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  1. i have finally made it to page 13! I hope all have had A lovely valentines!
  2. Tons and TONS of hairy men has been confirmed for 5.8 life
  3. The regain for the essence on druid is lower than what was given for the first node in storm caller. now if you go storm caller you have no way of getting more essence regain since master of sickles is gone, even with stormcaller passive you can stay in an fight for about 1-2 minutes before running out of essence completely and having no way of regaining essence for you to become relevant in a fight again
  4. simisoft

    Play style

    well then we go into a lot more problems than just humans using pistols, like the current state and care of your nails from digging in dirt your entire life
  5. have you tried with an advance bow? i have gotten it to work, it appears to not work with basic shots which are your basic attacks with both basic and intermediate bows. Although i do not know if it is suppose to work with basic shots or not
  6. https://youtu.be/DNv8DiCECYI Aurora Emitter spam of fly text with the amount of damage thats going back and forth with 3 or more will kill everything, ALSO Druid death ult also seemed to crash nearby users (so assume life ult to possibly do the same)
  7. It will also help with the multiple worlds to farm on the same server and feel "more" safe about it.
  8. Also that "gap" is not never ending there is only so much you can train in skills, player c will eventually get there when A and B have hit the stopping point but it will take time, same amount of time A and B put in
  9. Veeshan meant as another example of a "stealth" that uses stamina since the woodelf's racial does you stamina not that it should. Also stealth classes counter is suppose to be perception which works well in EK but in campaign it doesn't work as "desired"
  10. interested in joining you guys from past experience with you, wondering if you are currently accepting more members, Pvp, and I gather and craft
  11. Veteran Player looking for PVP heavy focus Guild, I mostly do PVP and enjoy crowfall for that but I know how crafting system and gathering system works as well, I don't mind the faction either.
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