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  1. So many memoeries. A few I think of. The panic I felt when lazily farming and saw a PK guild charge through the trees lol Wandering around enemy territoy solo on my Assassin. Catch a barb, if I remember right, wandering around. That was my first solo kill and it felt so damn good. We chatted in tells after and laughed about how he was shouting for evac with no response My fury playing 'hop the walls' with group after group during a bane. One island being full of PKers. The rest of the server got so disgruntled we teamed up and leveled the place. My own shop in the city of Black Oak. When I popped back years later the city was owned by a different guild but the shop's name was the same. That made me smile Toon size based on stats so my huntress was a giant next to her trainer. 5-10 minutes before a bane went off, the spam of reloggign as people restarted the game.
  2. I don;t like the idea of a complete wipe and restart, regardless of the lore/system. What they could do is have some sort of cataclysmic event. Earthquake, volcano, dragon attack, whatever. When that happens players are left with what they're carrying but everything else is destroyed. Or maybe just some groups. If it's possible to put some sort of scoring system in, then when the event hits only the 'top' guilds/nations are affected allowing the smaller guilds time to grow. It might even encourage players to not form big nations but keep the world full of many more smaller groups.
  3. The main thing that made SB so different and made so many people long for a new version is they did open world PvP and player factions right. The entire world was always on PvP. It wasn't a PvP toggle like so many games. It didn't try to mess around trying to balance PvP and PvE. It was a PvP game, that was the focus and that's what they cared about. They did factions the way it should be done. Too many games screw up the PvP by having limited number of factions, just 2 or 3. Which means it's not PvP, it's zerg vs farm, In order for there to be balance the factions need to be able to change. By making it guild based SB players could form alliances and nations, constantly shifting alliances. One faction getting to strong? Others unite, smack them down, then go back to fighting amongst themselves. Some of the guild friendships and rivalries still exist today, long after the game ended. THAT is how well they did it. They did player building well. It wasn't just build a house, or buy a pre-existing one. The entire city was player built and, very often, player destroyed. Outside of the few NPC newbie zone cities (which could be used as neutral ground for things) the entire world was player built. Vast open areas around the mob zones the sole funtion of which was to provide areas for players to build. Was SB perfect? hel no, but compared to what we have nowadays it deserves to be on the pedistal so many of us put it on.
  4. The more like SB this is the better imo. Real open world PvP. Real player controlled factions and cities. Real risk and reward. Real consequences. None of the usual BS lose nothing and respawn in a world that never changes. I'd even welcome guilds/clans like the khans, who act like bandits. I know there were plenty of guilds doing that but for some reason the Khans stick in my memory.
  5. Agreed. There also has to be a bounce emote. That was always my way of waving
  6. While there have been many MMOs I've enjoyed, in every one at some point I was thinking "SB did it better" It's a bit sad that brand new games fail at doing things as well as a game that was released more than a decade ago.
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