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  1. I have started playing the champion class with my brother and noticed a bug with his group buff for Attack power (most likely the same with its' support power buff, but I did not think to test it at the time, as it was getting late) the bug was observed as follows: based on the text, it "increases the groups attack power by 75 within 50m" My base attack power is 210 TEST 1: My brother is in only other member in the party, and is right beside me. Activate buff, attack power is now 247.5. I gained 37.5 AP, which is 75 divided by 2, for a 2-man party (Honestly I feel it should just be 75 for all, not divided across the entire group, but /shrug) We run appart, and after leaving the 50m range. His AP buff drops off, and he goes back to base AP. I on the other hand am still at 247.5 AP, as if I was sharing the 75 AP buff. I closed and opened the character stat page, and it did not change. we run back together, and his AP buff is reapplied, but mine stays the same at 247.5 TEST 2: We both run appart until the AP buff falls off. I turn off the party buff, and then turn it back on. My AP is not 285 (I received the full 75 AP buff) We run back together, and he gets the same AP buff as he did before. My AP is still 285 RESULTS: It would seem that this buff gets its' user-calculated buff amount at the time of casting, but does not update once party members become too far away.