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  1. 10m$? Weren't you at 7 and something, including the 2.5m$ you had in crowdfunding? Math doesn't add
  2. volevo dirvi che ho provato ieri sera il Big World ed ho fatto una mini-anteprima per mmo.it ... se avete domande chiedete pure
  3. Have you ever played town of salem?
  4. What have they done to make you mad? Just curious.
  5. Vi ricordo comunque che di tanto in tanto posto news su mmo.it, per lo più riassunti di quelle ufficiali ma (penso) più dettagliate di quant'altro si trovi in italiano sul web!
  6. Streaming when the EUs are sleeping doesn't help. EDIT: Just saying... I know you guys did it off work so it had to be late. I approve the initiative though!
  7. We get it that you sucked on Darkfall, no need to say it everytime. The impression was never that Crowfall would have had pure FF active on all the rulesets. If you cared to read what I linked (the super old thread), it was clear to everyone even then that the best case scenario was pure FF in the dregs and decreasing FF penalties in easier rulesets. You don't like friendly fire, it's alright. It doesn't mean that you have to pretend that the DEVs have been honest and clear on the matter. If they end up not using FF anywhere, they will have broken a promise they made before and after the KS,
  8. You clearly haven't read what Caenth said in his first post here. Anyhow, be back later.
  9. Really? The quote clearly implies that friendly fire would be there in the majority of the worlds, or at least in some (if things didn't turn out as they expected). ACE has never really stated things more clearly than that, so if they really remove friendly fire we can expect them to remove basically anything else they want. Which isn't bad per se, but if we want to define what they promised and what they did not, friendly fire clearly fits in the first subset.
  10. Google. It's fundamental. Physics FAQ, answer 4 or something. Then read out the threads about friendly fire and the devs responses to them. Thank their horrid devtrack that goes back 3-6 months or so, otherwise there would be plenty more.
  11. Are you blind? 15. DOES THAT MEAN THAT I CAN BE HIT BY FRIENDLY FIRE? Wherever possible, yes -- but we have to make sure that this is balanced. Some rules sets (like the infected worlds, which are Faction based) divide players automatically into teams. We have to make sure that players can't join teams specifically to take advantage of friendly fire to grief their own "teammates." Our plan is to try and apply debuffs to players for doing damage to or killing their teammates (the gods curse you for your incompetence). If this proves not to be a good enough deterrent, however, we may have
  12. So you skipped the part about the FAQ and Tully answering on the forum entirely. Great job carebeard. Right. The Dayz / H1Z1 mode in a MMORPG where who hides the most, who has more friends or who's the luckiest wins. Great job to you too sir.
  13. It's not your fault. Thanks for sharing that piece of information actually, but you can't expect us not to react to it. ACE shouldn't fear confrontation on the forum. I feel like I am the only one with a bit of memory here, and since my memory usually sucks you guys must be bots or something. ACE has promised FF numerous times. If you're looking for a "WE'LL DEFINITELY HAVE FRIENDLY FIRE" quote you won't find one, 'cause ACE and its developers have been ultra-cautious about any feature (duelist digging, full loot in the dregs, the whole "the shadow" ruleset ordeal... and the list go
  14. This is depressing, considering that we warned them, we told them.. And they kept answering: "dont worry it's prealpha"...
  15. the dregs is supposed to have friendly fire ............ .........
  16. It's nowhere near 50/50.. Everyone hates frontloading combos.. And DMG splitting.
  17. Devi andare in Manager Wallet o qualcosa del genere..
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