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  1. Yes, having to hold to harvest is a big inconvenience. Devs should really rethink this.
  2. Guild criteria: Region: NA (EST time zone) Atmosphere: Focused on guild goals but having fun too Casual/Hardcore?: Either (I will probably be playing 3 or 4 hours a day on weekdays and much more than I would care to admit on weekends.) Size: Preferably less than 100 people Commitment: I plan to play only Crowfall when it releases though I'm playing Overwatch until then. I am a Sapphire backer so I have alpha access. So far, the classes that are the most appealing to me are frostweaver and assassin though I have to see what they will be like of course. I would prefer a guild that is being
  3. I'm getting this error too.
  4. I enjoy playing support too. I think it is too early in development to say much yet, but I did notice a difference when I had a legionnaire in my group. The healing is noticeable, especially when playing against a team that has a legionnaire and you don't. I would think the other support archetype (druid) and maybe some promotion classes will have similar noticeable effects on group combat.
  5. I received my email but I haven't gotten the second email with the info to download it. Should I have gotten this email by now? Looks like less than 2 hours before the pre alpha is supposed to run?
  6. I thought about 24. In the character creation video, 12 archetypes are shown. However, the slider bar for scrolling through the archetype list was only halfway. This suggests there was an equal number of archetypes not shown. So I think about 24 archetypes were intended.
  7. You really haven't played Wildstar if you think telegraphs take the skill out of the game. I think it's a common misconception because people think "oh I can see enemy attacks, so I will never get hit." When in reality you have to be able to dodge enemy attacks while also hitting the enemy with your own. It's a lot of fun I think. Wildstar definitely had the best combat system I've ever experienced.
  8. I completely agree. It's especially bizarre in the case of the Assassin. A full page story about how they kill all their men. Go to the Assassin page and people are talking about male assassins... >_>
  9. I don't know how well that would work considering that means their Frostweaver skills would be low if they are planning to play a Frostweaver in the end of the campaign.
  10. I would say ACE choosing to buy advertisement means they think it's a worthy investment of company money. They're going to need to advertise at some point. Considering they are crowdfunding and wanted to hit $800k or the game might not even exist, it makes sense that they would choose to advertise. I don't think there is anything shady about it at all.
  11. Wildstar is the best game I've ever played.
  12. I went for the $500 one. I really hope I don't regret it xD I was a bit disappointed how much alpha access and internal testing costed.
  13. I think it makes perfect sense. They wanted $800K for the core game. Then, they are saying if they are able to raise another $200K, they will also be able to do better spell effects and female centaurs. It's pretty straightforward. If anything, there is more accountability here than if they didn't have stretch goals because you can be sure they will have better spell effects and female centaurs if it hits $1M. Otherwise, people will lose faith in the company. The only thing I thought was somewhat misleading is I didn't find out until today that the core module means Dregs only. I think instead
  14. Can you give us a list of the other races that are gender locked?
  15. Well, if you already have the chromebook, just go to canirunit.com and do some tests on games like Elder Scrolls Online, Wildstar, World of Warcraft. It will definitely have similar requirements to run.
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