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  1. So what we been talking about is more of a single target thing with brigand. But brigands are worse in group fights so ill try to explain why i feel that. I did point out already brigands hard counter still in game from a group wide purge. Other classes had their hard counters taken out. But overall its Burst Dps is way more effective in crowfall then dots which is brigands main focus aoe dots. So ill try my best to explain why Direct burst damage is so much better then dot damage in this game in group fights. This game has many HoTs. All the aoe ground heals are not on a global server tick. Example 2 templers put down a circle you get healed from that HoT by 2 healers. I feel ground heals should be on the buff bar or global tick so people dont get healed by multiple of same abilities. Then add on top of ground hots you can have a single targeted HoT on you or group ones (the ones that show on the buff bar in green). So when people are in groups with multiple ground aoe ticking. Standing in a pixie with illuminate ticks and another single target hot on them. You would want a aoe damage ability like neck breaker for that burst damage. Why im using neck breaker as a example is the aoe damage from neck breaker is about equivalent to having all 3 traps. Brigands simply cant punish people for standing in giant blobs with that many HoT going off. Really I feel only bomb druids have the ability to punish people standing on top of each other currently.
  2. I think the big problem with brigands bomb was the increase to the time it take for them to blow up it was 2secs, now like tyrannicall says its almost 3. Also its 1m now so really its almost impossible to get anyone in the traps. Also with the healing change it made it so direct damage from like a aoe neckbreaker is way better since its a burst damage on top of that about the same damage overall and it take about .5 sec since the damage hits before the animation even shows also its 5m aoe range(so way easier to land damage). Also look at druid bombs that can one shot someone is harder to avoid them brigand traps. The ramp up time from dropping 3 bombs with GC then activation just leaves brigand so far behind. Also its dot damage which is no where near as good as straight burst in this game since most heals are HoTs(which got buffed with the spirit change). Almost every healer runs field surgeon which can purge all the dots off. Brigand was in a bad spot 5.10. They took a huge nerf in 5.11 with stealth and the time on bombs and also range is now 1m. That and booby trap not on range bar specially with the changes to stealth really hurts since your using your range for defense instead of a quick stealth. So you drop traps disengage out and when someone finally runs over the trap you get nothing from it since your on the range bar.
  3. I was thinking maybe be nice for the basic tree to give points for actively doing harvesting and crafting and combat. Then switch it to time based once it time to specialized into something. That can also motivate new people into trying out the 3 aspects of the game. Also is there foreman thralls? I feel motherloads are the best harvesting for the game since it a activity you do with others. Since vendors dont sell it how long is it before people will be able to get foreman? I know their those special rune tools but that will be quite awhile before they have a chance to harvest it right? Think its a bit to hard to get foreman. Since there mother loads in god reach they should have access to it to try out the mother loads.
  4. Brigand traps are even worse then before. 2.5 secs before they go off(seems like a half second longer then before). 1m range (down from 2). Back peddling is the best defense against them crazy enough. More then enough time to retal the stun bomb back peddle to miss the other 2 on a opener. Super easy to see and on top of that with the new graphics. No booby trap on range bar still. Their get out of dodge ability is called disengage. Which puts you on your range bar. So if a blind man finally walks into a trap all damage is now gone since booby trap passive not on the range bar. With the nerfs to traps can you please put booby trap on range bar. This would help them a bit during group fights. Also every healer takes field surgeon. So if a blind man walks into a trap. They can just purge all dots.
  5. She only lvl 15 so not sure she can pick a promotion yet. I could be wrong tho But i went back and edited what i said since you could be right.
  6. yea i looked at the video where it shows the promotions all said one extra pip or ice storage when you pick a promotion. Maybe there another thing later in the tree to increase it but no idea. With the icon at the lower right of the buffs on 6 and 7 reminds me of duelist tho. So wondering if they will play some what similar of how the duelist use there pips for extra damage and effect on aoe(1 and 3 slot on bar). And better buff and shield depending on pips used(ability 6 and 7). Just speculation though.
  7. It would be different if they slowly filled up vs just doing x gives a pip. That could be cool since there only 3
  8. so looks like 3 pips(little bar above 8 and left click) and the 6 and 7 buff maybe effected by them (little thing at buttom right of buff)? Just a guess
  9. I get what your saying I think like a que as a guild before a campaign starts and get picked a random side would be nice for a faction vs faction. Im not going to even guess how hard a system like that is to make since i have no knowledge in programming. Also for dregs my guess it will be based on max guild size bringing into a campaign. Also you have to remember that campaigns have max amount of people think its 1500 currently. Max guild size is like 200? Thats a max of 7 and a half full size guilds if current numbers stay the same. Also the thread got a bit sidetrack since it was about friendly fire to be a way to increase players skill cap.
  10. I think people have a lot of different definitions when it comes to zerg. My personal definition is bring more people to a encounter to trivialize the fight.
