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  1. I heard on an external site that offline training was removed. I came here and did a search and I couldn't find a discussion about it. I also checked past announcements. I just got in game and I don't see any offline training. Whats the story? Is is temporarily out? Is it permanent? Is it being replaced by something?
  2. Even though they got rid of full loot and non-consensual pvp im still going to give it a try seeing as how its been a while since we've been treated with a non-themepark mmo.
  3. ACE will listen to the cries. This isn't only an FFA game. Its not like ACE is going to respond to all the complaints with "welcome to the party pal". Edit: There's a good chance they have already decided to add it and just haven't implemented it yet.
  4. You're incredibly biased and uninformed im not even sure you're worth the trouble of my time.
  5. I would actually like to see EK parcels granting non-basic resources as it would be nice to build towards. With the currently unlimited spirit bank I don't see how it would upset pvp as all goods get banked on the fly. I guess I'm missing something.
  6. Don't you need to level to use the top end weapons? Not to mention the discipline unlocks, which come quickly, but could be more dificult in the future to unlock. In fact leveling altogether could take much longer than what we are experience in alpha, but I haven't seen all the dev videos and don't know if the leveling speed at launch or future betas will be similar to what we have now.
  7. With the sacrifice mechanic it seems if gold sellers ever take root in the game it'll be possible for buyers to level their character to max just from making a purchase of stacks of sacrificial items. I know Character level isn't the only factor on the battlefield, but it still bothers me that the leveling in crowfall can be rushed, even if purchased without gold sellers, and instead by a guildy supplying his friend with an instant max level . It's never appropriate to have max levels running around that aren't experienced yet. Maybe put a cooldown on sacrifice?
  8. I finally completed a cottage. So much work, but it got faster as I skilled up and learned some things. Not sure what would have happened if my cottage came out "poor". I'm guessing less durability. Now I'm not sure what I'm going to build, probably parcels. Thing is I need a list of tokens each parcel grants but I'm not sure that exists.
  9. Oh, that sounds great for saving time.
  10. On second thought, maybe that would be too much trouble to implement.
  11. When I get a particularly good roll I'd like the option to spend dust to get the same roll again, once or twice. The reroll can cost ethereal dust.
  12. It's a play on a name I had from another forum that was too explicit for here not going to say what it was.
  13. I agree with what you're saying however the curve is too insane. An EK can have many parcels I assume and I'm working on just a single cottage, which seems to take too long. That's what I'm hoping.
  14. I have about 20 bricks worth of mats but its just the beginning. So I have a long way to go.
  15. Can I panhandle a cottage bro? edit: nvm, it'll probably fail.
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