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  1. This is the ruleset that brings ACE the most $$$

    If a griefer is going to stop you from playing a ruleset, then you must not be very interested in what the ruleset is offering. Personally I have no expectations from artcraft on delivering a hardcore experience, but I guess they could try?
  2. It is worth it?

    I've been in the game about 10 hours and from the looks of it combat has the most content to it. Some might say you can enjoy some crafting too but the "world" where you gather the mats is very small so I'm not sure you'll have any fun doing that. There's usually about 42 people online on the US server.
  3. Spirit Bank

    I think whats going on here is like entityofsin said, its for the winners to carry over their spoils. Reminds me of the 10% durability loss, which is there not to punish the loser, but just to favor those who win often who therefore won't have to gather as much after pvp.
  4. Spirit Bank

    It seems weird they would let you share items across characters and campaigns, but then limit the amount you can do it. Very weird. It's like "sure here you go its only for your very nice things". Like why open the gameplay up to that? I guess the devs are catering to the crowd that have trouble letting some items go and want to snuggle their pixels.
  5. Safe zone gathering makes early game a lifeless chore

    Half the pop is inside the safety walls and that means when I go out to pvp I won't be fighting against other newbs just people that are working on their next rank items. Which means they'll likely have better gear than me. So essentially i'm pressured to get into some decent gear right away, meaning the sword I just crafted as a blacksmither is good only for hunting boar. Which proves my point. The early game is not very pvp friendly.
  6. Can you fix this so players are encouraged to leave the safe zone in the beginning of the game? I'd much prefer gathering if it was in a place with risks associated with it, where I have to learn to survive and think.
  7. My gripes with the faction based system

    Peaking from behind a walls where your opponent can't see you gets no respect from me and I want that mechanic to become unpopular. The sooner, the better. That said, there will always be those that need to crutch, so right now in games you see an option. Sure some people pick FPP just because its how they like to aim, but for me personally I would not want to play on a server where people are watching me from behind walls. That's toddler pvp. And you ask if there is anything I do like. In crowfall? Yes, I like the experimentation crafting. Quite charming. But I still feel like I'm in a WoW battleground and I don't have the greatest hopes for the warfare to pull me in.
  8. My gripes with the faction based system

    uh oh, i don't like when games have too many rulesets. It shows lack of vision and depth.
  9. I'm ok with being divided by faction/race. What I have a problem with is when the faction/race has to come together and work towards a unified goal. I don't like teaming with the masses, its too open. It's like joining an open recruitment clan, and I don't join those. It seems much fighting and bickering will come from this type of system, where one clan might start calling out another clan for their incompetence, etc, because the faction/race system makes you fight towards to same goal and at some point you're effected by each others worth, or lack of worth. The last thing you want are two clans fighting that are on the same side. I much prefer a world where your objective is not a generic faction/race objective, so every clan and individual can choose his own companions and fight towards their own goal, by themselves and with their own friends, and they can welcome and unwelcome people as they please.
  10. Gathering is not real content

    It's not my place to say. This game was built a certain way and I'm disappointed to see how it was built. We could argue all day about who's tastes and preferences are more relevant, but the house always wins. I just hope that when conflicting opinions arise, developers adapt their creative designs with a desire to create an even better and more accessible system.
  11. Gathering is not real content

    Learning is not inherently "painful". It's what drives you to learn that dictates how you feel about the process. For me, I have very little desire to learn about what I consider boring. Some may think its just fine content, and that's fine. I just believe it to be uninspired, dull, and lacking immersion. I just thinking summoning a magical blue axe is poorly uninteresting, and on top of that ask yourself where the magical blue axe came from? A "sigil" crafted from paper and ore, and a "runestone" crafted from stone. That, sir, is not very rich or interesting. Thus, I consider it a drag to engage in.
  12. Gathering is not real content

    ok so I started getting deeper into crafting. I am surprised that just to do gathering you have to immediately look beyond the "starter tool". Calling it a starter tool is a mistake, since, as I'm saying, its a trash tool. Which is redundant, because why have the item if its just there to grief players who haven't looked further into crafting? Anyway, I schooled myself in crafting and made myself a runestone axe. Keep in mind this is the second time i looked deeper into crafting. I'm not super eager to get into crafting, but I did initially take a peak days ago to have a look at, you guessed it, the first weapon upgrade. So it took a second "journey" into crafting to find the very much needed runestone tool. I built the axe and took it for a spin. Yes, its adequate and the mats required are not extreme or anything. However, I'm not enthusiastic about having to carry around crafting components just to craft gathering tools. I mean, I'll have to come up with a logistics solution just to manage gathering tools? Yay, logistics, my absolute fav.
  13. Gathering is not real content

    First of all, your axe breaks too often. It feels like I'm using a trash item, and nobody wants to use a trash item except for maybe the rarest occasions. I would like a decent, dependable tool as a starter item. Secondly, it represents too much of a drain on my wood supply to replace tools. It's like half the time im gathering just so i can start gathering, its dumb. Give us tools that aren't trash items.
  14. Gathering is not real content

    The problem with crowfall is its just meant to replace battlegrounds. Battlegrounds are void of a real immersive world, because its just an arena. The rules for victory are basic, objective based stuff, again not an immersive and deep or rich world. So here we have a game that will bring basic objective based stuff like a battleground, but look, there's no world. PvE and gathering is faked content, can't you tell? It's shallow. But who is surprised, its just a battleground upgrade. better keep your spirit bank open, can't bare to lose any pixels.
  15. I wasn't going to complain seeing as how this game just won't change its pace/feel but I decided to post on the topic because there is at least one thing they can change, and i'll get to that in a minute. First of all I could immediately sense that gathering was a shallow activity in this game. There's so much safe zone gathering that its literally just a boring chore. Gather to create tools that break too often, gathering for the weapons you'll lose, gather gather gather. The gathering hit system mini game makes me laugh, gathering isn't supposed to be action oriented lol. I guess they just took it from rust and said well if a popular game does it I guess it can't hurt to put it in our game :clueless:. I wont get into detail how I think remote access to a spirit bank makes gathering even more redundant and lifeless. I mean there is no risk you just bank what you get as you go. What I will suggest, and what surprised me greatly, is skinning as gathering taking so long. This is literally what I consider going too far to make us do "shallow content". I'd rather run out of things to do in a game than have to tax myself with the "this game is light on content" tax. So a chunk of your game is fake content. This is why I'll always consider kickstarter mmos trash until proven otherwise.