  11. Im pretty sure that guy hasn't really played much crowfall himself and just reads the forums. The Team with the most people that show up from like 6pm to 10pm has always won the campaign thanks to the timers. "Then a lot of people i know stop playing including myself. Since really that a pretty sad achievement simply making yourself to big to fail. Since you already know the outcome before it even starts." That my thoughts on the winning side or complaining of the zerg winning. It just i can admit that that game is based of who brings the most during crowfall set times. The reason you demoralize teams at the start of campaigns is because they change they made in the scoring systems which was another thing they added that didn't work. It actually better to score as much points in the early seasons because overall you net more points from holding before the bonus captures start ramping up. Then once the later seasons come you can simply have alt account on the weakest faction and flip the fort (just one dude you let in. then you retake) outpost or fort to reset the bonus. This ensures the losing sides has no possible way to gain any ground during later seasons. During winter the capture bonus over is equal to the holding points for outposts and forts. So during that time if the team simply recaptures a fort you gained 0 ground on them. Another thing they added hoping to fix a problem that did just the opposite of what it was supposed to.
  12. Sorry i wasn't clear i was on chaos O and chaos did learn from there mistakes. we got more.
  13. Maybe a dev partner doesn't know more then I do and if that the case im wrong sorry. Also how i was taking what your saying maybe wrong. It sounds like the only way to make your guild good is to make it as big as possible. But Where im coming from is what is considered a zerg is a very small amount of people that making the critical amount where the other team can not win. It sounds like your saying what has come from ace(again assuming they talk more to you if thats not the case sorry). Ontop of that from past q and a nothing like that really been brought up. Expect for hard counter discs like scare crow disc. Chaos won a campaign. It wasnt because we had more passive training. It wasnt because we had better armor. It wasnt because we had better players. It simple was because out numbered the other team by a small margin. Thats it. Then a lot of people i know stop playing including myself. Since really that a pretty sad achievement simply making yourself to big to fail. Since you already know the outcome before it even starts. Sun Tzu perfect since he wrote that after winning from being out numbered. Dont engage the enemy when you number 20 vs 100. You have to spread out the faction stacker . So ace fix was to put timers on forts, bane tree that you kill after 15mins. Which is forcing the smaller force having to engage with the larger. These issue are worth bringing up since the past changes (also things like spirit change again lowered the bar on healers specially clerics) to help address it completely did the opposite. Basically what you say in 2 in your list im skeptical about from past changes they made. Hopefully again im wrong since we have very little information. All in All we probably see more eye to eye then i first thought. I dont think beating 5 times your number is reasonable. But right now that crit amount of players your small force can take on is way to low in my opinion and its simply because skill ceiling way to low. Since this is a open world game and where just a couple players make you hit that wall its pretty sad since you will rarely find a even number fight. ( Really i think its as easy making class manage their resources small changes not big things can make a huge difference. Like the cc version of classes getting the stam regain after retail instead of every spec. Would probably make those spec more desirable since they would also break cc more) So really is the definition of a crowfall zerg going change?(Im not expecting you to know the answer to this) Because if it does I may be in line with what your saying. Basically it was a joke that the Russians could't join guilds. If they still cant when the patch comes. In dregs they will be dealing with friendly fire.
  14. The game doesnt need friendly fire to make the game better. They need to fix stuff like blocking people attacks that are behind them. Using rapid fire doing a 180 and every shot still hits the target, doesnt matter if you even los the channel it still hits. There best designed classes like myrm, druid, duelist classes that actually have to manage stuff (crashing, essence, placement of orbs, pips and self buffs) get totally eclipsed by face roll classes like ranger, cleric, confessor. With such a low bar, specially on some of the classes it doesnt take much to tip the scale where having like 5 more people now zerging the other team down. Having more should be a advantage but shouldnt be the only factor for victory. Im pretty sure Jtodd big quote people loved from a video was "get good" it was not "get more." So it pretty concerning a ace partner is talking about a pvp game isnt about combat mechanics but about the size of your guild. So whats really in this patch? Did the combat, abilities of classes, retaliate bug, fort timers. Did that stuff get a pass? Because if it did that would make a huge difference in smaller forces fighting bigger forces. You want to bring up real world battle stuff. Alexander, greece vs persians, hannible, patton, ho chi minh all them are know for bringing down bigger forces. The most famous book on war is about better tactics, training, and discipline can over come any size force. Zerging down the other side never been glorified. TLDR. Friendly fire not needed to help balance larger forces vs smaller. Small tweaks to combat, some classes and disciplines will really help a lot with that. Also its concerning to me a ace development partner is saying this games not about skill what so ever. Just about zerging the other side. Because I feel this game has great potential and be quite the waste if that is the truth. Can the Russians join guilds yet? If not they can probly give some solid feedback next patch on friendly fire.
  15. still no booby trap passive when in range trey for brigand. Hate to see it. Brigands getting hit with stealth nerf. Also now 5 points to access a major to have access to a quiver. Can you maybe throw them a bone and have booby trap passive on range trey.(Brigand def in poopy tier right now could use some help.) Other then that the new UI looks clean i think.
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