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  1. It is a relevant comparison as it's the same amount of accounts but even comparing those numbers, as i had mentioned in my post: - Once you hit a certain number of members in a guild you can effectively cover all needed specializations. - Because people will be able to spread out in other areas over time this has the largest effect at launch and lessens over time. - Even if they're multiboxing they're not going to be playing all of those characters effectively.
  2. I legitimately don't think this will be a huge issue for this game. If it was every man for themselves sure we'd have a problem but it's not. Crowfall is built around playing with a guild and people running multiple accounts aren't going to have any advantage over an active guild. You get a dozen or more people in a guild and you have enough to cover almost everything and that would be considered a small guild. 15 people running 3 accounts isn't going to have an advantage over 45 people running single accounts. The biggest difference being all of those characters on single accounts can be played at once. Even with multiboxing there's no way the multi account players are going to be as effective. Sure the multi account players may be able to be a bit more self sufficient with smaller numbers but when you look at faction and guild PvP that guild of 45 is going to make a much bigger difference. Plus a lot of this matters the most right at launch and the further we go from there the less of an effect people with multiple accounts will have.
  3. I think this is an important point that is being overlooked constantly. The game is built around guilds and communities. If you're only interested in combat then you 100% will need the support of a guild so you can focus on just that. Does gathering/crafting all of your own gear feel like a long grind? That's because it's not meant to be done by one person, especially at the start. When you first start playing the game you will suck, there's no way around that. But with the support of a guild you can easily become well equipped and participate in battles where you can learn how to fight. Crowfall isn't built for solo players or small groups. Everything is built around collaborative efforts of large groups, guilds, factions and communities. This game is not for people who want to do everything themselves without any help.
  4. The thing about saying new players will be under-powered completely misses the fact that the game is 100% group/guild centric. You're not supposed to just be going it alone soloing everything. This isn't most MMOs where it's basically a single player game with other people around. If you're not with a group/guild then you're going to have a bad time even if you had every skill trained. New players won't feel as under powered or disadvantaged because they will be grouping up with people either in their guild or their faction and everything will be a group effort helped by people who aren't under powered. I mean no matter what game you play though, you come in at any point after launch and you're at a disadvantage against people who have been playing for years. Obviously it's incredibly common in MMOs but any game with any progression sees it. I feel like the current resets we already see are enough to help with that issue. Also I mean "you click a button, wooo", yeah I mean no one's on the edge of their seat ranting and raving about how amazingly enjoyable a passive system is to interact with. It's a simple UI object. The enjoyment or fun comes from the feeling of character progression. This one was designed to not be solely based on time actively spent in the game so people with less time to play can stay somewhat relevant. As someone with a full time job who likes to play more than one game that appeals to me. If I decide I want to take a break from Crowfall for a week when a new title comes out then I can do that and not feel like I'm just falling way behind by just logging in and allocating my time. This isn't to say they couldn't add additional systems for persistent long term progression that are active. I mean a lot of games do things like weapon proficiencies that level up as you use those weapons. Reputation with your faction is a system that could technically work in this game since the crows and the factions exist outside of the campaigns. There's a number of things they could add but none of them require completely removing the passive skill system.
  5. Literally all you've been asking for is for progression to be per-campaign and then to reset after the campaign is over, essentially making all progression tied to that specific campaign. This would make every campaign it's own self-contained battle and mean you're starting every single campaign with 0 training. That's not asking for options, that's asking to have every single campaign inherit this rule. I'm all for having a set of campaign rulesets that ignore all account bonuses but don't make all of them that way.
  6. Actually the game works because of all of the systems together. No single system 100% makes or breaks the game. Everything, together, is what people are buying into and playing. Asking for a Hardcore ruleset is fine but demanding that they outright remove a key system of the game is completely selfish. And to be clear, your title is "Get rid of the passive skill system." Not change, not revise, not flesh out or add depth. Outright removal is what you're demanding. Adding options for hardcore players in rulesets that ignore any account bonuses makes sense and certainly could help the game. You're not asking for options though, you're telling them to remove all account bonuses. You don't seem to have an issue with the passive skill training itself, from everything I've seen here you just don't want there to be any persistent character progression outside of any given campaign. They could add dozens of things to flesh out the persistent, long term progression but even if they did you'd still want them to completely remove all of it.
