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  1. These forums were never a "viper" pit and have always been remarkably tame other than the run away moderator.


    Profanity has never been an issue and overall toxicity has not been either. But for the Crowfall political game to be interesting the boards have to be interesting.


    As understandable as that is, how does swearing effect political debates? I mean, people can have a hardcore discussion without having to swear.

  2. I would see no problem with the game being on Steam, but I would first like to see a stand alone client. I think once the game has launched and there is a good idea of population and revenue coming in that ACE should look to putting the game on Steam.

    I agree. I think Crowfall should be released as a stand alone, and see how many people buy it, to test the waters if you will. If it doesn't do too good, they should add it to Steam. However, if it DOES do good, at it to Steam anyway for bonus popularity.

  3. Bored again so I'm writing another short story.



    I squinted against the bright sun, I could tell it was going to be a hot day. Stretching my large wings I let out a fiery yawn, shaking my head from sleepiness I dragged my body towards my sunning rock. Like all dragons, I tended to sleep in, but winter was fast approaching and I had good reason, I did NOT want to get caught in the Hunger. Hibernating was the safest way against it for my kind, though sometimes a pesky Knight would try and steal our treasure. Fools.


    Letting the sun warm my wings, I scanned the land below. I had been napping for a few days and now I was hungry. I pondered over the things I could have as a meal, local cattle was always nice, but that meant I had to face Knights who would come after me to save the town. As if that would happen. I gave a snort and spread my wings, taking a jump and began soaring over the forest below.


    I felt excitement, it was always fun to nap for a while and wake up to terrorize the little creatures below, I watched as deer and birds went scrambling to hide. Ignoring them, I continued to my destination, the local town. It wasn't a place to go to often, but considering they were dumb enough to stay after I attacked multiple times, it was a great place to grab a quick meal.


    I heard the familiar screams of panic as the town came into my field of vision. Grinning a toothy grin, I let out a roar. More screams. I flew closer to the ground and saw farmers running to their houses and children and parents dashing to safety. I let out another roar, this time shooting out fire to show I was here for food.


    Landing in a pasture, I cornered a plump cow. It gave out panicked grunts and cries for help, but no one would dare stop me.

    "Stay away from old Bessie!" A tiny voiced squeaked.

    Turning my head around, it took me a few seconds to find the source. There stood a small boy, about the age of eight holding a pitchfork in my direction. I glanced around and saw his parents screaming through the window. I chuckled.

    "Well well well, what do we have here?" I said slyly, moving my head closer to him.

    The boy stepped back a little, as his body could fit inside my eyeball.

    "Go away and leave us alone, you monster!" He shouted, or more of, squeaked.

    I let out a deep laugh before moving my head even closer, so I could look him in the eye.

    "Dear boy, do you KNOW, what I am?"

    The little boy held his ground.

    "You're a Dragon, one of the great flyers of the sky who burns villages in a single breath, fells Kingdoms in one swoop, hoards treasure that's worth a lifetime!"

    I gave another chuckle.

    "You're smart, of course, some of those stories are exaggerated, but still half true." I curled my tail to circle him so he couldn't escape. "That being said, do you know what I could do to YOU?"

    The little boy paused, thinking for a bit.

    "Well, you could burn me to a crisp, or swallow me alive, or even both!"

    "And you aren't afraid I won't because?"

    The boy hesitated.

    "I'm not afraid, Knights are never afraid!"

    "Oh? And I assume you want to be a knight then?"

    "Yes." He said firmly.

    I gave a scoff, puffing out smoke and causing the poor fellow to cough.

    "Knights, humph, those overrated pieces of flesh and metal are nothing but pests. Why, I lure them up using girls just so I can have the pleasure of crushing their ego as well as their bodies. I then eat them for breakfast."

    "So it's true! You kidnap pretty maidens!" The boy cried.

    "Kidnap, wha- Oh, oh dear." I gave a mischievous, low laugh. "Those maidens aren't captured because of their looks, they're captured to lure in dumb people like the Knights. I mean what would we want with some helpless piece of meat anyway?"

