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  1. Holy crap, the 56 sweet spot war is still being rehashed to this day. Looks like the OCC propaganda machine is still hard at work lol. Those were definitely fun times though.
  2. I was thinking the same things after reading all of the full loot vs partial loot threads. I'm glad someone had already posted about it.
  3. I just hope CF has the same or near same level of customization and strategy. Nothing is more boring than no in-battle strategy (WoW BGs) where this is no target-calling.Also boring if there is no strategy outside of battle with things like spec building and character building. As long as they have both of those I'd be pretty content.
  4. What is a turned based hardcore PvP mmo supposed to look like?
  5. Are you sure that is a Jellyfish in your guild crest?
  6. Nice to see HoD planning on playing, top tier guild.
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