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  1. I think we all need to be concerned about "toddlers", to quote from Tully, since we're all going to want to start up new alts at some point. Even with Amber you still will only have VIP status for 3 of your 6 character spots, and I'm sure we'll all have to experiment to find the builds we like best, too.
  2. => Idea -- you will still want to have a normal outcome and greater/lesser degrees of success, but you could have the volatility in the outcomes be more limited, and avoid 1% and 2% outcomes. (Most RNG algorithms don't deal well with 1-2% outcomes.) "Encourage" is a little vague, here. I'm thinking about the Crows being born into a specific dying world and being locked to that world for the duration of a campaign (perhaps with penalties for entering late or leaving early, resulting in a limited ability to switch). But would we be allowed to put two of our characters into the same campaign at all?
  3. So what is the purpose of having extra character spots that don't have passive training?
  4. I agree that US customers should be able to use PayPal too -- many of my friends weren't able to do Kickstarter since they don't have a credit card (or aren't willing to use credit cards online). Plus, some people (like me) wanted to get accounts for friends, but I don't have enough different emails to create bunches of different Kickstarter logins. And it would be a shame if people who can't do Kickstarter for one reason or another can't get the early bird specials. And, I'd really like mounts and caravans! So I'd like PayPal to count for that too! Thanks!
  5. So, I'm not sure this helps, but when they open PayPal tomorrow, they will also offer Early Bird levels again for two days. The reason I'm not sure it helps is that I think they are charging for shipping in the new offers (at least for some countries), so the total will still be higher than the $150 KS Gold. But if you pledged on Kickstarter and think that the PayPal offers tomorrow are better for you, you can reduce or eliminate your KS pledge and do PP instead.
  6. I am of two minds about this suggestion -- on the one hand, getting Ruby for our guild is a challenge, and it would be wonderful if we didn't need to. On the other hand, the "unique" guild heraldry would be more unique if it's not possible to acquire it later. And Ruby isn't limited, so we have time to figure it out.
  7. Can kickstarter rewards be transferred to another account? Yes, but rewards can be transferred once only, and they cannot be stacked (meaning that a single account cannot have multiples of the same reward.) >>> If several of us buy Amber, but we want our king to be someone else, can we transfer the extra lands to the other kingdom? (While keeping the other rewards?)
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