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  1. <QUESTION> What are the plans for adding in new biomes into crowfall? Is there an estimation to when that gets added in?
  3. Zombie , Us Rose knights are quite the firecrackers when it comes to sass and attitude, nothing chivalry ever gonna be about me
  4. im not mad about this at all, let it come, if I am to die in this world, its gonna damn well be at the paws of a bunny
  5. And I suspect that it was a more personal post between ble and the OP with the OP wanting to bait people in for responses who knows, would seem likely based on the OP's history but I guess that would be t biased, although a lot of posts lately with finger pointing lately seem to have the same feel with roughly the same people but as you said let thee unbiased judge
  6. It can be hard to have a civil conversation when the person being accused snaps back, altho it doesnt help that the beginning of the thread is less about a game mechanic and more directed towards painting rivals as criminals, so i dont know why that would surprise you, threads such as this is not gonna lead to civility when you approach the issue in a way like that, and that goes for anyone know matter the faction or guild
  7. I think Jah has a great point, mostly because anyone could be abusing this Bug if its being abuse, the more you try to poke your rivals the more devs will look at the info you put down as children bickering and will look away. It be nice if everyone is able to keep it respectful and retain a positive healthy testing community
  8. This is fair, by getting rid of all the things that makes our harvesting lifes easier we can then truly experience harvesting and ACE can truly experience how much we love it
  9. The only thing the scoreboard shows me is alot of people died here, alot of people killed others here, some people love circles, and healers feel sad. Item wipe is for certain due, hopefully in the future ACE will be able to not have wipes of any sort since in the past it has run population away. But with the issues that are being presented and the changes that have been announced to be made, A wipe of items is due, and maybe will make the start of an new trial more interesting. There may also be some back lash if the harvesting feels more laboring than before though.
  10. hmm possibly true, the example guest Medelyn plays a frequent amount, and is on the scoreboard, it is a Lil difficult to check people who do or don't have time in game so understandable
  11. Why would the rankings matter in a public found discussion? Everyone who plays should be able to give their opinions on the content in game
  12. 1: +1Having a bane of forts even a small size bane or some time of mechanic small mechanic would be cool, promote nice small scale PvP, forts are worth a ton and having them just able to be easily flipped by 3 mans or less can be frustrating for anyone. 2:+0 I do believe siege time in the future with more content could be extended to a more weekly event but how often that event to have population hype would be is questionable 3:-1 outposts are a good way in a po in based competition that we have ATM for a smaller group or solo player to be able to contribute to their faction as well as introduces more of gorilla capturing I don't think the things mentioned in this petition will be used exactly for future changes, but I'm sure ACE will look at the feed back and ideas that everyone is giving as possibilities so thank you all
  13. i love that 20 seconds in we see a balance rhino hitting another rhino
  14. i have finally made it to page 13! I hope all have had A lovely valentines!
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