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  1. Was channel surfing when I stumbled across "Chris Is Always Right" or something like that. It's a reality show about a family who are rich AF doing things rich people do. Now, I like my reality TV, I am an avid fan of The Amazing Race and have watched some seasons of Big Brother, along with other things like science/nature reality shows like River Monsters etc.


    But really, I only saw the last 15 minutes and this show just made me cringe. The daughter was having her Sweet 16 and her makeup and dress made her look 25, I'm not even joking. The dad was annoying and the whole time I was getting total snob vibes from them. I mean it just seems like their showing off how rich they are. I mean, I bet their nice people but I don't get why they have their own show? I don't see what's fascinating about rich peoples lives when nothing really exciting happens.


    Of course, this doesn't really fall under the "I am currently watching" but I felt the need to complain about it.

  2. So a while ago, I asked if there would be Unicorns and one of the DEV's replied with a no. Of course, I was joking back then, but the more I think about it the more I realize that Unicorns should be in the game.


    We all know Unicorns to be this enigmatic, mystical creature only showing themselves to an Innocent maiden, being attracted by their singing (In some cases at least) and we all know their horns posses enormous power, sought after by many. A Unicorn horn is said to have the power to bring back the dead and heal any wound, and in some cases grant immortality. Of course, this means they are hunted by many and being hunted means they can be also vicious and wild, only the ones with a pure heart can tame them.  


    IMO, a rare and powerful yet also iconic creature would fit right in with Crowfall. As a rare boss, mount, pet, whatever. I just feel like the DEV's could do so much with the Unicorn concept, and considering what I've seen so far, it would be amazing.


    Long story short, DEV's, I want Unicorns!

  3. Ok I say this in other place but maybe wrong place. In stripper elf description it say no tyrent is woman. I hear though that Clinton woman is to be next tyrent of america. Why writer not hear of this when even I do?


    WTF? Your post sounds like a member from W101 Central who use bad grammar and only posted about the same exact thing in each thread. You better not be him -_-

  4. This is another one of those threads that will be locked once it nears 11 pages (If it gets that far)


    Seriously, this is the dumbest thing to have a problem with. Have you ever heard of spiders? Or the preying-mantis? Yeah, they sometimes eat the male after mating. Hyena cubs will kill the weakest of the litter, the male lions will kill cubs that aren't his, so will alligators/crocodiles, sometimes even the moms of some species will eat their own babies if they're hungry enough.


    Making a deal about why the assassins kill the males is like asking a religious person why they pray -_-

  5. I need a replacement for HOUSE. Suggestions?


    HOUSE as in HOUSE, M.D? My sister watches Bones, which is sorta similar. Two other shows that I have watched that are slightly along the same genre are The Good Wife and Suits. Watched the first season of both but they got boring IMO, but you might enjoy it.

  6. *Sigh* I remember I use to draw all the time, I was really good at it too (Not a professional, but enough that my entire class knew me as that one student who was better than the teacher. And this was in 1st/2nd grade) Now that I'm older I lost that motivation of drawing, most of those creative ideas I had for drawing has been turned into ideas for books or screenplays. I still like to draw, but the images in my head never look good on paper, that's why I switched to writing instead. I love writing, and I love drawing, I just wish I could do both at the same time >_>


    Sorry for the totally off-topic ramble, I love the picture. Your art style reminds me of another person who draws for video games or comics, I just can't remember who it is.

  7. Perhaps trees, plant etc will be considered cosmetic and will be able to be purchased.  Not sure.  How about a nice maze made of stone.  You can for sure get those in the campaigns.  :)

    I can go with a stone maze, but I really want to make a palace garden. I mean, every castle needs a garden, it's where you have romantic walks with your date >_>

  8. So, I'm one of those people who likes to decorate their in-game houses and stuff. And seeing as how we will be building castles, it's only natural that I would want to have a palace courtyard and flower garden. I was wondering how this could translate to the game though. Would we need seeds? I'm fine with growing a garden, but if I wanted to make a hedge-maze I would be annoyed if it meant I had to water it everyday and wait for it to grow. Don't get me started on a flower garden, if I had to plant every seed and take care of them for a week, I wouldn't waste my time.

  9. Wow. I was wondering how long until someone noticed that little gem that we put in the Kickstarter. 


    This was an one of the various Guinecean designs we were experimenting with originally. We put him in here to see if anyone would notice.  :D

    Pretty sure it was noticed when that image was first posted. However, I don't think many people have realized they decided to change the image for the Confessor to the female instead of the male.

  10. Wait, are we talking about video games influencing real life now? That sounds like something a parent would say. I'm pretty sure video games don't influence kids, bad behavior is the parent's fault for not paying attention to them. Neglect=doing rebellious things, just look at your local high school.

  11. but, cows and chickens arent ghost's of opressed women bound to work for you for eternity, so ofc the tumblr feminists wont care much for the poor animals, or the countless Archetypes that is going to get cut in half during the campaign.


    Wait, what? I thought this thread was about slavery, not feminism. I skipped the rest of the pages so I wouldn't know...

  12. You're kidding right? They aren't slaves, they're dead, like, come on. Ever played those video games or watched those movies/TV shows where some magical and evil warlock summoned the dead to do his bidding? It's the exact same thing.


    Basically, if you think souls doing work for you is slavery, go and rescue the hundreds of cows and chickens bred purely for food <_<

  13. If the Campaign was only 24 hours at the maximum, I could see something like this happening. Remember, there are different time zones, and there is no way in hell it could last more than two days, let alone a month. People need to eat and sleep, or go to jobs. The players would have to be limited too, maybe 100 or less. 50K is a lot, I would say a prize like a limited edition version of the game, a unique weapon, a $500 gift card to Best Buy or something, and a signed poster would be enough for the winner.

  14. I don't know if this would count as Deja Vu, but it might be. I sometimes remember remembering things, twice or even three times. It sounds a little complicated and it's hard to explain so I'll give an example.


    I smell a red flower in spring. Fast forward to winter and I remember smelling the flower. Fast forward again to next spring and I remember, remembering smelling the flower. Not the original flower, but time when I was remembering it for the first time resulting in remembering it for the first time. It sometimes happens three times.


    Does this happen to anyone else, or am I weird?

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