  7. Yes games should evolve but just because you don't like the idea doesn't mean it's inefficient. The notion of eternal heroes and dying worlds seems fairly integral to their vision for the game. Asking them to completely remove the eternal heroes part of it is a bit much honestly. We can all voice concerns and make suggestions but at some point you have to respect the dev's vision and consider if this is the game for you or not.
  8. Absolutely no one is opposed to having that as a campaign ruleset. I haven't seen a single person saying they don't want this to be possible. What I'm opposed to is completely removing the passive skill system without an adequate replacement for long term persistent progression. Why is that necessary? To give player some sense of permanence and long term goals outside of the immediate campaign.
  9. It wouldn't be impossible for them to have a campaign rule that ignores any bonus from the passive training system. It would take some time to develop and it could be a bit tricky yes but it's not impossible. If you're suggesting having specific campaigns that make you start from square 1 that's fine but to tell the devs to entirely remove it is a bit selfish. You're asking them to remove something they implemented which others find enjoyable simply because you don't. Having campaigns that ignore the passive skill tree is a far better solution than just removing it outright.
  10. Yes and it's also sold with the promise of some degree of persistent long term progression. If the game didn't have that honestly I'd never have bought into it because that's not something I find enjoyable or fun. It seems like you find resetting back to 0 more fun and interesting which is fine but that's not what this game is. Yes there's already a large degree of resetting with the campaigns which I actually do think is a good thing but if there was literally 0 persistent progression it would feel like whether you win or lose or any progression made within a campaign would be meaningless. Also you mention people coming into the game late. What you're not considering here though is that these new players aren't just going to be soloing everything, that's an incredibly unwise choice even for people who have every skill trained. This game has a heavy group/guild focus and new players will be joining/recruited by guilds. Because of this they won't have to completely fend for themselves, they'll have others to help them survive and progress.
  11. This misses the point of the current system though, it doesn't replace it with something that achieves the same goal. The goal here would be giving players some persistent progression outside of the campaigns so it doesn't feel like progression is ultimately meaningless because it will be reset every time a campaign ends. This will already happen to some degree with the different import/export rules, you won't have every last thing from a previous campaign in a new one. This game isn't framed or sold like a moba where you know each match you're going to be reset.
  12. Yes and after that I admitted that saying "It gets better later" isn't great but also you need to start being weak so that you can feel the difference in strength later. Skills are one of Crowfalls main mrtjofs of progression and to make that progression feel meaningful you have to feel like your character is better than it was when you started.
  13. Purchased items being able to be traded is helpful though, even if there is the possibility of some level of abuse. If things like VIP couldn't be traded then people who don't have the means or desire to pay cash would have no access to it. In this way there's nothing that can't be gained by just playing the game, there's nothing that is exclusively locked behind cash with no other alternatives. To me having things locked being cash with absolutely no alternatives is more P2W than being able to trade it. Is it possible that someone could trade it to someone else for help in a battle or high tier equipment? Yeah it's possible but I don't think the possibility of that scenario happening is worth denying people alternate options for obtaining VIP or purchased items.
  14. Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn (the remake) did launch in August 2013 so still under 5 years at this point. Has had subs since then, released an optional cosmetic cash shop and two expansions.
  15. Honestly I don't agree that you need to be provided with equipment from the start. Making your first set of tools is not a painful process and it shows you the basics. You start with nothing and you can very quickly and easily figure out how to make a full set of tools. 3 wood for your first axe and then 6 more for the hammer and pick. It teaches you the very basics of crafting and gathering. It shows you how to get materials, how to make them into equipment and that the basic logic of what tools to use on what. Starting with literally nothing is how the devs have decided they want to start the game, it's fairly traditional for a survival game. While tradition should be challenged, this one isn't really causing an issue in my opinion and changing it the way you suggest doesn't necessarily improve it. It speeds you through the process but I'd say both are honestly viable.