    The boy thought for a moment.

    "The stories say it's because you like them as a prize, just like your treasure."

    I whipped my head towards him in disgust.

    "Lies, stories like that are pure nonsense." I lifted my head in superiority. "After all, we're above petty kidnapping of women. We only do it because like I said before, it lures in the foolish Knights."

    "Well then what happens to the maiden?"

    I thought for a moment.

    "We leave them to nature I guess. After we kill the Knight we let them do whatever they want. They usually escape, of course other things will most likely get them, so why bother going after a walking corpse."

    "You're a horrible monster for doing that, killing brave men for entertainment. Why, if I was old enough-!"

    "Now listen here dear boy." I interrupted. "How is it any different then you and your games of fishing?"

    "We fish so we can sell it on the market so we can use the money to buy things we can't get on our own like bread, steel, and supplies."

    "Fair point. But if you were at home, and someone came in and tried to kill you, what would you do?"

    "I would defend myself."

    "Exactly, the Knights are the ones with the sword trying to steal our treasure and kill us, we simply defend ourselves from the threat."

    "But you're the ones who gave them a reason in the first place, by kidnapping the girl."

    This kid was smarter then I thought. Letting out a deep sigh I gave up, I opened my mouth and was about to burn him when his tiny voice piped up again.

    "Don't kill me just yet!"

    I stopped.

    "And why would I do THAT? I have places to burn, cows to eat."

    "If you let me live, and let me become a Knight, THEN, you can kill me."

    I thought it over.

    "Are you proposing a bet?"

    "Yes I am. If you let me live and I become a Knight, we can settle this once and for all, man to Dragon."

    "And what will the prize be?"

    "The most valuable thing we have to offer, our lives. Only one of us walks away."

    "Deal." I grinned.

    What a foolish boy, as if he could kill the likes of me, the one who brings fear to all who see me.

    "I look forward to our reunion." I said as I opened my wings. "I'm sure it will be something to die for." I chuckled at my own joke as I flew away.


    I could hear the little boys parents rushing out, crying and sobbing as they hugged their son. I let out a puff of smoke, and focused my eyes on the mountains in front of me. This boy had no idea what he was getting into... Just the way I liked it.



  4. I don't see the big deal, just because it's called a Hell Cat doesn't mean it has to have orange, fire, and red coloring. The name is just a name, like how Strawberries aren't berries, they're fruit. Or how a killer whale isn't a whale, it's a dolphin.

  5. I don't do much gaming to be honest, but WASD and the arrow keys are usually what I use. However, most of the games I play don't require you to use extra keys for commands for different attacks or whatever. And if I did, I would just assign them to keys near my right and left hands like F, R, P, O, etc.

  6. It's dying out on the internet.  Paragraph indents are used in books, yes, in printed form, but the internet has largely stopped using it.  On the internet, a blank line is used to differentiate instead.


    Exactly, I don't use indents on the internet when posting or whatnot, but if I'm writing something like this on a forum, I kinda want the option to use proper book portions and spaces.

  7. Ohhh, I don't think that format is typically used on the web for fiction or anything else.  Probably due to ease of reading on a screen?  Paragraph indents are a dying breed.  Even news articles do a full line break between paragraphs.


    I'm not sure what you mean? The little spaces starting before a paragraph is in every single novel, I don't see how it's dying out. The whole reason it's there is to differentiate between paragraphs.

  8. You should be able to!  Sometimes copying and pasting loses that formatting but you should be able to edit and go back in.


    Like just now we have line breaks and paragraphs in these comments.


    No, I mean spaces when you press the tab button before starting a sentence. And I didn't actually copy and paste the story, I wrote it on the spot lol.


    Spaces I'm referring to:


  9. Thanks for the responses guys. I'm still annoyed we can't space the paragraphs though. Without the spaces it just looks like an unreadable mass of text.


