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  1. Are you guys actually playing the game?
  2. I didn't know losers were allowed into this place.
  3. touchmybow


    Or they could all merge into one.
  4. Good questions I'm curious myself if a 200 member guild is even possible and about how easy it will be to ally other guilds and the part they'll play in defeating a possible 200 man guild.
  5. I feel like the rogue is always the best class in these class based mmos. I mean the power of going stealth trumps everything else. I remember when age of conan came out and everyone had stealth. lol.
  6. Never played his early MMOs. I see he's had success in recent times with h1z1 and ps2 tho. I never played h1z1 because I'm really not into the direction of taking the survival genre and shrinking it into a tiny arena at the end. PS2 I only played for a couple hours and I didn't like the gunplay. I blew up some tanks and then quit. Heroes and Generals is actually the better war game imo. I'm shocked a little that amazon grabbed him although I'm not surprised amazon is going after names in the industry because they are new and have $$$. Amazon might be able to afford some fancy tech and convenience but can they actually produce a game I don't know. I was disappointed to find out "new world" is taking part in colonial times which i think makes it very niche.
  7. In darkfall you could war dec another clan to kill them without repercussions. This was a griefy thing as people used war decs just to kill a crafter who thinks he's safe in a npc city and then they loot all the crafting mats off his corpse usually netting huge gains. Alignment was mostly a joke since it could be exploited this way, and removing negative alignment meant farming the enemy races. I liked to keep my alignment blue since it meant I could go into npc towns for trading which was really helpful because there were a lot of traders living out of npc towns. But most people went red which just meant they couldn't use the newby towns and I guess if they were ever caught in the newby racial area they could get jumped if people really took it personally.
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