  16. Also worth considering is most of the issues with gathering early on become less of an issue with more training. Tool durability, rate of resource acquisition, ease of gathering higher tier resources, all of these things become easier as you train the respective skills. It won't be quick but over time playing things do get easier. I mean even starting in a campaign with absolutely no import won't be a huge issue once you've gone far enough down the gathering skill trees. And yes I understand that saying "it gets better later" doesn't help the initial impression of gathering. Honestly though, just like with combat, you have to start somewhere and at the start you're never anywhere near as strong/useful as you are once you hit cap.
  17. WoW and Crowfall have pretty different target audiences so I wouldn't worry to much. Also a lot of people only play a lot of major MMOs until they finish the story of the newest expansion and then they get bored and leave again. I'm sure even if Crowfall released somewhat close to a WoW expansion you'd get some of those bored people looking for something new trying out Crowfall.
  18. Well the thing is though that over time things will be easier to replace. As gatherers and crafters train in their respective skill trees it will be easier to make that gear or gather those resources. It hurts a lot at the start, trust me I know, but as time passes things will get easier or at the very least faster.
  19. I mean Tanking in Crowfall will take on a different meaning than what it traditionally means in a PvE focused MMO. In PvE MMOs tanks generally get hate so enemies attack no one else and just try not to die. That obviously doesn't work as well when you're mostly fighting other players who can just ignore you. Given the reliance on PvP I think MOBAs aren't a bad place to look at how tanking can be done in a game like this. There's only two I know of at the moment that play similarly to Crowfall (3rd person camera, 3D) and those would be Smite and Paragon. I played Smite quite a bit at one point, tanking there is handled pretty well honestly. Tanks typically either mitigate damage for others with buffs or shields, stop the enemy from killing you with CC and body blocking or keep the enemy away from you with area denial abilities. Geb for instance would keep teammates alive by putting shields on them or by interrupting the enemy over and over. Athena actually had a traditional Taunt skill, it just made enemies hit by it run toward her and attack for a short period. I don't have as much experience with Crowfall yet but I've seen a few of these things already implemented. Obviously there's body blocking, I've seen some AoE ground buffs and of course CC like pull, blind and stun. I'm sure there's a large number of things that could be done still with tank classes but I think they've got a decent start already. I think the main issue would be other non-tank classes have more/better CC options.
  20. Just because everyone CAN train everything doesn't mean everyone will. Even if people have the skills trained, there's no guarantee they're going to use them. Having the skills is one thing but it's how you choose to spend your time that counts. Everyone could have every single skill unlocked at launch and who you are in the game still comes down to what you choose to do with your time in the game. Even at the guild level, the crafters and gatherers are the people who spend their time doing those things for the guild, not the people who simply have the skills trained. Take FFXIV as an example, in that game everyone can take every single class/job to cap. Though despite this there are still known go-to crafters and gatherers in each community. While people technically can be completely self-sufficient, they're generally few and far between. The time investment required to reach that point is more than most people want to put in. In most games, from my experience, crafting and gathering is somewhat of a niche activity even when it's relevant to endgame. A lot of people just want to fight and they'd rather just pay someone for their gear instead of making it themselves.
  21. I mean to me Early Access means still in development. At which stage isn't part of It, know that you're buying into an unfinished product. If people make assumptions that it's "nearly complete" because of that that's on them. Early access means just that, access early while it's incomplete.
  22. This is exactly what I was thinking. How much of an advantage does a maxed out skill tree give vs high tier equipment? I feel like the skill trees aren't going to provide more of a bonus than equipment at a certain point. If the skill trees only account for say 5% of your total power then it's not a huge issue though it is an advantage.
  23. That's what I like to hear lol. I'll probably submit an application once I'm off work.
  24. What form of communication do you use outside of the game or for voice chat?
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