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  1. did you guys nerf the damage of brigand fearie trap def seems to hit for a lot less then it used to
  2. Not sure if a bug or not. But booby trap passive is not active when on bow bar for brigand ranger. So if you drop trap and us disengage out you lose out on all dots. Again not sure if its a bug or not. But would be nice if booby trap passive would be active on bow bar also would help a lot on group fights.
  3. can you make booby trap passive for brigand ranger work in the range tray. Right now it doesnt work in range tray so if you have your bow out when someone goes over the trap you dont get the dots. Please get rid of auto lock on rapid fire abilitys. you can see videos where people do full 180s and running and still hitting their target(so back is at target). People going behind los and still taking full damage from rapid fire.
  4. think to many are focusing on how the game plays now vs people these kind of campaigns are supposed to attract and keep the game funded. just to add how the game is playing now will be much different i feel then when released unless the player base is really small.
  5. The faction vs faction i thought was supposed to be for the more casual guilds. I agree with crushed. The schedule just makes it more casual for the people that take this game more seriously. This is a very zerg friendly game specially on the casual setting. Stuff like timers just make the weaker factions even weaker.(which will be a problem when live also even in que games their always a weak side.) Take what we see now chaos doesnt have enough to defend a keep and attack. After 15mins thanks to bane tree chaos will now have to fight the guilds of balance that was defending their keep and the guild already attacking. It literally goes against the whole reason to have all 3 up at a single time. When the game goes live there will always be a weaker side. But the weaker side currently gets the most gain by taking their ball and going home. This is why i feel in a 3 faction campaign we currently only have 2 factions and a three man gank squad. Timers haven't added to the game being more fun (people dont even want to show up everyday to CF main event). It has made it so the smaller player base gets forced on top of each other to find fights.
  6. There is literally a video of a archer fitting all your situations just a couple post up. That proving there currently classes that are fitting every situation. So it water down group fights since your gimping your group not bringing them
  7. Not sure how i can agree since you give absolutely 0 input. Tankier classes that are able to easily out dps leather classes leaves no real place for Brigand other then on the back land using a bow. So may as well just be archer. That is the sentence that most important of what i posted. When you have alpha and titans able to be front line since with new healing changes there no need for other Tank/melee specs since there able to do both(not just talking brigand here). But with your thinking that ok because not all classes/promo can be good at group pvp. All honesty I think brigand is a solid spec for group pvp. Just way behind alpha and titan. And currently archer ranger is just doing way to much damage far away from any sort of danger. So im willing to agree with someone if they actually tell me why I am wrong.
  8. So i took a break and now that clerics can heal a lot more there a problem with alpha warriors. When you can have 2 clerics able to keep up a strong aoe class like that they eliminate the reason to have other melee classes in group fights. Since your now able to keep them up easier they charging neck breakers up consistently(you dont need to hit enemies to charge it). Not sure if the devs know what it does. But neck breakers are a very strong aoe damage that also does a knockdown give immunity to the alpha for like 2 secs also. That also charges very quickly. It also requires just hitting a single button. With a class single ability that powerful and able to stay alive with that high of aoe damage is the reason you dont see many other melee's. There no need for a class with a tank spec class since alpha able to survive and do massive aoe damage. All other dps melee classes (with exception to titan myrm) are replaced. I can go on about how champion has everything in their base kit except a root but ill keep it to just the neck breaker since that the big issue. Seeing that alpha hasn't been changed at all during my month and a half break maybe im the only one that see it this way. Now that range classes are better like archer ranger(like balathan said is completely broken. que the streams of them lvling) and confessor just adds even more not to bring other types of melee dps. I havent seen a single duelist during all the group fight i did this campaign. I have been to many. I can name the only knight, templar, assassin, and warden ranger i have seen. And that because I seen those people on that class every campaign i played. Just to add also since they can just have tanky clerics keeping them up in back lines. I think the only healing druid i seen is Sanna. For keep fights. If someone says "must-log-in-for-keeps-tonight". That sentence like that make me think that they really not enjoying them self at keep fights. So maybe its not that they were everyday but overall not that fun?
  9. Brigand ranger just feels like a gimped archer ranger. Brigand bombs take way to long to go off. has a 2m range. so simply backpeddling enemy's will never get hit. Even if you are ganking someone and start with the stun trap a retailate and moving will make only one or 2 dots go on the enemy( since it take forever to go off and again 2m range). Every healers pretty much runs field surgeon so if you get full dots your pretty much healing the enemy thanks to purg. Even if someone does get all 3 dots and they on someone and they dont get purged. Damage still wouldnt equal a single 3k+ neck breaker damage which is 10 times easier to land( since its like 1 sec vs 6secs for all 3 traps). Overall melee damage ability's are weak compared to tankier melee classes like myrm. So really there no reward in going to try to aoe bomb groups. Tankier classes that are able to easily out dps leather classes leaves no real place for Brigand other then on the back land using a bow. So may as well just be archer.
  10. Got like 3 fps during a 20v20 fight. Was getting much better fps in bigger fights last weekend
  11. The new animation for standard bearer has given me one seizure, and also hypnotized me into joining the guild hax.
  12. Ahh ok thats you where that idea came from i thought it was a great idea.
  13. Your correct with the population thing. Im hoping with the change to imports exports can be achieved through fighting. Maybe you dont want that spot to harvest. Maybe you just want a token to access so you then can bring in stuff you harvest last campaign?
  14. Yes that why i suggested move things to forts. You get the added security when farming. Then when someone comes around you go from harvesting mode to defending your harvesting spot. If your attacking maybe you wont get pure loot from winning. You will gain the harvesting area. If you want to harvest the best stuff there should be competition for it. Also if HoA are the iron spot and winterblades are at the granite. Then There not together. Hax wants iron they attack HoA. CC wants Granite they attack winterblades. Fisters from order want granite also so there attacking. Uxa doesnt want either but they dont like HoA. So they attack HoA to mess up their farm. You could go do trees. But what happens if the clams show up to do trees. Maybe infernal are at the cats. We are missing a whole faction of order guilds in the scenerio's also. Its what im getting at your forcing factions to spread out across the world. You making guilds fight other guilds from faction for the resources they want.
  15. So this is the image of the points total taken like 5mins ago. As you see chaos and order are getting owned. But within the chaos leader board you have some competition between the two top guilds. Same with balance. This also kinda keeps the worst faction in the game. If there competing to be the top for their faction.
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