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  1. Well give them a ranged slow that damages the enemy like hurlbat and let them use bows....fixed. myrms and champs have that for the most part are are still great in the melee ball throne room events described above.
  2. The ranger specific melee weapon has no training under one handed melee combat training. I know it was switched from long dagger to short sword but neither of those affect its stats and abilities according to the description. Please comment??
  3. This is awesome and I really like any nod/movement back to shadowbane....was so far ahead of its time. Please keep that in sight especially the political side. Guild nations with sub guilds and massive alliances built into the game. Player owned territory/cities in the actual campaign not just EK or some random build but in the main game/campaign with real advantage and consequences to owning/loosing it.
  4. We have nothing like levitate and it would be a very cool addition. You can’t fight from glide... SB had many classes with stealth not the least of which was a wizard...think icy shadows an ice wall would be awesome but not one that just damages and slows but one that players actually had to walk around
  5. Levitation ability would be cool stealth of some kind would like to see another life steal class since it seems like it’s something they want in the game but atm don’t see much of it... long distance capabilities very high damage I hope
  6. Perhaps provide some kind of locking option where you can lock it to a parcel and once done when you mouse over the building it no longer gives you the white glow and ability to pick it up. That glow kind of ruins the art of the building and makes it less satisfying to spend time in your EK. You can still grab it by unlocking it from the parcel later of course but at least once you have it there would be nice to enjoy it even if it's your kingdom.
  7. I would love to see something like this added for frost weaver! #SBWizardMageAssassin
  8. I would love to see something like this added for frost weaver! #SBWizardMageAssassin
  9. Have you forgotten thieves in SB??? Most of you here are coming with some experience with that game....it’s all fair in love and war in my opinion. I can remember farming mobs with a whole group and some thief came in and ninjas our whole group. Sometimes he got away sometimes we’d find him and kill him and then hunt him down for days lol... That was the fun in that game. I had commander runes stollen for me that took me a week to farm sometimes lol...risk is what we asked for to come back in mmos and in this game specifically so I’d say meh..looks like you guys got him good, congrats. Maybe next time he’ll think twice or maybe he’ll come back with more friends and retake it and more lol edit: if it’s someone on your own faction that’s a tougher issue...in that case have it flag him for PvP by everyone or put some kind of bounty on him or possibly a ban but I think what you guys did by body blocking him is fair justice.
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