    Another thing, the ending was a little rushed and boring. I just had the urge to write so I just started a new topic and let my fingers do the rest, not only that but it was at 11 at night and I was on an iPad. So I got tired and just wanted to go to bed, that's the reason the ending was the way it was. Originally, I was gonna have Raven die, but I scraped that idea. But looking back, I kinda wished I did. The beginning is dark and realistic, but then conveniently a crow comes with a magic potion that makes her all better.


    Of course, I was tired and just wanted to finish it so I'm letting myself off for that, but if I could rewrite it differently, it would end with her dying when he has her by the throat.

  10. I felt bored so I decided to write a short story involving the male and female Knight (Writing this without being able to use proper writing lines and spaces was annoying)



    Raven didn't feel the arrow hit her, just her warm blood suddenly appearing on her side. Looking down, she gave a cry of pain as her senses came back. Gritting her teeth she grabbed the piece of deadly crafted wood and yanked it out, causing another cry of agony. Stumbling on her feet, she painfully made her way to a nearby boulder, shielding her from any more attacks.

    The sounds of the continuing war were drowned out as she tilted her sweaty, bleeding head back against the rough stone. She looked up at the sun that glared cruelly on the bloody battlefield below. Her body ached and whenever she moved it screamed for her to stop, but she wasn't going to give up. This was her home, and she would defend it with her life.

    She fumbled around in her torn bag, hoping to find any remaining cloth to stop the bleeding. Finding none, she took her sword and made a tear, using it to press against the wound. She winced, it wasn't too deep but it hurt like hell. Taking a deep breath, she dug her sword into the ground and used it to drag herself to her feet.


    She whirled around to see a familiar face, one she was hoping she would never see again.

    "Back off Ernest!" She warned raising her sword.

    Ernest ignored her and took a step forward, causing Raven to step back.

    "Don't come any closer." She said, trying to keep her voice calm.

    The opposing Knight gave her a sad stare, the only part of his armor that didn't have some kind of blood stain was his left shoulder, causing it to gleam in the sun.

    "Raven, we don't need to do this." He said quietly.

    "You're one to talk, your bastard King is the one attacking after all!" She growled.

    Ernest looked away in shame.

    "I know, trust me I-"

    "Don't even think about apologizing you snake! If you really felt the way you did you wouldn't even be here."

    "Please! just listen to me!" Ernest pleaded. "That's why I'm here, to find you! We don't need to do this." He gestured around him. "If you just came-"

    "No!" Raven interrupted. "If I leave here alive, it's because we won the war."

    "Look around you! Your army is outmatched, there is no way in hell you can win, you and I both know that!"

    Raven gave him a death stare.

    "Then kill me, if I'm going to die, I'll die here on the battlefield." She tilted her chin up in defiance.

    "If this is some kind of stupid act to prove your honor, wake up, I'm giving you a chance to live Rave." Ernest hissed.

    "I choose my own path Ernest, I either die here or leave victorious."

    Ernest narrows his eyes.

    "So be it."

    He lunged towards her, sword ready. Raven stumbled back, raising her own sword to block his. The force caused her to trip and she fell backwards. Ernest thrust his sword down but Raven rolled out of harms reach, pulling herself to her feet she looked up just in time to see Ernest's armored fist slam into her right jaw causing her to stumble back, head reeling.

    "I gave you a chance Raven, you were stupid to decline." Ernest said, voice dripping with venom.

    He walked over, grabbing her by the throat, raising her off her feet. Her sword fell out of her hand and clattered to the ground.

    "Well... What are you... Waiting for? Do... It..." She said, clutching at his arms.

    Ernest glared at her before throwing her on the ground.

    "You aren't worth the effort." He muttered.

    As he turned around, Raven rolled to get up on all fours, gasping for breath.

    "I knew... You couldn't... Do it... You were always... Too... Nice."

    Ernest turned around to face his defenseless opponent.

    "You think I did this out of pity?" He hissed kneeling down next to her head. "If I wanted to kill you I would have, but I'm not wasting my energy on someone who will die anyway."

