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  1. Naming the pages from wartribes 1 - 10 has newer players think they need pages 1 - 10 to craft the item.
  2. the satyr raid boss was hitting me for 0 dmg at times and his max hit was about 40 he was rank 7 raid boss
  3. Getting black screens sometimes when loading into game One more edit that closing game and reopening didnt fix problem. Another member in my guild had same problem he waited and it fixed itself went on another char that was loaded into god reach. camped and came back and it was fixed
  4. Well we need that back in. Most my names were green vessel for mining or Blue vessel for pvp it very helpful when if you play the same race and class they all look alike. Just need to label the char so they are easy to sort since if you have multiple humans for example you know whats up with that char.
  5. I leveled my first purple vessel i ever got this campaign without killing a single mob thanks to the change in the paper you combine the wartribes drop. about 4.5k for purple 3.5k for blues that reduces once you hit 16 i think it was(blue ones reduce not purple). I will say i think the raid bosses and group bosses work should change because there drops are just so much better then the regular so i currently just roam and look for them instead of killing in the camp. Do i feel the game is more of a grind then last patch? No. Leveling is faster. Maybe rank 9 nodes drops can be adjusted but hitting rank 10 still get a lot of blues. Please change how major fighting disc drop currently very hard to obtain them. Would be nice if ancients just drop them no matter what form they are in. Feel bad for people that didnt stack up during last campaign. Death change was a bit to harsh now specially since forts are on timers and if you want to grind a spot not near your temple your s.o.l if the fort in the zone isnt up for attacking. I like how the forts are under siege for the full hour and wish the keeps were like this. I feel the bane tree or claiming of the keep cuts that hour down and takes away from keeping the stronger factions spread out. I would love it if you guys would do a stream or q and a that focuses just on pvp for faction campaigns. Stuff your working on adding or thinking of changing to current mechanics in the rule set we are currently testing. Overall there are a lot of bugs but once there fixed i think 5.9 will be a great patch.
  6. Think it would be awesome if they could make a king of the hill zone for faction campaign. Whatever it is like a fort or just a outpost thing your faction owns it you get a faction wide buff. So all the time all 3 factions can be fighting over that area for the buff. Just a thought for the people looking for more pvp a area just focused on people attacking it all the time could be cool. What also could be cool if you kill someone in this zone they explode with resource doobers or something
  7. Not sure if its a bug but i couldnt name a new char when i made one with a vessel
  8. He could be talking about rapid fire for rangers? You need to wait for the gobal cooldown to be completely over before you can press and hold rapid fire. Brigand traps dots give a visual for each dot tick. In the last thread i linked a video showing what is wrong. As a woodelf i used a ability, instantly blinked which put me in a loading screen of doom, alt f4ed, It said i was transported to a safe area then i was dead. This happened in a Keep we owned. I wasnt fighting anyone or taking damage of anykind. It was flare shot to a blink if that helps at all. player of same faction still show invis sometimes like not stealth invis but you can only see there health bar or weapons. Havent come across a invis enemy. Stealth classes in group will have the purple hue even when not in stealth sometimes. Wartribe camps that spawn on hill still having a hard time reseting to there spawn area if you run them off the hill. Couple times i tried to use divine light right before getting cced and it didnt go off. The knock down from satyr did it to me couple times. Wartribe bosses seem to just be dropping a poorly made socks ton of ore and no other resource for me not sure if anyone got anything else.(this is to do with resources they drop they drop other things like the minors or googles.) Would be cool if one wartribes drop leather since strong and soft animals of higher rank still hard to come by. One more edit. Would be nice if righteous parry triggered off range the enemy is from you instead of the type of damage. Having a ranger just pull a bow standing right in front of you should beadle to punish imo.
  9. have to agree with ussiah just make ancient drop them all the time. Since later you will be changing how we get them anyways. We need to actually beable to obtain majors currently
  10. yea how they changed hunger we try to pull mobs to hunger crystals. It seems you have to be super lucky currently to get higher mobs near a hunger crystal
  11. Has anyone found the new dropable gems to make fighting discs? we got some for harvesting ones but havent seen any for like mole hunter for example.
  12. Correct again in the twitch clip near the end you will see lots of explosive traps. They will stop going off once the dot is over(watch the player red debuffs). Why there so many is because the fire dot hits for less but ticks faster. Without the passive there will not be a dot from the trap.
  13. See 113 2 times of the first explosion then the 24 dmg dot after it.
  14. well i was playing ranger also. But from my logs i think it is just a visual unless someone has logs of that first activation hit hitting them over and over again(which is about 200 dmg). My logs says it does hit 2 times (basically does one extra melee hit) i never seen more. From what i tell its just the 30 dmg dot ticking on people and its having a visual bug that just showing a trap go off over and over. You can see this very cleary in that twitch clip if you watch the red burning debuff timer that is on macncheese (the guy playing in the clip).
  15. you cant have multiple of the same dots on the same target. Take mer bleed dot. If there a stronger bleed on a target myrm bleed is not on the target so they cant gain stacks. I agree its the explosion one its what make the visual glitch. but burn dots usally do less dmg but tick faster. When i tested it on a single target the bombs did however to its being dmg 2 times. Explosion trap does about 200 dmg when activated. In my logs that 200 dmg would show twice. Then it would be the regular 30dmg dot that would tick. From what i seen before that dot has always ticked faster and doesnt last as long So some it up it looks explosion trap is showing a visual over and over and the dot from that trap seems to be making the trap visual pop up again. Also that dot ticks quicker then other dots since it does less dmg so you get a poorly made socks ton of visuals over and over. To get the visual of a trap it seems its the target needs to be moving or you have to be moving when its ativated. It will not cause the visual bug(of showing the trap) if you and the enemy are standing still like you see in your youtube video. Its not something people are using over and over like someone stated earlier. Other bomb issues is the dot visuals will also hit dead bodys. Watch this clip and see if you agree with me. That the 30dmg dot ticks quicker but once it over visual of traps stop. I feel that dot is just causing a visual that looks like a trap going off over and over.(again its the explosion trap you can tell since its the fire color.) As soon as the burn is off the visuals of the trap stops and you can see this by watching the debuff of the burn https://www.twitch.tv/macncheese65/clip/CrazyPiliableDonutKeepo?filter=clips&range=7d&sort=time Also in your youtube video you see the dot dmg causing a visual each time it ticks. With the fire traps its not just giving the visual but also putting the trap on screen. Again i think it has to do with moving targets since there moving around when the dot on them.
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