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  1. Waste of time read what we wrote. BTW all those single crowfall ladies get at me check my avatar for my selfie! All you married men quote me so the ladies see this ok? I have candy!
  2. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/4963-campaign-permanence-%E2%80%93-a-framework/page-2?hl=permanent Recently discovered an in depth look into campaign permanence and more anti ek cronies. Enjoy your pacifier it will be limited or baned. And I'll be elaborating on some mechanics in the future.
  3. While this game may not be shadowbane some of the devs are from shadowbane and while you are creating your character you will be using a character creation system that derived from shadowbane and that is nearly identical to it. I'd rather not play a tweaked version of guild wars when speakig of campaigns I'm curious to know if the two people above me even played shadowbane and if you did what non factor guild were you apart of? The comment about being ignorant of game concepts and siege mechanics is an empty non constructive post at best and only reflects your own ignorance when it comes to creative intelligence and reading comprehension. You should up your board warrior trait and attempt to read the whole thread and think about it for at least ten minutes before posting again. The majority of mmo player bases are care bears its expected that the majority of that base would infect the development of crowfall. What's sad is that a game that is meant to be different is catering to your kind what has been suggested is not expected to receive a lot of hype from the majority of the player base and the players who would prefer this mechanic be implemented are used to the majority being against suggestions like this and will not post or have not posted because we are tired of the majority that is constantly responding with posts that do not even define clear reasons as to why they are in opposition and offering no constructive criticism as to what the majority would expect not to lose if their instance were able to be sieged. Correct the ignorance you perceive by cross referencing what your statement relates to. Your opinion holds no ground and is as useless as you perceive my ignorance of game mechanics to be.
  4. Mmo developers use different terminology to describe the same thing to deceive a player base into thinking they are creating something fresh while the core mechanic remains the same. Campaigns are battle grounds. Eks are the npc cities run by players who are safe from attack by opposing guilds. The solution is simple Eks should be able to be baned. You still have issues of playing an instanced game yet atleast I can attack your instanced Crow fall is different as is every game but they all share similarities. They are catering to the masses by allowing Eks not be sieged trying to provide a sense of something permanent in a game designed to lose your items in risk very reward. Another solution is to create a permanent campaign and to limit the amount of development and crafting that can take place in Eks. So as to promote player population in the permanent campaign where advanced crafting and resource gathering could take place.
  5. Crafting in an ek you say? Resources gained from campaigns used to craft in ek u say? An instanced safe haven in a pvp game you say? I think your confusing ek with player housing. You should go watch some more videos. In any case your detracting from the main point which is being able to siege Eks. Player built kingdoms of commerce and construction which will be used to arm your guild for campaigns. I think a lot of you lack the experience and intelligence to visualize a concept before it is implemented.
  6. An EK is a safe zone in a PvP game. A campaign is a battle ground that hopefully lasts 3-6 months. You can't wage sufficient war against enemies if they have a safe place to hide and arm their troops they will never fall behind in their tech and research levels and most importantly you won't be able to raid their home. As I have stated before with regards to pixels purchased they could be allowed to be rebuilt if destroyed giving people a permanent blueprint. Everything is theory including their game design, and it is highly unlikely that the stuff bought will be better than the building you would be able to craft from harvesting resources in battlegrounds. They are not reinventing anything they are creating battlegrounds and providing safe zones to cater to care .bears. In shadowbane you lost your city in C rowfall you could have it reset after it was sieged and your resources plundered. One world no instances has and always will be the best model for gvg games. I don't play rust, it doesn't appeal to me. And while what I suggest and others have and others want or perceived c rowfall to be may not be implemented at start, wow implemented city sieges long after release and it was suggested in beta by me. Shadowbane implemented vampires and it was suggested by me although I take no credit for the . Intellectual design behind the race as it differed greatly from my suggestion but the vision was realized. So while you might think I am coming to a sweeping conclusion with regards to gameplay. I say to you my perception, experience, and intuition as well as others with similar interests and experience in crushing those who attempt to crush, our vision will come to pass. Caliman will be able to attest to the experience of being crushed by the irekei viraakt on the snowy plains of the lizard island in the desert on oblivion People like him sorely outnumber my kind and are soiling their panties at the thought and current mechanics behind the EK (safe zone pacifier included, you might call it a binky or a dummy depending where you are from). If you like gw2 you'll like c rowfall. Gw2 sucks btw.
  7. If my settlement is large enough I'll hire an army of chinese programmers who will truly develop the play to crush slogan. How can you play to crush if your enemy is sitting in an ek sucking on a pacifier.
