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  1. My main concern with crits isn't the counterplay (If implemented i do believe counterplay must be there). It's the common practice in games where one class must focus solely on crits because it's the highest dps output they can have. It removes the variety from a class. This may not be a factor for Crowfall but it's still a concern for me.
  2. Poor choice of wording on my part, however, had I said ugly the point would remain the same. I agree on Gameplay > aesthetics. But in this particular case all I'm saying is that there's another layer to be considered.
  3. Let's do the inverse shall we? 1) no, Quality of work > scope of work 1) yes, I want lower quality work and rushed mounts Using adjetives isn't undermining. Puting your oppinion in to the polls answers it.
  4. No I wouldn't vote differently. Yes it makes a difference. People will vote without having read the stretch goals fully. At a glance (without knowledge of the hiring a new employe) one could look at it and easily support game play over aesthetics while being blind to the knowledge that the aesthetics portion involves a new hire so that a man can do what he was initial hired for. I just don't want the newer people who aren't up to date on information tainting the "consensus" on things such as this.
  5. The way the poll is worded is very bias. You've already injected your opinion in to the polls answers. Yes, Gamplay Mechanics > Aesthetics No, I want female centaurs and pretty spells (You're undermining this one) One stretch goal focuses on hiring a new staff member to relive the workload on another (who's doing his own role + another) The other goal involves adding another work load on the same person.
  6. They need the "Other eric" to do the mounts. The big part is getting first Eric to do the job he was hired for. To make the mounts and caravan they need a 3d designer. If the current 3d designer is also swamped with making the games FX then he won't be able to create the mounts. also, bias poll is bias.
  7. OH... I don't know what to say then. I like it because it allows you to react quickly to things that could otherwise cause you serious trouble (say in this case a charging legionnaire right as you turn a corner) or let you know you can press your advantage (say you walk in to a room as a champ and see a forge master) What don't you like about it? (genuinely curious)
  8. Sorry, everything was a poor choice of words on my part. I just meant that you'd get a quick scene of what a person is general capable of. Everyone will have a trick up their sleeves but you won't see the case of GW2 where a race/class combo is picked because it has the ability to be abusive (Asura warriors) or irreverent (SW:tor). It's a game design that allows for quick and unconscious decision making IMO.
  9. Don't resort to ad hominem, that doesn't help your case. Player behavior changes from telegraphs doesn't change the skill ceiling. Yes at a lower level of play the telegraphs will make the game much easier to play (A point I believe is good for a game to maintain population) but at higher levels there are no changes in play style other than not trying to throw a random skill and hope it hits (the meteor argument) Yes, some particular methods of attack may not work but in the same hand you gain other methods. I've read your post and it is well thought out but i simply don't agree that it makes the skill ceiling lower. Take league for an example. At lower tier a soraka player can throw a starfall and miss every shot because a person sees the tell and then leaves the area before it can land. As the rank of the soraka player goes up the player will learn to predict movement and land starfall more often and even get to the point where the telegraph of the skill can be used to make an opponent move in the direction you desire to avoid damage. Lux and nunu are other good examples. Lux's ultimate has a huge tell and telegraph for where it's going to hit, it rewards the player for thoughtful placement of a high damage skill as up posed to throwing it in as part of your rotation. Nunu's ultimate forces your opponent to choose at that moment if they want to take you out, leave, or fight on because the telegraph forces you to either place it right or not at all. These all apply in a 3rd person context to with smite (scilla ult, chaac rain, osiris stun) I don't see the lowering of a skill ceiling, I see the rewarding of thoughtful skill placement. We do lose melee kiting, I won't argue that because it's right.
  10. I was going to post something against RNG as a whole, but PotatoMcWhiskey's posts made me reconsider. I say a careful and thoughtful application would do well. (albeit I'm firmly against crits as a mechanic simply because I feel that one class or another will be pigeon holed in to building nothing but crit.)
  11. The percentage is arbitrary (I could have used 10% or 5% for an example, nothing would have changed). At no point have I ignored anything posted before, I brought up my points while you haven't refuted any of mines other that the percentage.
  12. I don't understand where this whole argument of telegraphs lowers the skill ceiling is coming from. At the top lvl of play (lets assume the top 20% of players) everyone knows the tells and area of an attack already so the telegraph has no effect there. With or without telegraphs the style of combat will not change. people will try to bait out dodged to that they can land their better skills (this applies to the meteor example from a few pages ago) so once again telegraphs have no effect there. The only effect this will have on the skill ceiling is punishing misses attacks (Missed as in you aimed to hit with the edge and over estimated your reach) If a person can just go HUURR and avoid a skill it's because either 1) the skill has far tool long of a tell before landing. OR 2) you misplayed the ability. Telegraphs do nothing to lower the skill ceiling but they lower the skill floor immensely (This is a good thing for a game to prosper in the long run) You want a niche game to have a lower skill floor so that when a new player comes in they understand what is hitting them and why they're losing.
  13. You haven't made a single post in this thread explaining anything... you haven't even contributed to the discussion at hand. I don't promote rewarding laziness, but in the same hand I don't promote insulting any player who doesn't agree with you.
  14. If you spent more time putting your ideas in to words like that instead of insulting people that would help.
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