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  1. Considerando che non abbiamo ancora iniziato a giocare direi di sì. Ma se continui a seguire il gioco eventualmente ci si becca.
  2. Sorry but I don't think you'll be able to play at any reasonable pace (20fps maximum with super low resolution). Check if you can upgrade the GPU of the laptop... that's usually the only solution.
  3. The trailer shows nothing. Anyone with the right assets could do the same and show a character running. Until combat is shown, I am not sure if what we're seeing is actually even a game. That being said, this is another 100% indie mmo being Kickstarted, and I am not positive that it will succeed if it demands enough money. Let's be honest here... Crowfall has veterans developing it + angel funding and it still struggles to get released with barebones features. Life is feudal had to release a survival game and after 5 years the MMO version still is far to be seen.. Similar story for CU. Unles
  4. AV = Aventurine I'll be following this game. DF is a masterpiece but it needs lot of players to work, we'll see...
  5. Isn't Thomas Sitch the guy behind Tornado engine? He left? And Billy was working on the UI?
  6. just saying... people leave and join development teams all the time
  7. During KS, 250$ gave you 6 years of VIP, and that's pretty much a lifetime subscription for these kind of games. Also, CF is b2p and you can always acquire VIP through trading, which is much better than a forced subscription game imho.
  8. Global chat: Each time a player writes in it, he consumes an Item that costs many golds. That's the model I prefer so far.
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