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  1. I joined KDS as i wanted to be apart of a good guild for my time in crowfall, i was okay with the whole putting the guild first thing. What i wasnt okay with was after being asked to hand over five mining disc to an officer was that i was told i couldnt mine dregs because i have a green disc and the guild wasnt going to give me an upgrade, although i could have made my own upgrade if i had kept hold of my gathered items and not given them the the guild. My entire crowfall experience has been a poor one becuase its seems that if your not an established player within the guild you dont get anything , yet your asked to contribute. So to reward this selfish behaviour i emptyed every chest in there EK and i am waiting with my other account for there guard to be down to do the same. I had the option to sell the stuff i stole or give it away, so i gave it to a rival guild for free... thats right nothing at all. All i wanted to do was spend my time mining dregs and helping the guild but it seems im too english to be excepted into this guild
  2. Excellent, I will try and get on tomorrow evening, failing that I will definitely be on Friday even. Look forward to chatting
  3. I would really like to join your Guild. I have recently purchased Crowfall and i find it a great escape from real life. Ill be honest i am completely new to this type of game, i suppose the closest to this I've played is a bit of minecraft and eve online, I'm hoping that by joining a guild i can grow my knowledge and eventually really contribute to not only the guild but the game as well. I normally get a few hours game time in the evening, however due to the nature of my work the time varies, the weekend is where i feed my gaming addiction.
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