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  1. Hi Supporters, i havent got any Update of my Live-Client PRE-ALPHA LIVE 5.100.2012-06DB85C3 9/3/2019 2:28 PM sice mothes ! Cant imagine that here were no, sice i always received automatce updates all the times before. sincerely ilvie
  2. Additionally : Windows Defender found Trojaner in CFInstaller_Live_ACE and removed one File !! Trojan:Win32/ScarletFlash.A Dieses Programm ist gefährlich. Es führt Befehle eines Angreifers aus. startup: C:\Users\user1\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ACE\Crowfall_Live\Crowfall Live.lnk file: C:\Program Files (x86)\ACE\Crowfall_Live\Live\Crowfall\CFLiveLauncher. file: C:\Users\user1\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ACE\Crowfall_Live\Crowfall Live.lnk uninstall: HKCU@S-1-5-21-3987826236-816541149-2899996529-1001\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\UNINSTALL\Crowfall_Live regkey: HKCU@S-1-5-21-3987826236-816541149-2899996529-1001\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS\CURRENTVERSION\UNINSTALL\Crowfall_Live
  3. Hi Last Update of my LIVE Client some days ago did destroy the whole Installation. The Desktop Icon vanished and when i click on the CrowFallClient in the Installation-Order an empty window pops up for some seconds and disapears. Have tried to download a new LivePatcher on https://crowfall.com/de-DE/account/download-client. That installs something with CF_InstallLive_ACE like visual c in C:\Program Files (x86)\ACE\Crowfall_Live\Live\Crowfall comes with some PopUps and at least says that it has been installd successfully but in the end of that the Start-Button on the last PopUp doesnt work ! Cannot start anything ... waht shall I do now ? Ilvie
  4. Hallo, was ist los mit dem neuen Update gestern für LIVE 5.7 auf 5.8 ??!! Seither geht mein Login nicht mehr !! Im Launcher steht 5.7, im Client Prealpha 5.8 irgendwas Screenshot nicht möglich , weil das Ding sich nicht fenstern lässt !! MfG Walter Nakowitz
  5. way of presentation of coniferes like taxus (yew) with leaves on !! im mean, thats completley ridiculous ! did you folks never recognized a difference between needle-trees and leave-trees or is your target a group a uneducated ignorant mob ?
  6. am able to place all my parcel on the map. but after pressing "send" it comes the Popup-message : "failed, the navigation-network is actualizing, pleas wait." And I'm still waiting for days for that !
  7. have built a rune-deed and have the complete research-tree through for rune-crafting. now there are components like sigilie and parchment paper i dont know where to get/find/craft. additional question: is there any wiki or something where all that crafting-deed-stuff is explainen ? dont know what the enchanting-deed is for or the intermediate-deed. (have already built a blacksmith-deed and a woodcrafting deed as necessary for crafting some daggers....) dont also know, what all these metalls and wood-sorts are for. oak wood seams to be best for weapon-components, but am not shure.... have only made the iron-research-branch , because somehow seams to be the best for weapons, but whats about armours ?? reagards Il
  8. hi, can anybody tell me how to forge shovels and skinning knives or any necessary research-preconditions . Created an halfelfe, which actually is able for necromancy, but get no entry for that in the havesting tools menu nor somwhere else . I.
  9. thanks. it would not be such annoying, if thre were a seperate key for climbing. running a rock up is anyway not the most authenic way of an impementation
  10. when mining in new 5.5/LIVE lumps and other stuff is thrown on the center-rock, where noone can reach them. this annoying stuff didnt happend in the 3.5.1 before !
  11. oh, sry, didnt notice the 2nd Icon for kingdome next lower. always tried with the icon for kindome-view or whatever the higher icon is for....
  12. hi, had the update to 5.5 live yesterday and my kingdom was resetted. have imported the parvel-deeds into the soul-database window and afterwards pulled them right into the repository of my character. now cannot get the parcels ito the kingdom-window . the enter-key ,as described in the game hints, doesnt work. the m-key calls the map but no parcels are there listet for a placement in the square ! ( in the previos version of 5.5 that worked without problems ) ilvie
  13. ah thanks a lot, frykka ! but perhaps an idea: nice thing to have could be access to at least the skilling-tool to get ahead with that in the account which is only possible now over that disabled client. and another eventually: would be great to provide some upgrad-options for that lower priv. clients
  14. Since today I have the problem on my Early-Access not to be able to login with my downloaded Client (GROSSE PRE-ALPHA-WELT - TEST / 535-12504-5A748084 12/28/2017 5:32) Always get the message in my Client-Login-mask : Login failes. Please try again. User not Entitled
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