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  1. Are you guys actually playing the game?
  2. I didn't know losers were allowed into this place.
  3. touchmybow


    Or they could all merge into one.
  4. Good questions I'm curious myself if a 200 member guild is even possible and about how easy it will be to ally other guilds and the part they'll play in defeating a possible 200 man guild.
  5. I feel like the rogue is always the best class in these class based mmos. I mean the power of going stealth trumps everything else. I remember when age of conan came out and everyone had stealth. lol.
  6. Never played his early MMOs. I see he's had success in recent times with h1z1 and ps2 tho. I never played h1z1 because I'm really not into the direction of taking the survival genre and shrinking it into a tiny arena at the end. PS2 I only played for a couple hours and I didn't like the gunplay. I blew up some tanks and then quit. Heroes and Generals is actually the better war game imo. I'm shocked a little that amazon grabbed him although I'm not surprised amazon is going after names in the industry because they are new and have $$$. Amazon might be able to afford some fancy tech and convenience but can they actually produce a game I don't know. I was disappointed to find out "new world" is taking part in colonial times which i think makes it very niche.
  7. In darkfall you could war dec another clan to kill them without repercussions. This was a griefy thing as people used war decs just to kill a crafter who thinks he's safe in a npc city and then they loot all the crafting mats off his corpse usually netting huge gains. Alignment was mostly a joke since it could be exploited this way, and removing negative alignment meant farming the enemy races. I liked to keep my alignment blue since it meant I could go into npc towns for trading which was really helpful because there were a lot of traders living out of npc towns. But most people went red which just meant they couldn't use the newby towns and I guess if they were ever caught in the newby racial area they could get jumped if people really took it personally.
  8. retaliation when nobody is around lol. semi broken game.
  9. you're getting hit and you can't even see the direction of the projectiles because the hit dmg is registered immediately lol.
  10. Not everyone's aim is to be influential. In fact people that only care about influence are themselves puffed up. The key is spreading ideas and if the public doesn't want your ideas then they aren't ready for them. If a public wants only an influential person to spread said ideas, they are sheep and they only want to be led by not ideas but by a man they like. Influence is candy and your mind should be focusing not on who but what. You have to learn to listen and think for yourself, not just follow a familiar sound. As for community being the reason. That is false, again, and is focusing on being influential. Influence is just a sheeplord term because people who are inspired or changed by a voice are listening to the content of the voice, not the man's ability to hand hold and make the journey soft and comforting. So when I hear about people trying to buff a community it just sounds to me like they want to spread hand holding.
  11. ahh I wasn't aware insurance was trammel. What do you mean by a 2.0 version? I can't imagine a UO successor going anywhere. The reason is because UO was too RP to begin with. I'm talking about the fact that PvP was penalized and "PKers" were outcasts. That's punishing players for PvP in a game about killing things. Pickpocketing is the same story. No one wants to get robbed by a thief because that's just annoying to deal with. Same goes with bounty hunting. Incredibly exploitable and simply serves the RP crowd. People in UO were RPers and it should come to no surprise that the game turned trammel because the RP crowd is soft.
  12. Nah man its possible I saw it in darkfall.
  13. I disagree on the basic logic here. First of all, the devs part in the community can only do so much and in the end the community is only as strong as the game's ability to attract players. This means the community is a whole and any interaction by the devs can only move it so much. The stronger community driver is if the game is actually any good to begin with and I'm not talking about attracting numbers I'm talking about attracting people that will generate your ideal community. Telling the concept of driving community is only going to get game developers to kiddy up their community efforts because any dev with a decent game doesn't need to give the community candy. The focus should be on the game. The community is not the focus, it is the byproduct. Better game = better community. People asking for more community input by the devs are the same people that need their hand carried. They are the ones crying and they are the ones that the devs hate.By all means contact your devs if there is a problem but crying and stomping feet is the community killer, not the lack of devs hand holding. Sure a dev needs to pay attention to their community but no developer needs to be told that. That's why I didn't like "theory of fun".
  14. well there's nothing current to play that rings the same bell. But I hear you, its definitely old.
  15. I'm pretty disappointed by the system. Same goes for all mmos without proper projectiles.
  16. Why are you comparing crowfall to Eve? Eve is an immersive space mmo with tons of skills and an open world. It's so open ended its referred to as a sandbox. Crowfall has no translation. EK's are not comparable to hi-sec. Hi-sec is part of the eve open world. EKs are not part of an open world. Any similarities such as their safety does not make them inherently similar. Both games have offline skilling but I hardly consider an offline skilling system something that joins two games together lol.
  17. Well I was over at my brother in laws house and he told me he finally got pubg. He was talking about it for a few weeks and I congratulated him on getting it. He's a console gamer, plays like everyday. Anyway he turns it on and I'm immediately turned away. I can't believe how raw and lifeless the game was. The camera was dead. Nowadays I expect a camera to give immersion/life to the game in movements and so forth but when you jump out of the plane your character just appears in front of the cam lol. Then he went on to say the game was glitchy and he was talking about the slow texture loading. All the textures in the game are lifeless and I couldn't help feel like a hooligan taking part in watching someone run from house to house staring at the floor picking up items. Reminds me of the filfth you find in RPGs like bioshock and deus ex where basically you come across a room that has 10+ lockers in it and you have to spend so much time scrounging for loot. Players these days are suckers for loot they'll spend so much of the game time doing it. I played a battle royal that went dead fast called the culling. It was pretty awesome but I eventually stopped the loot race and just hunted people with craftables. Raph Koster I never thought much of because I got into MMOs late so I missed UO and SWG. But I'm generally annoyed when people from last generation try to stay current in todays environment because people get their hopes up like they're going to be able to reproduce another hit when in reality what people were playing in the beginning isn't the same thing that will be successful today. I mean when I hear UO had item insurance that signals to me right away its not even full on hardcore because it let people hug their pixels. A game called earthrise tried to do item insurance just to dupe what UO did and get everyone excited for but they should have taken the time to ask themselves if item insurance was even a worthy meta. Earthrise shutdown real fast and was a failure. Any time a game comes out saying they want to do a UO I take that as just a signal to trigger nostalgia. I mean its like an RTS company coming out saying they are going to make a warcraft 2 clone. I don't like stale gameplay. I can't play a game that isn't based on new concepts. I just played a game last year that came out in 95 and even played its sequel but that is different, it was new to me. Like I said I never played UO but I would not play a spiritual successor because a spiritual successor is just going to be a stale nostalgia trip for those interested in it. Anyone with gameplay thats strong enough to stand on its own doesn't need the catch phrase "uo clone".
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