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  1. Just finished downloading yesterday, Jan 10th, and looking for a guild. Guild criteria: Region: the Americas, GMT-6, no daylight adjustment. Casual/Hardcore?: More to the casual side. Size: Does not matter to me. Play-Style: Crafter. Faction: I would prefer Balance. Commitment: Mostly daily. The first week of the month is very heavy at work, though, so I may need to skip days Experience: I cut my teeth on D&D Basic, around 1980 or so. Have played more MMOs than I can remember, a good number of them now defunct. Before that, MUDs. Before that, Colossal Cave and Zork. I can be summed up as an ancient n00b (at least regarding Crowfall). Yet, I am willing to learn, and be a team player. I much prefer crafting, with gathering second, and combat third. GUILD FOUND, thank you
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