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  1. To be honest, I was a little shocked at how much the goal was (800k) I was thinking it would be in the 250-300k range. Looking at the little note, it says it will only be funded if we reach the goal. This means if we only make 600k by the end of the month they get nothing. I feel like they should change it so they get as much as they earn, I'm not sure if Kickstater does this but I'm pretty Indigogo does. I'm just a little worried 800k is too much...

  2. I'm barely even half way. Mainly because I can't really talk about stuff until people actually begin playing. Post count to me generally means someone who knows the game and is experienced. If I see a post from a high ranked member, I know it will be either knowledgeable or something dumb and stupid.

  3. A few more ways to spread the word.


    Through other video games via Voice-chat. If you have a group of friends that love to get together and play WoW, LoL, or any other game, tell them about Crowfall, it will get more people interested and then those people might tell their other gaming friends who will continue the cycle.


    Friends you know in person. If you're a gamer, chances are you have some close friends you hang out with too. Tell them as well, just like your online friends they could tell others.


    If you have a blog/site, write a post about it.


    Write on a small piece of paper the words "Crowfall" and seal it inside a plastic bag. Hide it someplace around your town for someone else to find it, who will then most likely Google it. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, put the piece of paper into a plastic bag and tie it to a balloon and let it go (Though it would be littering, it would be fun to do)


    Go and spam every website you go to with the words "Go fund Crowfall!" with the link.


    I'm kidding on the last one, that would be rude.



  4. I assume by "Western" you're referring to the Western genre with cowboys and such and not western culture which A. Didn't invent black powder. B. Form the mythological basis for the style of races we are seeing, making this very much a western game IMO.

    Assuming you're referring to the former there were guns being used in combat for hundreds of years before the time period of most John Wayne movies.http://mysite.du.edu/~jcalvert/tech/cannon.htm

    Here is a source with a lot of info on early firearms. To summarize guns as we know them came into use around the 14th century. The Middle Ages lasted from the 5th to 15th century.

    So firearms not only can be used but should be used in any title modeling itself after the late Middle Ages or Age of Discovery. While its not historically accurate to depict them in an early or high Middle Ages based setting this is also a fantasy world where there is more freedom for them to base the setting off whatever they want and not real world history. Personally I enjoy flintlock weapons and even primitive gunslinger type characters.

    Would be a really cool archetype if it wasn't locked to damn hamsters.

    Yes, I was referring to cowboys and such. I mean, I get guns could technically be used, but guns and magic I feel like don't go together. For example, you don't see Harry Potter grab a gun and shoot Voldemort even though guns were available.

  5. Okay, this is something that I've been thinking about. Say Crowfall ends up being a massive success (Not saying it won't be) and it becomes the new WoW or whatever. Do you think the Dev's will still interact with us as much as they do as of now? With this nice small community it gives us the opportunity to talk with the Dev's and ask questions because the forums aren't clogged with hundreds of people. However, if Crowfall becomes the next big game everyone plays, do you think the Dev's will still spend time to answer questions and interact with us?

  6. 1. Order cheeseburger

    2. Put in blender

    3. Procure swirly straw

    4. ????

    5. Profit


    Vomit >_<


    Fixed.   ;)


    That aside, how long have you had your braces?  My daughter basically drank shakes and smoothies for a week then suffered through the pain in order to eat solid food because she was sick of it.  She did, however, use a knife and fork on almost everything for another week or two.  What about cutting up your burger?


    About two weeks (Got them on the 4th) I can eat bread and hotdogs etc, but I need to cut them up.

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