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  1. effectively amazing work just saw all of them Indeed I didnt know I was using specific spells from my race already:) Other point its regarding stats: For exemple spirit is usefull for what? I know the basics one but not the specific onces. THanks
  2. Guild criteria: Region: EU will be better but NA is fine Atmosphere: PvP Focus - I am playing on Chaos but I dont mind really just need friends Casual/Hardcore?: I am a casual player (depends of girlfriends mainly, if she is not here I am playing as much as I can) Size: Small Medium or Large. I dont care just want friends and learn with them Play-Style: I like small man action and organise group to RvR Commitment: I love MMO since Daoc 2003. Miscellaneous: I'm 30 working for PokerStars as Digital Marketing manager:P Experience: I played MMO since 2003 mainly DAOC, WaR, TESO & GW2 - At the moment I am on Uthgard/Mid Voice-Chat services: All of them
  3. Hi guys, I am pretty new on Crowfall I might missed the topics. Does the Races will (or already have) have specific utility ? As example Does Night elf will have better [x] & [y] resists than a Human for druid or anything specific for each races? or any bonus damage or its purely roleplay? Thanks,
  4. its fine I am not a hardcore game just want to start and get used of the game before the alpha than beta release who I hope iwll be soon starting to learn to kill more easily noobie later
  5. ok thanks for your reply - do you have fun so far?:P video looks amazing
  6. Hi guys, I think its pretty straight forward - I really want to test it - do the pioner pack will allow me to play now? Thanks
  7. Hey, If I want to play now, what king of bundle need to buy? Do the Pioneer starter pack will work? THanks.
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