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  1. And now this is in the game. WE DID IT BOYS
  2. Ahh good. A guild that focuses on the most important part on a game likes this, supplies! An army with no food can't fight. And an army with no armour, dies. I'm a recent addition to the game myself and don't care much for fighting the other factions, but I can be a slot filler if needed. My real calling for this game is to gather the materials that others could use for great benefit, whether that includes gathering lumber, stone, leather and even food. My hope is that they implement crops and farming at some iteration of updates. I would love to log onto the game to find my entire field of crops ready to be harvested and excited players ready to use them for cooking or to eat outright. But if that is not to be, then moving around the map stealthily or with an escort to gather materials would be the way I want to help my allies.
  3. I'm all for using the main stats (Con, Dex, Str, Spirit and Intell) as part of the main systems of the game, but having them in the skill trees as a time sink just seems wasteful and redundant. Maybe 1 or 2 spread about, sure there's nothing wrong with attributes in a skill tree. In most other games they do this as well. But with the way the current skill tree and time bank work (Is subject to change, I know) having to spend a week training dexterity does not make me look forward to training the next skill pip. Consolidation is my answer to the skill tree bloat when it comes to copied skills.
  4. The idea is good on paper, but in practicality. If there is a person who really wants to mess with people, they will. Giving them the means to kill their team-mates, spam proximity chat with Darude Sandstorm or Rick Astley. And this is especially true for a complete newbie to the game joining this hardcore campaign by mistake only to get wrecked by their team mate with their +3 custom named meme spear. Having streamers advertise the game is a good idea yes, but in this early iteration of the game, the developers need people finding bugs and such. Not people clogging the servers trying to emulate their favorite streamer.
  5. Because nothing says "I'm going to grief everyone," more than friendly fire.
  6. I notice a lot of bloat in the skill trees when it comes to things like Constitution, Dexterity and the like. It's especially apparent in the racial archetype skill menus (Screenshot will follow.) I'm not sure how other people would feel but when i finish building Dex, for my next 2 skill training to also be more Dex, I just feel it to be a waste of time when that skill spot could fill something better. Screenshots: https://imgur.com/RLehKQz
  7. The hunger system does seem like a neat mechanic that your character has to eat every so often. But in this type of game where you could be out of your base for a long while, going around and killing players/capping forts and such. Having to stop just to click some apples seems like a strange thing to do for this type of game. Opinions anyone?
  8. 352 days left in the year. Still plenty of time to release the game this year. But I'd rather them have a completed game, than release a half finished game with slow updates throughout the year.
  9. Looking in the Skills menu I see a few options after Class basics that offer upgrades for Fighters, Mages, and Rogues, but there are no descriptions of what classes fill this criteria. I know it may be obvious by looking at the Classes page on the website, but having something on the tool tip about what skill works for which class, I think would be a good addition.
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