over spawns to continue farming, and/or add some other feature that makes all people want to play in Winter. (Randomly generated hunger shards does not make all players want to play)
  5. 17 pages of crying... but where is the grief? Where is the griefing? Is the purpose of this game not to make your opponents rage quit? Isn't that what Shadowbane was? isn't that what all PvP games are? Harass and ruin your opponents day until they leave to play WoW? One day you will all hate me. One day you will blame me for ruining this game. One day you will login to your blizzard account and smash in your keycode to play WoW original. I'll be happy that day and everday up until that day. The only thing that sucks about this game is a mandatory offseason that starts in fall because no one harvests and the score is already determined so no one caps. All there is to do is level one of my 10 new vessels and farm gold???? PS I farm the risen in stonehaven like everyday, 2pm pst-8pm pst, nasty nick, the r9 spawns solo by myself all alone
  6. Keep guards are good before sieges, and good for protecting crafters from me. Fort guards you only need one to hinder solo caps anymore is a waste, as two people can cap with 4 guards. Outpost guards are for ganking people who will chase you to the outpost where you bought guards.
  7. First I owe two apologies, I spend so much time in Aerynth that I forgot a third faction existed. Part 2 of The Ballad of Tenacity was about Order, I think. You’d have to check with them. The second apology is that it was not Nukz but Nuke or Nuk or Nukez or maybe even Nakz that was killed. I have no idea. He was only standing there for a fraction of a second so you can hardly blame me for forgetting. I only remember Silhaku because he was generous enough to donate his skull to the Sparkle Fister’s collectors vault. If you ever want your name spelled correctly then be sure to leave your skull. With all the confusion cleared up, I think I should tell a tale about Balance because they enjoy reading about themselves while everyone else takes satisfaction in reading about their follies. This is one of our more successful operations so I take great pleasure in presenting it to all of you. Phylor The Jester is an eager confident fellow. Clever too. A fire bending confessor who dances like a top, beautiful and entrancing, but every hero has their fall. For every vice becomes the keystone of a story and the tale of how anyone of us can crumble.... The season of summer still fresh harvesters still working day and night, the band of Sparke, the marchers of Fisting began to twist a scheme. Tae said, “I am more than one man, or one woman. I can be many men and many women. My strength is in my plurality! With myself alone, I can split into five distinct personalities. Yes, I think I can accomplish more with five vessels than I could with one. Yet, when I am only one I am weak so my weakness will be our bait. Yes, my friends my fellows. Let us Sparkle tonight! I think we shall have a feast!” In the lands of Aerynth, an alarm went out. Chaos was capturing the Solitary Expanse Fort, then it went out again, then again, then again. A message was being sent. It was not morse code, but it is well known that if you attempt to take a fort in Aerynth someone, will, come. Often it is Deathbunbun, KatsRwise, and their various crew members. Receiving the message, Balance organized their team and set out to recapture the fort but upon their arrival found that… no one was there? Standing perplexed alarms began to go out that Chaos was taking Blacksilk’s Lair Fort. First one alarm, then two, then three. The message was clear, “I tricked you, I am here.” Sending their forces to take back the fort they mounted a counterattack, but when they arrived… no one was there? Then alarms began to sound at the Solitary Expanse Fort. The game was now clear. Tired of sending their entire force they instead sent a single ranger to deal with the prankster. Except when they arrived, someone was there. Being pumped full of arrows Tae Silverfox’s vessel died in the Solitary Expanse Fort… and then alarms began to sound that Chaos was taking Blacksilk’s Lair Fort. So they sent their ranger to scout the problem and when he arrived, of course, Tae Silverfox was there. Pumping his vessel full of arrows, with a smile he died. It was clear that one man was responsible for all their troubles. Ire began to rise, and a strategy was struck to end these games to bring about his demise. They would leave the ranger at Blacksilk’s Lair Fort to kill Tae when he appeared again. So, when the alarms began to sound at the Solitary Expanse Fort they waited, expecting alarms to soon go off at Blacksilk’s Lair Fort and for the Ranger to deal with him… but that never happened. Instead, Chaos captured the Solitary Expanse Fort. Infuriated at the change of events Balance rallied their strongest forces to end this game. Deathbunbun and KatsRwise adorned their weapons and armor and headed to the fort. They would handle the Solitary Expanse Fort themselves. Phylor The Jester would join them in route... Phylor was eager for action. He had just spent hours harvesting legendary and epic materials along with hunger shard additives. These additives were quite rare considering summer had only just started, but he had harvested all he could find. Exhausted from his long day of gathering he wanted an easy kill, on an easy foe that had been plaguing his lands. So he dropped everything and joined Deathbunbun and KatsRwise without visiting the bank. He had no time, he would have to get to Tae first before his other teammates if he wanted the kill. So Phylor concocted a clever plan. He would use his ultimate ability as a confessor to blink inside the fort so he could be the one to kill Tae Silverfox. As the fort appeared in the distance Phylor was overcome with excitement. Approaching the wall Phylor blinked inside. He immediately found his target inside the sanctum of the fort. With glee he started dancing like a top, sending fireballs into his opponent. He would be the one to kill Tae Silverfox!!! However, once you take the bait only shame awaits. With a dastardly smile, Tae began to laugh maniacally. Phylor’s glee turned into fear, and then despair, as his body began to fry with electrical current. Appearing from the shadows of the sanctum was Strech the Stormcaller and Skymason. Outnumbered 3 to 1 Phylor desperately tried to escape. Backtracking to where his teammates were beating on the other side of the wall he attempted to use his ultimate to escape… but he had already expended all of his soulpower to be the first one in! He had none left to escape. As he lay dying on the ground, he clung on to life desperate to keep his worldly possessions. He had spent hours harvesting, hours working, he just wanted some fun with an easy opponent. How did things turn out like this? He could hear his teammates frantically tearing down the walls to save him. He resolved himself to hold onto life no matter what. That he would keep everything he had… and then Tae’s face appeared above his dying eyes with a gleaming wicked smile and a glowing blue axe, and with one final whack, Phylor The Jester was just another crow. ~Favor to Malekai P.S. If you are new to Chaos and would like to participate in these activities, type /whisper TaeSilverfox while in game and ask how you can grief Balance. I have schemes even the aspiring agent of sabotage can achieve. No level is too low and often times we complete our Sparkling adventures on vessels that are fresh and brand new. In fact, the weaker you are the easier it is to bait and you need good bait if you want phat lewt.
