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  1. I like those effects though and they would fit well in crowfall.
  2. I am not a fan of bullet drop unless the range is very long. Fessors would need a 50+ motor range and ranger 70+. I would rather see them just tighten up the hit box by like 15% and give a tad more range than mele. I think bullet drop works in survival games but not as well in tru MMO's, but thats my opinion.
  3. First I want to say that I have around 60+ hours of testing FW. We tested ice caller yesterday with almost full purple gear, 1200 support power and it was on a wood elf. The amount that both refreshing breeze and cooling ice healed for was very low. The iceweaver suffers from being a more stationary class and suffers from extremely high mana costs. The ice caller now has the lowest heals per second and is not mobile. The Icecaller will no longer be used because its heals are about 50% of what they need to be to be viable. This also effects the other 2 frostweavers, and not becaus
  4. Yeah that is what I thought, but I figured I would put that in just in case.
  5. Overall Frost weaver Bugs: `` The Frost weaver has a few bugs that seem to be part of a bigger issue. There are many skills right now that are double hitting. The frost weaver however takes it a step further. Lets start with frigid ice. If you place a ice weave, or any ice at all and turn it into frigid ice with freezing blast you will see 3 ticks of damage to the target. Freezing blast (electric is what it says it is) and what I only assume is supposed to be 2 ticks of frigid ice, but it says its freezing blast. This is with 1 person and 1 instant explosion. Here is the clip f
  6. yes we want all players to have even more of a reason to stay in gods reach. lower the mobs rank and resource rank to next to nothing then we can make it slightly bigger.
  7. I am not sure you comprehend mmo launches in the last few years. Personally I didn't think the extra passive training was p2w but I told them that people would think it was. Do you know what happened ? They changed it because people thought it was. I tell you what I will reach out to a few content creators and just see what they think. In the last few years it doesn't matter how good your game is at launch it is only as good as people think it is.
  8. Not saying it will kill the game but when people realize that we all start ahead of them, it will not be good.
  9. We are not talking about the 50 active players testing the game. We are talking about launch and thousands of boomers wanting everything like the good old days and then realizing they are starting from behind. I don't really care either way I have the ones I want and I am not convinced the game will succeed. What I do know is that the game does not need anything negative impacting the launch like cries of p2w. They will have there hands full with just getting a playable game out.
  10. We will still have an advantage for awhile which people don't like
  11. Dumb smart 5 mins or 5000 hours into crowfall 2% is well 2%.
  12. Now a days people consider p2w to be ANY advantage you get with money. You can argue that since this game is in testing IT HAS NOT COME OUT YET, that we all paid for participation trophies that give us an advantage over people who will buy the game at release. If the game had launched it may be different, but we are getting an advantage for testing that retail players wont get. Plus we didn't do anything to get them
  13. Yeah it could be considered pay to win. People coming to the game will have a disadvantage with not having the badges. Will they ever come back, or be available to other players wanting to min max.
  14. Is there anything people would like to see on vendors? Not doing specific requests, but would people like to see ore, dust, armor, weapons, or anything else. Also what vendors are you guys checking on a daily basis? Thanks
  15. Is this coming in 8.5 because it is still horrible even with 5 plentiful.
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