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  1. My other question is the buildings. As Todd said, yes they are cosmetic, but you can slot NPCs and crafting stations inside them. It also is a question of what does it take to get one of these buildings of equal value? Would it take a few compaigns to get a manor compared to just paying for one via Kickstarter? Also how important is it to have these npcs and crafting stations? Would a player that pledged money and got a building that could have a crafting station be ahead of a player that has to make one? For example, Player A pledged money and has a building that can have a crafting s
  2. Going with your example: Player A has real life money. Player B has a sword. Player C has nothing. Player A buys VIP ticket or cosmetic items then trades for the sword to Player B. Player A goes out into the forest. Player C comes across Player A. Both Player A and Player C have equal skill. Player A wins because he bought a sword before Player C had a chance to gather materials and craft one himself. Player A won because he spent real money to trade for in-game items. Yes people will argue that gear doesn't matter in this game and it's all skill. Well take equal skill, the perso
  3. Same here. Thanks for the info Tully! Keep the work up! You guys are doing great.
  4. From what I heard from a friend that played Shadowbane, it was plagued with lack of balance. Also from what I played in original Star Wars Galaxies, in combat, there was a severe lack of balance. Yes Jedi was eeextreeeemely difficult to get, but if you got it, well no one could stand up to you. Also, I'd appreciate it if the title of my thread wasn't changed. If a mod changed it, there's no reason to change it as it wasn't a troll topic name, so please change it back to the original "Archetypes not balanced?" If a dev changed it, would like some clarification in a post rather than just a c
  5. I actually wouldn't mind. For some reason it didn't capitalize my forum name.;(
  6. Oh thank god. Glad to have confirmation. Was getting worried! lol
  7. Actually, the origins of high heels were for men and for the battlefield. No I'm not talking about thin stiletto heels, I'm takling about like boot heels. Men originally wore high heels for horseback riding. The design was to keep your feet from slipping off the stirrup while galloping into battle. The stirrup sat between the balls of your feet and the heel and the heel of the shoe extended your actual heel to keep it from slipping. It just happened that the nobility started wearing them for their non-combat horseback riding which then they started wearing them to court. Then women picked
  8. I swear she had a different icon. I remember it being the melee dps icon! I was comparing it to the legionnaire. Hax!
  9. This is actually the kind of balance I'd like to see. A balance among different playstyles. A rock, paper, scissors type thing. One class might be good at 1v1 but horrible in group fights and pretty useless. Or vise versa, a class that's really good in large groups but find them on their own and death. Or a class that's really good at sustaining but doesn't deal a lot of damage. Or a support class that can be good with another class but on their own they have nothing. But even within that, having one build within a class that absolutely wrecks all other builds will still lead to cookie cut
  10. Actually they have said that they're not going to be balancing Archetypes. It's in their FAQ. "The natural result is that some character builds will inevitably be better than others." Sooo yeah since they're specifically saying some character builds will be better than others, there's an issue. Why would people play those character builds that are worse? They wouldn't, that's the point. And no, there were not a lot more than 5 viable classes. You saw these classes for the most part: Templar, Daggerspell, Abolisher, Darkrunner, and Primeval. Occasionally you'd see Stone Arrow, Revenant
  11. I'll be honest, this concerns me a little. Yes it's important to have players be able to customize their characters and finds what suits them, but in my opinion, balance is very important. If there's no balance, there will be a strongest. If there's a strongest, people will only play the strongest. If people only play the strongest, everything else will never be played. People will find the strongest Archetype and strongest Promotion Class and strongest Disciplines and strongest stats and attributes and then everyone will play that exact thing because it's the strongest. By not having balance
  12. You think the gods are all moral? I mean really? They're Order, Balance, and Chaos. Why would you think a group of gods that are flagged under Chaos would be sunshine and puppies? They're chaotic not virtuous. Besides that, evil, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. We consider Hitler evil but he and his followers legitimately believed they were making the world a better place. Same goes for the Fae. They believe that males cause wars and become tyrants. They've done this for generations and have known peace. They don't believe themselves evil. After all, to them they kill males sw
  13. Also, just because it's humanoid, doesn't mean it's not gender-locked or that they'll make one if extremely popular. Take the Stoneborn Forgemaster. We already got official word that even if extremely popular, they won't make a female version due to lore.