    Raven smirked, blood trickling from her nose and lip.

    "Your mistake."

    With a flash, she used the rest of her remaining strength to drive a hidden dagger through his throat. Ernest gave a startled blood filled gasp, before crumpling to the blood splattered dirt. Raven let out a deep sigh, before falling to the ground herself, rolling onto her back so she could see the sun. She gave a small smile.

    "Looks like this is how it ends huh."

    She could feel the warmth of the sun penetrating through her remaining armor. It felt peaceful and welcoming. She squinted in the harsh sunlight. A single crow was flying overhead. She let out a painful chuckle, just thinking about how she would soon be eaten by crows and forgotten by everyone she knew felt odd. But at the same time, she didn't care. After all, she had done her part. She went to many wars, defended her Kingdom, did as much as she could, and now it was over. Something she was actually looking forward to.

    The crow circling overhead had flown closer and landed a few feet away. It seemed like it didn't care about the war that was raging all around it, the sound of her friends being overpowered, the Kingdoms walls being breached, it was all being drowned out. All she could hear was the wind and crow that was moving closer. It cawed and stopped near her feet. It felt fitting actually, her name was Raven after all.

    "Looks like you'll be my only friend at my death." She murmured.

    The crow tilted his head, cawed, and hopped onto her leg, making its way up to stand on her stomach. She was surprised at how fearless it was, after all, she was still slightly alive and crows were extremely cautious when it came to scavenged meals. She looked at it, it's black feathers smooth and sleek, but something glinted around its neck. She slowly raised her hand, the crow didn't flinch. Not wasting any more time, she carefully grabbed the glinting object and pulled it off from around the crows neck. Looking closer, she saw it was a vial of green, glowing liquid.

    "Well I'll be damned." She muttered.

    She focused all her strength and heaved herself to a sitting position, causing the crow to hop off and fly onto the boulder nearby. Grabbing the vial she pulled the cap off, she knew the look of this anywhere. A rare healing remedy used by the ancient healers that was lost in time, said to cure any wound. She quickly poured it in her mouth, drinking every last drop.

    "Thanks for that." She said to the crow, dragging herself to her feet.

    She still felt sore, but her wounds were already beginning to feel better. Looking around, she stooped down to pick up her sword. Looking back at the crow, she smiled. It gave her another caw, as if to say "you're welcome" before flying off. She gingerly followed in its direction to peer out behind the boulder to survey the land below. She gave a gasp, Knights, hundreds of them, along with battle ready horses were charging the war-ground. She saw the battle flags and recognized them immediately, they were the logos of the Syruin, the neighboring Kingdom! It seemed they had come to help as allies to drive back the enemy. It seemed her Kingdom had a chance, as well as a new friend. Grinning, she scrambled down the hill as fast as she could.

    "Don't count me out yet folks, looks like this Knight still has a few moves left."



  11. Wait, words are being filtered? Hold on, I'm testing the ones I usually use to see if they got removed. Crap, poorly made socks, damn.


    EDIT: Okay, so only poorly made socks was filtered. Glad crap and damn are still there xD

  12. To get rid of it early!  Haha, that's the green skittles for me.

    Mine is anything cherry, and I mean everything. Starburst, skittles, Airheads, anything artificially flavored like cherry. I only like REAL cherries. My favorite flavor is Strawberry anything (Strawberry is my favorite flavor in candy as well as actual fruit)

  13. Another random question, do you ever get inspiration from TV shows or Movies? Like you see a monster and think "Hey, that's a pretty cool monster" and then base an idea after it? Or environments like castles or even people? I love watching TV shows or Movies because I always get ideas from them, I was just wondering if any of you guys do too.

  14. For example, you put ketchup on Macaroni or you always need a pen and paper near you.


    I personally always need a glass of water near my laptop. I don't know if that's a weird habit, but if I don't, I won't drink at all and will become dehydrated >_>


    Post your habits below so we can all be weird together :D


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