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  1. That's odd. I can bind powers to those slots, and I can use them just fine--UNLESS I'm pressing the A key at the same time. But if I need to just switch my keybindings, I can deal with that.
  2. This is very odd... I have a power bound to (ALT+1). When I am running to the left (A), if I then attempt to use that power (ALT+1), nothing happens. I can use that power as expected when using the other movement keys (W, S, D). I've checked my input settings and nothing is bound to (ALT+A). The likelihood of this being just a configuration issue on my part is high, but I thought I'd throw it out there.
  3. My bad, returning player. 😝 Thanks for the correction.
  4. You have to combine (I think 5 of) the same discipline to make a green discipline for a green vessel, and etc. for higher-rarity vessels.
  5. Back looking for a guild since my wonderful Crowfall friends are focusing on dregs, but I would greatly prefer faction-v-faction. FYI, I have no real faction preference. I want to fight hard wherever I find my friends. Region: USA, CDT Atmosphere: Friendly, with an understanding that "real life comes first." Casual/Hardcore?: I can range from hardcore to casual on a given day, but I'm very competitive and eager to help my allies. No activity requirements preferred, though I'm happy to keep in touch via Discord/etc. even when I'm not playing so my group knows I haven't quit.
  6. This is intentional, to force players to cooperate with one another for areas they are weak in. Crowfall is not a good solo MMO. Edit to add that crafters can be valuable without being gatherers and vice versa; once you find a good group for CF, you’ll find your services are always in demand. Often in my experience you can trade your services for the services of someone specialized in something else. You can provide value to your group without “doing it all.”
  7. There are a few incentives to log on and play: Acquire resources. Even if you can trade resources with other players, they will want a fair trade, so it's not like you can just never play and still acquire resources. Acquire vessel EXP. You will need to level up your vessel. Once it's maxed, get a better vessel and max that. Help your guildmates max their vessels. It seems unlikely to me that we will ever reach a time when vessel EXP is completely unneeded. Help your guild and/or faction win battles. There are many skirmishes, ganks, and sieges over the course of a single cam
  8. Welcome! Keep in mind that player pop is down right now as most players wait for the big upcoming patch and we generally expect things to get busier from here. Also keep in mind that there will be a wipe once beta hits; It's still very much worth getting into the game and leveling up to 30 to get a feel for the various classes and the game in general. Enjoy~
  9. edit: currently looking into a guild. Guild Criteria: Region: US Atmosphere: Fun, friendly, relaxed Casual/Hardcore: A guild with a range of core options would be ideal, but casual is my #1 priority. Size: I might prefer a smaller guild but I'm flexible. Playstyle: I really enjoy group PVP, gathering and crafting (and the game forcing me to specialize has left me permanently in tears). I generally like to fill whatever role is needed in a group, but if made to choose I'll take a burst damage dealer, especially a spellcaster. Healers are also cool. Commi
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