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  1. and even fewer (or bigger suckers as the case my be) will pay to play a PvP Focused game that gives them un-fair fights, which is kinda the whole point I have been trying to make, and on one seems to be catching this clue.
  2. You don't see a problem with some classes being so stupid OP, that they take a a whole team of players to defend against a single attacker? Well this was a short discussion.. We will never agree. I also will not agree to disagree, I will always think you are wrong on this.
  3. Explain to me the logic of needing a whole group of people to defend against a single other player? You don't see something wrong with that?
  4. Over Exaggeration Much. Anyway, expecting it to at least be a risk to someone to attack another player is not unreasonable for a PvP game, if the do something like turn "harvesters" into loot pinata, this game is DOA.
  5. I think that unless they fix the balance in this game where you have an equal chance to get your ass kicked when you attack someone, they may as well leave everything alone. As long as they have OP Builds that can easily gank another player without fear, any system trying to favor the ganker will just kill the game.
  6. Next time I am out and about.. I'll give you a SS of the combat log, and character build.. right now after the wipe, I have not made a new character yet.
  7. All of which is available in other games. Name something that would make someone deal with the class imbalance here as opposed to playing a far more visually stunning game like GW2. I was killed in one shot, on a level 30 cleric, with intermediate white gear. Instantly killed,.and this was not a one time thing. It's a common theme whenever I am out harvesting, a single player will drop 2 to 3 people with little to no effort shown, which is why gankers even exist. Spare me the L2P tripe. If you think that kind of game design will retain people, you are deluding yourself.
  8. Let me explain this to you, because while you have said the words, I don't think it's sunk in yet. If anyone that just wanted a badly balanced PVE crafting Grind-fest MMO with some PvP, as you so clearly have shown they are not lacking in options..a great many options.. so.. tell me why would they come here as opposed to just enjoying the WvW of GW2, for example? Oh grand.. a Learn to Play Post.. who quaint. I hope this is not the best excuse you can throw out, as this is really lame. But I'll let you flounder on trying to answer the above question.
  9. No. I am going to tell you right now, No one is going to come to a directly focused RvR/PvP game to deal with the same blatant imbalances they could find in any other PvE MMO that gives some token PvP, like the WvW of GW2. I want you to take this excuse, wad it in a ball and set it on fire, because if they even so much as attempt to use this excuse, they might as well stop now as this game is dead.
  10. And here I thought the Conquest of Keeps, Forts, and Winning the Match was what was supposed to drive the conflict. Lo and behold, the game really is just gankers and loot pinatas.
  11. Personally I had wondered why this was not already in the game, and just figured it was "pre-Alpha" and this had not been put in.
  12. Don't worry, they will and do so gladly, and for good measure they will inform anyone and everyone else expecting the same to stay away.
  13. DAoC also had massive PvE only zones where you could work crafting and level your character in fun and fraction specific environments.. which is really missing from this game. This is a legit concern of mine, that a large volume of people will come here thinking this will be like a massive RvR set up, like a massive upgrade to their MOBA's or BR games, see what they actually have here, and swiftly go back to playing their MOBA's, BR's and other PvP games. I think this is what a lot of people are trying to prevent from happening with their suggestions.
  14. Fun lot of words. Looked mostly like excuses. So.. I'll say this again, because a lot of you seem to miss this. This is a PvP Game, and they live and die by their balance. If this game is 2 years off from launch, sure, lets twiddle our thumbs, and put this on ignore. Could have sworn tho there was talk about a soft launch in 6 months or so.. I could be wrong, and I really.. hope I am.
  15. Well this just reinforces that I had a good direction, and brought up a needed change. Good to see things will change for the better.
  16. If you were talking about it's peak of 12 million subs, I don't think anyone is trying to make the next WoW.. I think they are all more along the lines of just trying to prevent the next Warhammer Age of Reckoning.
  17. Show me a screenshot This I have got to see.
  18. Pips are just a power build up for Energetic Harvesting, they have no bearing on the yield you get from the node itself,. which is what Plentiful Harvest affects.
  19. I honestly can't tell if you are trolling at this point. You realize that the PH boon drops by the changing of the seasons right?
  20. Umm.. all Reaper does is give 0.625 Harvest Power Pips Bonus, Where as, Miner, gives 1.25 Plentiful Resources Ore: All as well as the passive: Empowered Mining which Greatly enhances the Energetic Harvesting power with additional Mining effects. 1 Harvest Pip: When Energetic Harvest is activated also gain Empowered Mining, which increases Mining by 5%. 2 Harvest Pips: When Perceptive Harvest is activated also gain Perceptive Mining, which increases Spot Weakness: Ore by 5%. 3 Harvest Pips: Increases the Stamina restore amount by 4. 4 Harvest Pips: When Heightened Harvest is activated also gain Heightened Mining, which increases the effectiveness of any Energetic Harvest, Perceptive Harvest, and Stamina restore effects gained in the next 7 seconds. 5 Harvest Pips: When Furious Reaping is activated also adds Furious Mining, which increases the Harvest Base Damage: Ore by 30. Lasts 6 seconds or 2 hits, whichever comes first. In short, if all you are running is Reaper and not any majors, you are a very sub-optimal harvester, you are really just a combat build with a minor harvesting buff on.
  21. Thanks to a response in another Topic, this gave a thought. Currently Harvesting is linked to the Major Disciplines, so a player is forced to lose at least one Major Discipline if they plan to Harvest, they can lose both, if they plan to do Motherlaods, as they would need to slot Foreman and coinciding Harvesting skill (Miner/Quarryman), which means they give up ALL their Major Disciplines. But if they moved Harvesting Disciplines to the Minor Disciplines, that would fix this problem, and give players that are out harvesting a much better fighting chance.
  22. Minor correction.. Harvesting is a Major Discipline (Quarryman, Miner, Logger, Skinner, Foreman, etc), also, so is Mole Hunter, which means to have any anti-stealth and harvesting augments, I have lost both of my major disciplines. If I had hopes to do Mother Loads, I lost both Foreman, and whatever kind of Motherload I planned to go after (Quarryman/miner) which means I can't slot any Anti-Stealth disciplines. I can't be the only one that thinks there is something wrong with that. But you know, making Harvesting, like Foreman, Miner,. Quarryman, etc, being Minor Disciplines, that could work to help balance the situation as that would free up the Major Disciplines for Combat related things.
  23. No.. I don't. I think they simply just made a massive change their original vision. As what I was expecting would have been a core part of the game, a foundation block (pun intended) of the whole world map system.
  24. Trove is a Voxel Graphic MMO, that is mainly PvE, I was expecting Crowfall to provide the World Building/Destroying of Trove with the RvR of DAoC. Because if you look at a lot of their advertisements that is what it comes across as, This assumption was further augmented by the Clayamtion style graphics making this game appear similar to (but better than) Boundless. One of my main motives to back this game is while Trove is a great game, and can be as deep or shallow as a player makes it, my core group could not get past the Voxel graphics, when I pitched this to them, they were receptive because they also liked the WvW/RvR of other games like GW2, so I walked into this game this game thinking I would get a best of both worlds type of deal.. so far.. I have been vastly let down. I admit.. a sizable portion of that let down was due to my own expectations and has nothing to do with the efforts of the Artcraft to make a game. I understand that Balance will be getting a work over soon.. so that will be addressed before launch, a worry on that front is simply that I have seen games struggle for years trying to balance their game out and failing hard, which, in a PvP, I've said this before, and I'll say it again, they live and die on their balance.
  25. Glad we agree on something.
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