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  1. I'll agree wthat health bars on npcs but not pcs.


    You should fight each fight like it's your last fight and not worry about "do I have to spend a potion hmmm" if your health is dropping fast, use a damn potion. There's no time to be a conservative whiner when death is on the line :P because if there is full loot congratulations you just lost those potions you were sooooo concerned about holding on to because you decided not to use em. That's just speculation though.


    Health bars are just a way to measure you vs them. I'd like to stick with what you see is what you get mentality. Pay attention to cues and tells in battles and not life bars of enemies. If you see them popping potions and trying to get some distance, keep on em and try to counter. If it looks like they're not breaking a sweat and you're on the ropes, work on an escape plan or go for broke.


    It'll make that victory you pull out your bum that much more rewarding.


    I still think this is a little overly complicated. Imagine you're an Ice Mage and you're attacking an opponent with your strongest spells, after two hours of nothing, you finally realize he's wearing gear that gives him major Ice resistance and high HP, meaning you basically wasted two hours doing almost zero damage.

  2. Eh, maybe. I for one like seeing my opponents HP, that means I can calculate if I need to spend time using a healing potion or whatnot. Especially if I'm going up against a Tank character with huge resist, I would want to see if I can take him or if I should let one of my teammates help.

  3. Now, that's not to say there won't be intrigue and power struggles in a kingdom. I'd pretty much guarantee it.

    Yes, I always love some inside turmoil, especially if it involves multiple Guilds. For example, if some of the Guilds didn't like the "King" or "Queen" Guild, they could try and overthrow them. On the other hand, they could betray their own Kingdom and ally with a rival one. Gosh, just thinking about stuff like that is getting me hyped ^_^

  4. I made a post in the announcement thread regarding this because I was confused on what it meant. I thought one Guild would be the King and he or she could recruite other Guilds to be their Duke and Dutchess. The Duke and Dutchess Guilds could then recruite other Guilds for themselves etc basically making a Kingdom hierarchy of Guilds.


    However, the more I look at it, this might actually be what it means. This could also tie into how Sieges work, where Kingdoms of Guilds can go to war with other Kingdoms.


    It's probably not this format exactly, but I feel like it will be something that resembles it in some form.

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