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  1. These FotW videos are some of my favorite. Great insights into design processes. Moar Plz
  2. I like the amount of control, that 5th pip is pricey I want to control when I train that one vs a cheap 1-3 pip.
  3. Honestly Since 5.4 it really hasn't been an issue. In any early game activity things seem like a bigger deal than in later game. A common drop once leveled up is not a huge deal ... they are well common and plentiful. In fact free doober looting prompted a fun stealth stealing activity from some lone unsuspecting gatherer from the other faction and a promotes an atmosphere of murder. I formally retract my previous request. I was young, naive and near sighted.
  4. I haven't found any information related to applying damage to a fort/outpost walls. Some classes/species could teleport to the other side of a wall or burrow under but my human could not. I saw messages that walls were being damaged at other locations but I was not in the region to see what they were doing. Myself and a few others were just trying to gain access to the outpost to overtake it. previously there has always been a potion of the wall not present that I was able to jump though. I am assuming siege weapons or artillery but it's unclear to me, any info would help. thx
  5. Got it. I was seeing it the other way around and it didn't seem to make much sense.
  6. If stealing is easy, retaliation / recovery of items should be as easy .
  7. What's stopping me from login marking some random as hostile and logging out and going on vacation for a week.
  8. I see being labeled as perma hostile a potential in that scenario. I think this mechanic is close to a potential solution but a person could use it as a griefing mechanic also. I see this kind of thing in BDO and guild prema decking on other guilds for months. Stealing is way to easy and it's almost impossible to do anything about it.
  9. in general no but if they are ninjaing loot drops from fellow faction players there should be a way to discourage that behavior currently it's next to impossible to retaliate.
  10. Yeah I don't want that whole FF thing to start up again. If the system working as intended that's fine but I think it could use some refinement.
  11. I don't think I was asking for ACE to be world cops I was offering an option to allow us to police ourselves. The doober dropping into personal inventory is a better solution and the one I would prefer. We need something to deal with that one guy that is a hooligan in another way that yelling at them in chat cause that just ain't gonna accomplish anything unless action can be taken against a player it will keep happening over and over again. I would think first hit / last hit or damage % mechanic would be easier long term to manage but I am not a game dev.
  12. We could use an ability to deal with someone with in our faction who is stealing your gathering loot. Either ability to pvp and take back stolen loot or the loot drops are only accessible by the gatherer or a member of the group the gatherer belongs to. Over the weekend there were multiple instances where rouge players were ninja looting stuff they did not process. All we could do was yell at people in chat but trolls be trolling so that didn't really do anything.
  13. Hey there! figured if I didn't post once I would lurk for eternity. Backed the game this past weekend and dumped a bunch of hours in and actually enjoyed CF more than I thought at this stage. Having minimal info and just discovering how things worked was kinda fun. Anyways Played a lot of SWTOR and recently Black Desert loved both for obviously completely different reasons and now I am here. I am not "Top Tier" but I will dump a bunch of time into a game I enjoy and be decently OK. My current BDO guild has a moniker of "serious but casual" I think that describes they way I like to play.
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