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  1. Greece is amazing. But take it from me, visit, don't live there and it will stay amazing.
  2. There're 7-11s all over Thailand. The internet's a bit iffy, but trust me you won't care, you're in Thailand!
  3. England is one of the most expensive places in the world. Also it sucks. I only lived there for 15 years though. Maybe it takes 16.
  4. I've lived all over, if people ask me where I'm from I'm not really sure what the answer really is. I've lived in Scotland, England, Netherlands, Greece, Belize, Massachussetts, Colorado, California, Washington, I'm sure i've missed somewhere. I pretty much split time atm between Greece and California. I own a house in Greece and I'm looking to buy one here, but honestly, I'm not sure there isnt somewhere else I'd rather live, so who knows. Not me.
  5. All i'm saying is if you're going to alt account it, don't put "Nuff Said! and Excelsior!" after your alt posts. That way we can all be happy.
  6. I don't know about that Gonzo, the only people who ever abused my IP address were QFT during SB live. They even had a nice thread about it on their boards I enjoyed reading after their boards were hacked. I played Magicbane for quite a bit and never had a problem. Some people just like to foment hysteria. Don't be that Rob Lowe.
  7. Ah the Dicrosi and Malice, i remember them from Dread. And Bofis (and his GS warrior).
  8. i7-4820k @3.7GHz, GTX 970 oc, Samsung SSD 840, 32GB of RAM because, well why not.
  9. At 600x50 we'll go blind trying to see whatever we can fit in anyway.
  10. Don't pay any attention to Fatboy whatsoever. Hopefully Chet will rein him in shortly.
  11. shomer


    Man Against Time. TSB/GooL/GOML/Reptilians guy.
  12. shomer


    Rerolled were a much better guild than DC.
  13. shomer


    Dark Carnival had a rep as a fairly decent guild in a time when SB was filled with awful RP guilds who wouldn't roll priests and had no idea what specs were. Later on in their second incarnation they were steamrolled pretty early and quit en masse. That's my recollection of it.
  14. Meaningful PvE? Questing, flower pickin', sweater knittin', fishing.. no thanks. I'm not interested in taking a dingleberry stick to the dingleberry king on the mountain for x amount of exp. Eff that noise. If PvP isn't for you, if guilds and GvG or NvN isn't for you, then there's plenty of carpy WoW clones out there for you to enjoy. There's nothing like groups of people using strategy combatting other groups of people on a large scale. The ability to burn other people's accomplishments while protecting your own. It's too much for some people, it really is. We understand.
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