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  1. "You filthy custard bastard.” “I didn't find out till today that you're a filthy traitor”, Pakkrat said. Chaos is a bitter, passionate faction filled with hot blood and traitors. Defeat stings but it stings even worse when you find out your close friends betrayed you… friends you thought would never leave. “I really thought you had more gumption than that....” Pakkrat lamented. The siege had went really well that spring evening. Really well if you were a part of Balance, if you were a member of the House of Avari, which I am. I had rained down arrows with my new vessel, emp
  2. Two Bugs to report for middle tree confessor, Sanctifier: 1) The final passive in the tree, [Sanctifier], reduces distance to 7m but does not increase damage by 20% (even in combat stance it is not there) 2) [Well-Oiled Sandal] says it improves Dodge Regen Rate by 10% per point but on Nethari it only reduces dodge regen by 1 sec per point
  3. Tae Silverfox awoke to a world full of hatred, full of the Gods wrath. Tae had displeased them, all of them, and thus he was made to suffer. Everything he loved was taken from him. His mind had cleared, his madness evaporated. His bag of tricks emptied, his crew of sparkle vanished, his opponents gone. In the fresh new world there was only the wind. He traveled from zone to zone to zone. No one anywhere doing anything. The outposts he once captured alone became obnoxious thorns he had to dodge. The forts he once captured alone become death sentences he had to dodge. The keeps he once infiltrat
  4. Fall was ending and the Butcher of Tetuoria Taubaet Keep admired his work, 10 guards, dead. Phylor the Jester had taught him the trick for how a confessor vessel can enter a keep. Blink, blink. "No walls can stop him, no guards can kill him, no one can protect them when inside a keep. The Butcher of Tetuoria Taubaet kills you in your sleep. Your safety is forfeited, your protections weak, your best bet is to never hide inside your keep. When you least expect it you'll find yourself dead, and without a head. Goodnight for Tetuoria Taubaet Keep."
  5. Fewer people play in winter and people who play a lot play less. The two factors are that as a PKer I pray on unsuspecting harvesters, in winter there are none... so I move to capture forts, but in winter no one comes because the point differentials are so high that winners don't care to defend the forts and can just recap them as soon as I leave so instead they just hang out in their keep. So I go inside their keep to bring them out, but then they just sit on the wall and wait for me to come in. Overall for a PvP game, it is extremely boring in winter. Many people defend our current winter an
  6. 17 pages of crying... but where is the grief? Where is the griefing? Is the purpose of this game not to make your opponents rage quit? Isn't that what Shadowbane was? isn't that what all PvP games are? Harass and ruin your opponents day until they leave to play WoW? One day you will all hate me. One day you will blame me for ruining this game. One day you will login to your blizzard account and smash in your keycode to play WoW original. I'll be happy that day and everday up until that day. The only thing that sucks about this game is a mandatory offseason that starts in fall because no one ha
  7. Keep guards are good before sieges, and good for protecting crafters from me. Fort guards you only need one to hinder solo caps anymore is a waste, as two people can cap with 4 guards. Outpost guards are for ganking people who will chase you to the outpost where you bought guards.
  8. First I owe two apologies, I spend so much time in Aerynth that I forgot a third faction existed. Part 2 of The Ballad of Tenacity was about Order, I think. You’d have to check with them. The second apology is that it was not Nukz but Nuke or Nuk or Nukez or maybe even Nakz that was killed. I have no idea. He was only standing there for a fraction of a second so you can hardly blame me for forgetting. I only remember Silhaku because he was generous enough to donate his skull to the Sparkle Fister’s collectors vault. If you ever want your name spelled correctly then be sure to leave your skull.
  9. As a proud member of the Sparkle Fisters (the saboteur branch of Fist of the Empire) and as one of the top scorers on the server I can honestly say that FoE is great for beginners and hardcore gamers alike because we hardcore gamers enjoy mentoring and helping new gamers. When I first started playing Crowfall I hated it because I didn't understand how anything works. The learning curve isn't hard but the game is not intuitive, you definitely need to join a guild to learn how to play. Favor to Malakai, Glory to Chaos.
  10. The season of summer had come, the winds of war calm but saboteurs from Fist of the Empire began to scream into the night. It was a new era, a new time for legends to rise. Even the darkness has its heroes. They call themselves the Sparkle Fisters (the saboteur branch of Fist of the Empire) and they are a Machiavellian and moony bunch. Their whimsical playfulness tainted by Chaos manifests into debilitating misfortune. No one would say they are hard to kill or dispatch, but all would agree they regretted their encounter entirely. For it is not their vessels, or their gear, or their discip
  11. He changes them like a mask and discards them like trash. Each new vessel offers its tricks and poetry. He arms them with the weapons and bruised apples the gods leave him. Through his countless incarnations, his mind broken and weakened. There is no sanity here. He throws his new vessels into battle with complete disregard. They can lack experience, and armor, and weapons fit for war. Yet he does not care. This worshipper of Malakai relies on tricks and tenacity to inflict grief and calamity. Once while wearing a Guinecean knight who had just been born into the world, this vessel was wea
  12. The night was cold and dark for the beginning of a new Spring. Blades clashed and smashed against flesh and bone. War ravaged the lands of Balance and Order. There was no peace, and when there is only war Chaos dominates. We never tire, we never sleep, overcome with madness we press on. We conquer. We pillage. Last night Balance and Order succumbed to fatigue and attrition. The will to live drained from their soldiers’ frail minds. But, our insanity is our strength! We grow stronger and bolder as the witching hour nears. Previous battles that had been lost became stepping stones in our o
  13. TaeSilverfox, Ferrat, and LastDraw went on a beautiful frolic through the wonderful worlds of Balance and Order leaving a wake of death and destruction. While Order and Balance slept in their beds Chaos ransacked and pillaged their undeveloped villages, their abandoned outposts, and conquered their paltry forts. Unsuspecting harvesters desperate to escape fled to Forts without walls, they were caught with their pants down and beheaded for their cowardice. Several subjugation forces were sent out to quell Chaos but none were able to fully stop them. These three heroes of disorder, all fresh rec
  14. Amazing response exactly what I was looking for. I'll be trying out these three builds in the next trial.
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