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  1. 1. Blob PVP isn't fun. Two masses of players moving into each other and clicking buttons hoping to hit the right targets because everything is moving at 10 FPS is not compelling game play. Maybe the few people calling out orders into the mic trying to get the blob to move in the right direction get some enjoyment out of it although I often hear and have experienced the opposite, but for most players in the blob it is basically brain dead pvp with no real chance to make a personal impact. My suggestions for fixing this: - Performance is being worked on but honestly I don't believe t
  2. If there is a question about if their goal was to take the tree or not, it is easily cleared up just watch this at about 48:30 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/679987207 Edit: not sure if the embed worked right or not so added the link.
  3. I think the issue with the CC for the frost guard is that it is so much different than how all other hard CC works currently. All the other hard CC effects require a combo to use and have a long cool down. FG even if they make all of the damage, bug and aoe changes you suggest will still be able to put out hard CC more often than any other class even those with dedicated CC specs. FG is supposed to be a tank spec but seems like it should probably be more of a CC support spec which is fine but if they want it to be able to put out the amount of CC that it currently does then I think all of the
  4. @thomasblairIs the a confirmation that Wood Elves lose Trail Master as a passive in 5.110?
  5. Interesting that Trailmaster is active in all trays. Does this mean that Trailmaster now works in combat and stealth? I doubt it but trying to glean some more info from this than what is specifically being said.
  6. It would be nice to be able to sacrifice a vessel that has already been leveled up for all or a portion of the xp that was put in to level it.
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