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  1. It would be really nice if when you clicked (or maybe right clicked/double clicked?) on an empty component slot it took you to the crafting window for that component.
  2. My point wasn't that the style of aiming is bad. My point is that changing the style of game play often has repercussions from the community who joined a game based on the style of game play it used.
  3. I figured this has probably already been suggested, but I wasn't able to find it. So, my suggestion is that while at the character creation screen if an unavailable class is clicked on, it would select that class and fade all unavailable races for that class. That way if someone wants to play a specific class, they can easily see what racial choices they have.
  4. This. I remember when SWG wanted to bring in more people. They decided to go with a MMO/FPS hybrid system because of posts like this one. It was a horrid mess and pretty much the beginning of the end for the game.
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