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  1. Scoreboard K/D from 87-14 to 1-14. This bug was reported prior to 7.000, still waiting for a fix. I WILL quit the game, no test me plz.
  2. Leaderboard stopped working for a day, now my kills are reset to zero. Thanks.
  3. Hot zones are cool but nowhere near fleshed out as a concept (I hope). Here's a few ideas to aid in the improvement process that will 100% increase the value of this feature. 1. Add hot zones for other types of gathering, not just skinning. 2. Allow higher rank monsters than Alpha to spawn. 3. Increase mob density/expand wartribe hot zone parcels. 4. GREATLY increase the spawn rate of Major thralls in campaign hot zones. 5. Advertise globally when a new hot zone becomes active. (Currently a bug where Web-Wood doesn't even light up on the map when active)
  4. Why is there a maximum limit you can list items on your vendor for? You should expect some things to be worth far more than 99k if you have any sense of progression in your game and a functional economy. Please revisit player vendor listing limits 🙂
  5. Guild Description: If you are interested in being in a small, established guild that is capable of beating the old, large guilds and making them cry on the message boards then look no further! Unparalleled Acolytes #1
  6. Love to see my main in the lineup. If tweaked, here's what should be changed in the build: -Vessel is a Half-elf, no need to take the Minor talent -INSTEAD, Shroud of Darkness or Nature's Grace would provide the Stormcaller with a touch more survivability that is welcomed in 5vX -Taking Supreme Element in a physical damage meta is non-ideal. -Eminently Punchable is required in long fights in tandem with Weapon Finesse -Sun/Moon Elf Heritage over Stay in the Fight.
  7. Please, please, please, please, please revert or lessen the stamina penalty for sprinting. I believe this may have been inadvertently affected along with the general stamina changes. Prior to this patch you had players holding down sprint constantly to now making sprint near unviable. I don't think either of these extremes are good, and there is a happy medium still left to be found. This along with the jump change slows down the pace of the game way more than it should ever be. Neither of these changes feel good and together are enough to make me want to put down the game, IMHO.
  8. No, unfortunately not. It's been hogging real estate since I joined in 2017 so I feel your pain. There will almost certainly be a big pass on the UI in the new few months I would imagine so hopefully we won't have to live with stuff like that for much longer.
  9. Blacksmiths are no longer able to experiment on arrowhead bundles.
  10. <QUESTION> The likelihood of a new player sticking with Crowfall is greatly affected by their interactions and perceived role within their guild. When will we see tools like a GUILD UI added in-game? <QUESTION> What is the rationale for penalizing movement speed on jumping and how do we think this will positively affect gameplay? <QUESTION> In Crowfall it is a leader's job to open the map virtuously to steer his or her team towards the right objectives. This is an extremely crucial skill in Dregs. Can the pesky lag upon opening the world map be eliminated once and for all so that navigation becomes smoother and the character's movement speed is no longer visibly hindered? <QUESTION> I think the monthly Q&A's are great to keep the community informed and together. What other plans do you have for the ongoing issue of player retention?
  11. Power and Wealth need reworked. These are more or less being awarded to zerg guilds by default, on top of the new Conquest rewards they’re earning. On the other hand, there needs to be some sort of clause that prevents a 4 man guild from saccing 4 artifacts and winning a glory card. Yes I’m sure it seems perfectly fine how it is when you’re at one of these two extremes but we need to take a step back, think logically, and put the game’s health first from time to time.
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