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  1. I don't ask for RT or ultra high res texture, but this kind of low res is just... No. I've played unity's games, and other games in kind of same art, and it was never poorly made dergs like this ngl
  2. So it don't bother anyone they jusde made such low quality texture on a game and yet it run craps ?
  3. My settings are all maxed, on a high end computer, yet i have this kind of texture quality and no control over it ? WTF is that ? https://ibb.co/JjHB16t https://ibb.co/wsdVy7t
  4. I have same issue and my group is 10, paid same amount as you. I remember I had access in 2017 so... why not now? Guess i'll contact support too EDIT : They fixed in like 10mins, godlike support <3
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