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  1. 10m$? Weren't you at 7 and something, including the 2.5m$ you had in crowdfunding? Math doesn't add
  2. volevo dirvi che ho provato ieri sera il Big World ed ho fatto una mini-anteprima per mmo.it ... se avete domande chiedete pure
  3. What have they done to make you mad? Just curious.
  4. Vi ricordo comunque che di tanto in tanto posto news su mmo.it, per lo più riassunti di quelle ufficiali ma (penso) più dettagliate di quant'altro si trovi in italiano sul web!
  5. Streaming when the EUs are sleeping doesn't help. EDIT: Just saying... I know you guys did it off work so it had to be late. I approve the initiative though!
  6. We get it that you sucked on Darkfall, no need to say it everytime. The impression was never that Crowfall would have had pure FF active on all the rulesets. If you cared to read what I linked (the super old thread), it was clear to everyone even then that the best case scenario was pure FF in the dregs and decreasing FF penalties in easier rulesets. You don't like friendly fire, it's alright. It doesn't mean that you have to pretend that the DEVs have been honest and clear on the matter. If they end up not using FF anywhere, they will have broken a promise they made before and after the KS, period. Not to mention they would have been dishonest times and times again when we complained about combat not being built for FF and they told us to chill and wait. Love the comment from the guy with the eggs. Well done missing the whole custard1ng point.
  7. You clearly haven't read what Caenth said in his first post here. Anyhow, be back later.
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