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  1. vague hint:

    "I <3 D'Orion" 


    now, to your real question:


    I am ALL IN on Crowfall.  I've invested a big chunk of my savings.  I left my cushy job.  I gave up my safe little nest, and took a bold (arguably foolhardy) leap into the unknown.




    Because I HAVE to make this game.


    March, 2004: Shadowbane basically ruined me.  I put everything I had into Wolfpack; I crunched for years.  I spent all the money that I made from selling my previous company.  I lost friends.  I alienated family members.  I'm not going to go so far as to say "shadowbane caused my divorce", but I will say: it certainly didn't help.


    We shipped it, yes. and it sold well. But it was riddled with issues (technical, design, and operational) that caused it to bleed players like a sieve. 


    All that effort, all that cost, all that pain. and it just didn't work. We lost.


    We sold the company to find a soft landing for the team.   The founders?  No such luck.  Unemployed. 


    I had invested everything in Shadowbane, and walked away with almost nothing.  For about a year, I basically fell off the grid, didn't do much of anything but think about what went wrong.  


    I'm over that, now.  I'm not longer haunted by 'this went wrong' or 'that went wrong'.  I'm years past the autopsy. 


    What haunts me is this: it ALMOST worked.


    The vision we (the Wolfpack founders) had was amazing.  The vision was right there, so perfectly clear in our minds.  It was tangible.  And, every now and then in development, the rarest of moments.  A break in the storm clouds, the sunlight would pour through like a light from heaven and everything would just WORK.  For a few moments, you could FEEL it.  Ask the folks who played the SB beta, they can tell you what it felt like:










    IT WORKS.  



    ...and then the clouds would roll back in, fires would erupt all around me, and everything would go to hell again.


    The idea behind Crowfall -- the original idea that pre-dates Shadowbane, that was born in a pizza joint as a scribble on a paper napkin -- that vision is my white whale.  We had it once, right there, in our grasps.  It was so close!  


    It ALMOST worked.


    I've spent every day of the last decade learning how to build MMOs.  Shadowbane was the first game that I ever worked on, remember.  I made a ton of newbie mistakes.  Say what you like about Wizard101, but we had a flawless launch and amassed over 50 million players.  I've picked up a few tricks.


    I learned what I need to learn about building MMOs.  Launching MMOs.  Running a live service.  and with Gordon here, and the team that we have recruited, we can do this.  We can make this game great.


    This isn't just a game to me.  I'm on a mission.


    It is time to right a great wrong.




    You know what they say, shoot for the stars, and if you miss, go even further ;)

  2. I didn't want a "real" programming job where you had to document your code, and I wanted to code things I cared about.  But that was in 1977, what did I know?


    Crack dealer, not crack addict.  (in all seriousness though, I like lots of game types but rarely have the focused time for playing other than for market research, if I had more free time, I'd certainly play more MMO's, strategy games and action RPGs though)


    Depends on what sweet or savory is served with. 


    Unicorns?  Really?  They'd look pitiful when the hunger got to them.  How about some Llama's instead?

    I mean, Llama's are okay, but Unicorns have horns. Plus, they're magic. Just you wait, I'll draw a totally badass Unicorn that got caught in the Hunger, then you'll see xD

  3. I'm curious on a few things, nothing too major.


    What inspired you guys to work on video games?


    What games do you like to play when you aren't working on this one?


    Sweet or savory?


    And the most important question, will there be Unicorns? I mean this IS a medieval game...

  4. Okay, I usually don't like posting rants, but I really need to let some steam off. I just got my braces today, and I am really disgruntled off.


    My teeth are crooked, not too crooked but I have an overbite and some of my teeth are out of alignment, so obviously I wanted braces. I got my wisdom teeth out last fall, and this January I finally got to go to the Ortho to make plans.


    I had a few options, and one of them was remove to upper bicuspids (The teeth behind your canines) if I did, the braces would be off sooner (It would only last about a year and a half) while the other option is, don't remove teeth and wait an extra half a year (Extending it to about two years) after thinking it over, I just decided to get two teeth pulled. I didn't really think about, didn't do research, and just wasn't cautious.


    This was my first mistake. I am ALWAYS overly cautious when it comes to anything big, I usually do research, look up other people's views, and other things. But this time, I didn't. Big mistake.


    I had to get spacers (Elastic bands) placed around two of my upper back teeth for a week, I then had to get these metal things around the same teeth except it had two wires that connected to a small pallet that pushes against the front roof of my mouth. I had that on for about a week.


    I then had my two teeth pulled. The very next day, I finally did research on getting teeth pulled, and many people said it wasn't necessary, now many people also said it was fine, but of course I focused on the negative. I began having doubts.


    Fast forward another week to today, and I finally got my braces in. Except it turns out, those metal-wire-pallet-things stay on. Like on, on. I thought they would be removed once my braces were on, yeah, no.


    Second, since my teeth got pulled, my teeth are now lower and touch in different places, so when I bit down after my braces were on, I loosened a bracket and they had to put another one on. Not only that, but they had to give me this blue goop to stick to my teeth so I wouldn't bite down and knock off any others.


    Long story short, I pulled two unnecessary teeth out, got my tongue cut by these wires, can't feel the top of my mouth because a small pallet is in the way, can't close my mouth, and it's all because I was stupid and didn't want to wait an extra few months with braces.


    Ugh, THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF I HAD JUST DECIDED NOT TO PULL TEETH!!! I am so disgruntled off because my mouth feels like some robot because I have so much stuff inside it. The only bright-side is the fact nothing has hurt to much (Other than the wires, which don't hurt anymore)


    End of rant.

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