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    EcrirTwyLar got a reaction from Gummiel in Character creation by class selection   
    I figured this has probably already been suggested, but I wasn't able to find it.  So, my suggestion is that while at the character creation screen if an unavailable class is clicked on, it would select that class and fade all unavailable races for that class.  That way if someone wants to play a specific class, they can easily see what racial choices they have.
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    EcrirTwyLar reacted to entityofsin in Crowfall should feel like Overwatch   
    I wasn't disagreeing with you. Kind of hard to when there's a game that went through with this and I think the company that made it closed up shop. The game is Firefly.
    Crowfall hasn't flip flopped on design approaches. It's been pretty spot on with how the developers want the game to be made. This game won't ever feel like a MOBA or FPS game anyways so I don't really get why people have been comparing it to them. It's apples and oranges.
    But I do get what you're saying.
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    EcrirTwyLar reacted to Frykka in Empty component slot   
    If you didn't see the next pass on crafting, the components are laid out in a full spread diagram for 5.4 and are no longer separate items.  One recipe shows all the pieces broken out.  Of course you also will not be able to make anything advanced in 5.4 if you haven't trained the recipe skills for that craft and hold a fort or stronghold that has that type of crafting bench.
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    EcrirTwyLar reacted to moneda in Crowfall should feel like Overwatch   
    After all the hoopla we've gone through since the Kickstarter about how Crowfall seems "more MOBA than MMO" you want it to veer in the direction of an FPS? Oh gods. 
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