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  1. So I haven't been checking in here in forever, but I got an email talking about how one of my backer rewards was naming three things (A Fallen Monarch, a Location, and a Fallen Hero) I haven't played ANY of the testing so I have no clue what this means. The location seems easy enough (I assume suitable names would be like "Bleak Mountain" or "Swamp of the Forgotten") but I don't want to name a Fallen Monarch/Hero if I don't know what they are. It sounds like a Monarch is kinda like a base? And the Hero is like a landmark? Sorry if this is a dumb question, I just want to submit my names in before someone takes them lol
  2. I joined the day this forum came out (Pretty sure I'm like, the 31st member to join) and was pretty active for a while, until I got busy and stopped coming here. I haven't played the game yet, even though I've had access (My computer doesn't have enough memory, RIP) so I still have no idea what the game is like. I still get emails about new stuff, I don't read them, but I haven't forgotten about it yet (Hence why I'm here) Just dropping in to say I'll be playing when it comes out, I don't know if I'll be active on these forums because I forgot everything I knew about Crowfall, but hey, I'm not letting my $50 go to waste. Bonus: The person who convinces me to start being active here and relearning everything gets a giant cookie.
  3. Hey everyone, props if you remember me. After being pretty busy all year I decided to check in on how Crowfall has been doing. I see that testing has started, and some lore has been added (Which I haven't read...) Which testing is this? I'm in Alpha Group 2/Beta Group 3, so until those groups get to play I'm not gonna be as invested as I could be. However, if someone could update me on anything major, that would be nice.
  4. I completely forgot I made this thread lol. Just checking in, have I missed anything?
  5. So I've been pretty busy lately (AKA getting lost in Imgur, binging TV shows etc) so I haven't been very active here lately. Anywho, just wanted to give a heads up that I'm still checking the forums and will occasionally post, but for now I'll probably be just lurking.
  6. I don't care, I usually identify the gender of someone by their name and post personality. It doesn't matter if a boy uses a girl avatar or a girl uses a boy avatar, it's just a character after all, if you're confused just ask them.
  7. It's a family game remember. I will admit, I find the Fire and Storm spells funny, at least they don't take forever like Ra, Khrulhu or Mystic Colossus.
  8. Because the two people who don't want Life to have an AoE are stupid and I want to strangle them. For the first question, it's honestly too hard to describe. Second question, Life is good in PvE and is in the middle when it comes to PvP.
  9. So quick summery, I am a Wizzy, been playing the game since 2009 and joined the official fansite in 2010. Quick summery of the game. Turned based card game (Just look up Wizard101 PvP and you'll get the general idea) So basically, in Test Realm (Where we test new things) a new spell has been given to the Life school (Healers) Life are the main healers however they also do damage. Life hasn't had an AoE damage spell since level 58, and it cost eight pips (The more pips, the higher the rank, we can have a max of 14) so in Test realm, a new Life spell as been found, it's 5 Pips but a single target. Pretty much everyone wants it to be an AoE, and these two members are saying otherwise with the dumbest reasons. They say since Life is the only school that can have an AoE heal that it shouldn't get an AoE attack. God, I want to shred them both up but it's a G-Rated forum. I've stopped trying to argue with them because it's pretty clear they're not functioning right. Ps. Sorry if no one knows what I'm talking about, I just need to rant about it >_<
  10. The only way I can see this happening if it can be used as a boosted fertilizer for crops.
  11. I don't understand. The Kickstarter prizes are being turned into normal bundles with some items missing? Sorry, the way it's worded has me confused.
  12. I saw a trailer for a new show called "The Royals" that looks interesting, hoping it won't fall into the trap of some overly family drama. Waiting for at least the first six episodes are released before I try it out.
  13. Same, I want a secret place I built where I can make alliances with other Guilds without everyone knowing where it is.
  14. I'm gonna go with that. They could also do mountains with a sheer cliff so no one can scale it.
  15. Congrats! Have a nice honeymoon!
  16. Just noticed Google is reading this thread. The world IS ending!
  17. Crowfall didn't get funded. I know that won't happen, but let's say for some reason everyone who backed didn't have enough money on their credit/debit card so when the KS ended none of the purchases went through. Would the DEV's redo the Kickstarter? Or do you think they would try and get a sponsor instead. And what would you do. I would be pretty sad, but I don't think I'd cry about it. Btw, sorry if this thread seems depressing, but it was a genuine thought.
  18. I know what you mean, my metabolism is extremely high (My diet used to be junk food until 2013, I started eating healthier and now in 2015 because of my braces, I have no choice) I do like that I don't gain weight at all, but building muscle is super hard. I tried working out last spring/summer, but I got lazy. I suggest doing what others have said, just don't forget cardio. Last spring I would wake up early and walk/jog on the treadmill before breakfast.
  19. You also need to remember the game isn't even in Alpha yet, anything could happen between now and its official release. It could get backed by a larger company that could provide all the necessary money it needs, you never know.
  20. Ooh, yeah, how about some kind of Unicorn hybrid, it could have the head of a unicorn, a set of horse hooves, another set of cat paws, and the back legs of a bird or something. The front hooves could be used for attacking while the extra paws would let it still be able to stand without rearing, it would also make it extremely fast. I would do a little doodle for an example but I'm on my iPad. See? Just because it's called a Unicorn doesn't mean it has to be a white horse with a horn, it can be anything really, as long as it has a horse head and horn.
  21. This would be a pretty good idea, I'm not sure how this would work out though.
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