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  1. I woke up to find out there was a huge debate on the colors of a dress (You probably know what I'm talking about) my question is, what did you think?


    I thought it was white and gold, even after looking at the actual color, I still see white and gold. I mean, I know it really is black and blue, but how can the lighting effect it so bad that the black looks gold?

  2. Look, if the male version of the assassin also wears high heels I'll retract my suggestion.



    Generally that would be explained by the agent having no choice except high heels because she's sneaking through a gala - the immortals are gearing up for a protracted combat, they're more likely to pick a sensible show. Anyways, just because something's done elsewhere doesn't mean I have to like it.


    As someone else brought up earlier, if it's an option to have high heels or flat heeled boots that's fine, but because of the way model rigging works, almost always a character with heels on the default armor also has to have heels on all other boots they wear. take the female demon hunter in Diablo III for example.

    I still don't get the big deal. It shouldn't bother you that a girl is wearing heels when she also has wings. And I mean come on, wearing heels is way more logical than wielding a hammer that's twice your weight.

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