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  1. As an ex-SWG Imperial you guys get +1 As an ex-EVE player I love a bit of comms discipline, and doing what I'm told in big fights. As a git with kids I can't commit to the gaming hours as reliably as I used to (the mrs would skin me alive). If you guys are happy with recruiting a flaky old wierdo, count me interested, happy to chip in however I can even if its just gathering twigs for the better boys.
  2. Purely selfishly, I really like the over time skill system. Call me a casual or whatever, but it lets me keep up with the Joneses when I can't play cos the kids are kicking off, or if I decide to take a sabbatical to play another game and skip out a campaign or two. I can see why its not as satisfying as an activity based progression system so understand the arguments against, but as someone who probably won't be playing CF as the only game I play (I don't want to burn out on it) its a pretty good fit.
  3. Maybe something on the main Crowfall page to guide new users on to what the devs current main testing objectives are, and what to try first to contribute towards that. The main page is really nice but does exude the impression of a game closer to completion.
  4. Hey guys, signed up recently. I reckon this might be the perfect antidote to all the space games I'm usually addicted to. Looking forward to getting killed repeatedly by most of you as I attempt to control my character via HOTAS (I'm not that much of a plum, honest).
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