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  1. Unofficial Looking for Guild Thread

    Looking for a guild ( I mean this is what this thread is for ). Did not get into MMO's until ESO launched. Instantly I was hooked. I was in the top PVE guild and even won the only raid tourney that ESO ever had. After being one of the top PVE player in the NA I decided to try pvp. That did not come as easy, but through hours of practice I was stomping noobs in no time. I switched to BDO after playing the korean Version and I have never been so hyped for any game ever to come out. For the first 6 months I did nothing but help lead a guild and spammed pvp everywhere. I even have a youtube with over 4.000 subscribers and videos to prove I am not a complete scrub at pvp. Account name is of course Parfax hit me up with some guild action. ( on chaos but just started so I can switch)