  8. I like the idea of campaigns as it resembles a cyclic server however the need to mix a dynamic and static gameplay mechanic is essential in creating a virtual world that would surpass shadowbane. I refer you to my second sentence and ask you if you understand the fine line that will render it a masterpiece or just a different flavor of the same brand. Too much of something can result in bad. The best thing about shadowbane was the giant world map with no instance that allowed for escalated conflict and gave you 95% freedom to pk except for the npc cities which were limited on gear. Shadowbane was ahead of its time and I highly doubt that crowfall will even be able to capture the accidental diversity of character creation and classes. Shadowbane was like 100 sperms making 1 baby some fluke of game design manifested in a garage and the amount of cons were easily blindsided by the pros. The concept behind crowfall is ideal and needed in a stale market of garbage mmo's, however this is a mechanical issue that will effect the niche population of hardcore shadowbane vets. I kick started because I knew they would allow you to upgrade afterwards and I still haven't decided as to whether or not I want to invest more. The whole purpose of warfare is to conquer and to limit growth of your enemies. You simply won't be able to do that if you are not able to siege an EK. This really doesn't matter anyway because guilds could just store their resources on an alt so you see the flaws in the crowfall design are endless and I personally would have envisioned minor changes to counteract these issues. do you want a FOTM MMO with different ingredients or something that is going to last and expand upon the titanic of GvG warfare. Shadowbane was pure genius and lacked sprinkles.
  9. The castles will be easier to build in game if you spend money on it that is your choice. but never the less your issue can be addressed by allowing the castles purchased to be rebuilt with no cost after I siege your city with my chinese brothers and sisters. not too mention if your guild had 50 ppl and they all put 2$ in you could repurchase your pixels at discount rates. This is about resources and power grabs as well as e-peen and being able to have the satisfaction of challenging other guilds at their home base.
  10. I'm sure it has been mentioned before however it is an issue which should be addressed. I like the idea of campaigns as it resembles a cyclic server however the need to mix a dynamic and static gameplay mechanic is essential in creating a virtual world that would surpass shadowbane. You can not entirely remove the core elements of Shadowbane's one world no instances and you will not realize a vision of recreating this type of gameplay by providing guilds with a permanent safezone. This game would be more appealing if the eternal kingdom was the main server and the campaigns worked as large mines and resource grabs for quality materials to be used in crafting on the main server. From my perspective thrones in crowfall are meaningless as they are temporary except for the c.a.r.e.b.e.a.r ek's which provide safe havens for guilds. This is an issue whether you like it or not and it should be addressed. furthermore the number of active campaigns should be limited so as not to dilute the play population taking part in campaigns.
  11. Shadowbanes system was better fast leveling then have to purchase the skills gold could be ninjad sigh I think all us shadowbane fanboys need to start our own kickstarter.
  12. I don't have a lot of time but wanted to get what I perceive to be an option in regards to the systems which are going to be set in place for the cyclic worlds that will be destroyed. -We have confirmed rule sets will change from time to time offering varied gameplay. My focus on this thread is to try and determine how guilds can be affected in a sort of forced alliance to create depth on the cyclic worlds. If you keep in mind the rule sets of the Shadowbane Lore server involving different guild charters forcing guilds to play as certain classes only and other the remainder you can try to establish similar grounds within these cyclic worlds. If you look at the banners at the bottom of the home page showing different guild charters I envision these to be the foundation of the charter system on cyclic servers allowing guilds to join these charters forcing alliance. It would be treated like the sub guild function in Shadowbane. So guild Monkeys on Trees could decide to play in the Faction of the church their main tag would be the church faction and they would be joined by other guilds deciding to play under this charter for the duration of the cyclic server. While other guilds would play as the order of tree hugging druids etc etc... Instead of consistently having guilds join servers this would make for a changing environment of massive battles with guilds fighting under different tags on the cyclic servers. I don;tknow if this is something they have planned but from what I've read and seen it would appear this is a possibility and I think that it could have a meaningful effect for directing large sieges on a scale that we have never seen before it would assist guilds in creating temporary alliances and allow solo players to find guilds by playing under the different charters that are established by the servers with the other guilds. I have written this in haste and hope that the vision is able to be discerned if not I'll have to return at a later date and explain it better but I think its pretty easy to get the general aspect of this mechanic, and I am interested to see how you all would respond to such a thing. please post feedback as to why you dont like it or why you would like it. For those who played shadowbane it will be easier to understand if you take the lore server and instead of having guilds chose charters and fight for themselves their would be one temple charter one elf charter etc etc and all the guilds that chose those charters would be in an alliance fighting against the other charters creating large battles and utilizing the systems in place. I think this is a direction that the dev team is going but I can't be certain and I think it would be a great idea to sustain the longevity of the average player within this genre as it shows people who have never been in well organized guilds what gameplay is like among them.
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