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  1. You're welcome! I'm always reading and tracking things. While I wish that meant they were fixed instantly, the best I can do is try to keep ya'll informed. At the same time, people here at ACE are working really hard to get fixes and and at the same time continue development. ❤️
  2. Hi ya'll, We are aware of the issue and it's awaiting a fix. I've shared the submitted video's from @Hungry with the team and the issue is known. Thanks!
  3. These were as designed. Perhaps @thomasblair could answer more in depth.
  4. We've got it in the system, thanks ya'll!
  5. Let me look at it again, I did some brief testing and it appeared to work correctly for me. Perhaps you could share a video of what you're seeing?
  6. I believe this issue has already been addressed on the build on TEST
  7. Are you on TEST or LIVE? I'll check this out.
  8. She probably wants snacks instead. This is not a bad idea. Maybe not 100, but data always helps. I'm willing to follow up with the issue though.
  9. What kind of problems are you seeing?
  10. Please check announcement forums for TEST. I will be providing details about what would help us in terms of testing via those forums.
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