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  1. Is there anything people would like to see on vendors? Not doing specific requests, but would people like to see ore, dust, armor, weapons, or anything else. Also what vendors are you guys checking on a daily basis? Thanks
  2. Is this coming in 8.5 because it is still horrible even with 5 plentiful.
  3. An hour and a half of 4 people scouring 1 area gave us 13. I would very much argue that point.
  4. They are fine for people chopping wood who get around 2x to 3x the rate of any other profession. Maybe wood is bugged or ore and stone are bugged, but wood is the only profession that makes decent embers.
  5. I am on my phone so please excuse me if this ends up being a little rough. I would like to talk about gathering Chaos embers and hard caps on stats. We are starting to reach a point where we are gearing more towards having more pieces of gear purple then blue (some legendaries as well). They way the system is set up you are hard gated by chaos embers. To rerole an epic piece of gear you need at least 20-25 chaos embers. The big problem is the simple fact that inorder to get 20 chaos embers you can gather almost a full set of purple gears worth or purple ore. This does 2 things, 1 it extremely deflates the price of epic ore and 2 inflates the price of chaos embers. Most people still don't realize this and sell them for cheap, but this is even starting to happen. We also are not incentivised to sell epic gear because the price is just to expensive for TRULY rolled epic pieces. We farmed motherlodes at chaos keep on sunday for an hour and a half and got enough ore and stone for a ton of jewellery and armor, but we got 15 chaos embers. The system is set up in a way that is not even and we either need a way to better farm embers (one profession is a lot better than another) or lower the requirement for gear rerolls with embers.
  6. i was not going to respond to this post, but I thought since you did not reply about the 2 videos completely making your argument laughable I would. I do not talk trash nor lie on the forums so this is a place you will not find me often. The 2 videos posted in this thread show HoA outnumbered and we win with little to no deaths. Your lies and attempts at slander do not help the game and it only looks bad on you. I understand that you will not post on this anymore, but that you will read this comment. Just next time you try and post a thread about a review of the game take a moment to calm down and try to make thoughtful arguments that are not just about being upset you died.
  7. Parfax

    Zone Caps

    You say big guilds, but as an HoA member, we average 15-20 a night for siege. W averages 25-35 from my knowledge. There are bigger guilds then the two of ours, but we are the ones that just min-max our guilds.
  8. Parfax

    Zone Caps

    We have to defend against 120 (60 chaos and 60 order) and a 50 member alliance 60 if we are all at peak. Yet we do not complain, we actually find it very fun.
  9. Parfax

    Zone Caps

    We had multiple spies on our side as well. We know for a fact a chaos individual not named here had one sitting next to our forces right before siege.
  10. Thanks Todd for that heated take on Crowfall being P2W. I hope you did not think that I was saying the game was P2W. I just want this game to do great things and you gave me a clip I can show people when they talk about Crowfall being P2W. Keep up the great work.
  11. I have been following this game for years at this point. I was a little scared from previous "early access" games. After seeing how the game was progressing I realized that this was not an early access game, but a pre-alpha buy in. I love how open the team is with the community and willing to work with us as well. My favorite part of the game so far is the disciplines. Having a base class system is kinda stale, but adding those in is a huge plus for me. Thanks for the great job and I unfortunately only paid for the $80 version so I do not have access to test, but will love to dive into that when it comes live.
  12. After watching the last live stream I realized ( thanks Blair ) that we should have a thread where we post things that we really enjoy about the game. That way if you like it and want to keep it in the game we should all put that information here. Also that way they might even enhance those parts of the game as well. Last thing would be please leave only positive comments, because there are many places to put negative comments. Thanks ACE for this great game!
  13. I have taken damage from these orbs twice. One time while trying to take a fort, and the other time in an EK. Both times you could clearly see the person preparing for it and both times everyone had a chance to get out. This is IMO one of the best designs in the game due to how complex it is to set up. Please do this for me go play another game. If this is such a big deal for you then do not play. Posts like this if taken seriously by the devs ( it seems they are ok with the druid bombs) will kill the games combat. The game is mostly LMB already and any unique and interesting skills are well needed. Also before you say that I must play a druid I will answer that for you. I have never played a staff druid.
  14. Looking for a guild ( I mean this is what this thread is for ). Did not get into MMO's until ESO launched. Instantly I was hooked. I was in the top PVE guild and even won the only raid tourney that ESO ever had. After being one of the top PVE player in the NA I decided to try pvp. That did not come as easy, but through hours of practice I was stomping noobs in no time. I switched to BDO after playing the korean Version and I have never been so hyped for any game ever to come out. For the first 6 months I did nothing but help lead a guild and spammed pvp everywhere. I even have a youtube with over 4.000 subscribers and videos to prove I am not a complete scrub at pvp. Account name is of course Parfax hit me up with some guild action. ( on chaos but just started so I can switch)
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