  8. As a proud member of the Sparkle Fisters (the saboteur branch of Fist of the Empire) and as one of the top scorers on the server I can honestly say that FoE is great for beginners and hardcore gamers alike because we hardcore gamers enjoy mentoring and helping new gamers. When I first started playing Crowfall I hated it because I didn't understand how anything works. The learning curve isn't hard but the game is not intuitive, you definitely need to join a guild to learn how to play. Favor to Malakai, Glory to Chaos.
  9. The season of summer had come, the winds of war calm but saboteurs from Fist of the Empire began to scream into the night. It was a new era, a new time for legends to rise. Even the darkness has its heroes. They call themselves the Sparkle Fisters (the saboteur branch of Fist of the Empire) and they are a Machiavellian and moony bunch. Their whimsical playfulness tainted by Chaos manifests into debilitating misfortune. No one would say they are hard to kill or dispatch, but all would agree they regretted their encounter entirely. For it is not their vessels, or their gear, or their disciplines that make them formidable. It is their tactics and tenacity, more so insanity, that leads their opponents down a winding road of misfortune and woe. As the clock ticks- tick, tick, tick, more and more things begin to go wrong for their foes… Night had just fallen as Praelian, TaeSilverfox, and Krakadil meandered through the domains of Balance. Happening upon a Balance fort they decided they should take it. “I’m taking this fort.” TaeSilverfox said blinking in on his new wood-elf vessel. He had not fully trained his archdruid body but was too eager to wait. He had seen what others had done with such vessels and was bursting with glee and merriment. Praelian squeaked in his high pitched Guinecean’s voice, “Well, we can’t get in, I don’t know how to tunnel that far down. My paws are so small and only good for praying.” Standing next to Praelian, Krakadil only silently sharpened his assassin’s blades while leaning against the fort’s wall. TaeSilverfox, “Keep watch and I’ll have this done lickety, banana fruit, split” Stepping into the inner sanctum of the fort sent out alarms across the domain. The game had begun… Krakadil whispered, “Contact, Silhaku entering the fort” Tae quickly hid himself within the inner keep. Silhaku was a ranger and no stranger to those who hide in the shadows. He quickly scouted the fort for any visible enemies, and when he saw no visible threats, he began to scout for the invisible. Launching flares and raining arrows down Tae held his breath and narrowly escaped becoming a pincushion. The plan had already been discussed on what to do should an enemy enter the fort. Praelian with his small furry cute little paws and mystical throwing hammer began to beat on the outside walls, casting spells and making a racket while Krakadil stood silently in the shadows. Silhaku ran up onto the ramparts and found it difficult to get the angle needed to shoot the solo sieger. While Silhaku engaged the rodent, Krakadil waited for him to jump down and Tae began to weave his archdruid magics. When Tae was ready he again set of the alarm of the inner sanctum alerting Silhaku to an intruder’s presence. Silhaku jumped from the ramparts and rushed to the sanctum. With his bow drawn he launched a devastating arrow into Tae’s chest, then pulling out his blades, elation clear upon his face, he leapt to the intruder and- exploded into a million pieces where he should have landed. Only the screams of blight lingered. Picking up Silhaku’s skull Tae looted the scraps, pushing them around with his foot. Krakadil whispered, “Contact, Nukz” With a devilish smile, Tae began to weave. Nukz threw open the doors of the fort and ran full speed into the sanctum to where the archdruid was standing still. Tae was crippled by Nukz first attack, and then with a ravenous fervor in his eyes Nukz unleashed his rage growing in size- and then exploding into a million pieces. Where a behemoth of a half-giant should have been raging only the screams of blight lingered. Tae erupted into maniacal laughter, “KhAhaHAhAha!? KhaHaAhaAHahaha!” “I think I like this new vessel.” Favor to Malakai.
  10. Amazing response exactly what I was looking for. I'll be trying out these three builds in the next trial.
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