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  1. Hey stranger, Happy Valentine's Day

  2. I thought 50 conversations was pretty good. Replies don't count, you can have 300+ replies, just not over 50 separate conversations. A lot better than the main W101 & P101 forums where the limit is 50 & every reply from someone counts as a new message.
  3. I agree, there should have been more options to vote on, like checky & CYT. Just to be fair
  4. It shows for me when I login to the main crowfall.com site & go to account.
  5. Yes, you're the best at posting a lot! But you suck at twerking videos Happy Birthday CYT!
  6. This thread got quiet. I assume everyone has signed up for the forums at crowfallwiseones.com and joined our fb group, Crowfall wise ones. If you're wanting to be in the Order of The Wise Ones guild, then be sure to go to your profile on our forums, click the groups tab & ask to join there.
  7. If you recently signed up, then you are in beta group #5. I know others that signed up recently that said the email didn't say which group, but they have posted on twitter what group they are on now.
  8. Oh, so he's the manly one, that makes you the girly one
  9. SO that makes you & kickit girly? Good to know
  10. It's the only way that we get any peace and quiet though! 3 hours driving, plus time spent at the hospital. Yeah, that's about right for a good nights sleep
  11. Yep, it was us! That wizard magic Might want to think twice before messing with us again!
  12. Not sure that is a visual that I wanted
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