  14. Selfish Question: I live in Austin and an aspiring game developer. Any way to see what you guys are doing and how you're doing it? Maybe after the full reveal? Like maybe a community day or office tour type thing?
  15. I don't understand how buying housing and boats is not pay 2 win. At the very least boats. If they have naval combat, well you're out of a likely large part of the game if you don't spend money to buy a boat, or hope someone you know pays money to buy a boat. If there's no naval combat, what's the point of boats? Or if there isn't, it's still likely important. Like fishing or transport. Which if you don't spend money, you're still out of. And they're claiming that Revival is a game you "live in." Well if you don't pay money you can't live in a place of your own. I want to know what th
  16. So as a general rule of thumb, tanks tend to be almost boring in PvP. All they are, are the healthiest members that survive longer than anyone else due to not only their survivability but being the last targeted. All a tank can hope is that they have some CC and be in the other players faces. Tanks in PvE have an easily defined role: lots of survivability and the ability to gain the aggro of a monster. In PvP they just have the ability to stay alive with no away of gaining the enemies attention other than physically being in their faces and hope the enemy decides they're a nuisance enough to t
  17. If you look at the Cryptic Tree, the left side, what I call the Sun/Order is different from the middle part of the map and the concept art you provided. If you look at what we can call The Hunger, the center part is lighter and the tendrils are darker. On the Cryptic Tree, it has three layers, a bright circle, darker four star style flames and then lighter four star style flames. The Hunger's design clearly is using dark, menacing tendrils while the Sun is clearly a bright circle surrounded by dark and bright flames like, well a sun. The style of the two symbols is very much different when obs
  18. The Aiming Reticle in the background seems to indicate the DPS part of the role. Perhaps we might see "Magic DPS" as maybe a fireball over an aiming reticle or something?
  19. PS, this is my theory to the worlds and cryptic tree http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1405-the-tree-world-progression-pvp/?p=33203
  20. The more they release, the more things connect. Can't wait to see more!
  21. Really? Sounded like GW2 for me. You have a small amount of dodges/dashes. Your abilities could be cone/rectangle. I guess those were only the aoe abilities and not single target. Semi GW2 then. Then agian I played super early so idk what it's like now.
  22. I like part of the way Black Desert did it. You used the environment to help hide. You could crouch so you could hide behind trees and rocks. Added to that you could go prone. Hide in the bushes or tall grass. Imagine a group of bandits hiding in bushes and in the tall grass and popping up around a caravan. You don't need a simple Stealth Ability to just press to go invisible. You need to use your surroundings and be smart and strategic about it.
  23. Flex I love your gifs. I feel like the Dregs will have the most extreme rewards and most extreme risks. Like full loot, equipment and inventory. But you get to take back more.
  24. So the Tree is definitely Gods. We can see this in the Hero Back Story. The Centaur Legionnaire's Back Story says "Valkyn, the All-Father." Which we see at the top of the Tree, larger than the others. This goes with the All-Father. Though the Centaur Legionnaire's back story doesn't mention any other gods. The Stoneborn Forgemaster's Back Story mentions a couple: My kind was born of Gaea, Mother of All. Bastard sons of the Wretched God – I shall not honor him by name. Now you understand, yes? Then leave me, now, Son of Arkyn. We see Gaea in
  25. Does combat use tab-targeting? No. We’ve tried to make combat in Crowfall a little more action-combat focused, than your traditional MMO. For instance, we have “dashes” that you use to avoid attacks, as opposed to a passive (randomized) dodge system. Finding the right balance on this one has been extremely challenging from a design perspective, but we think we’ve found a mid-point. Hopefully you’ll agree. 2. How does targeting work? Generally, melee attacks happen in the area in front of the character. There is no hard “target”. Attacks use various shapes such as: cones, recta
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