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  1. Honestly the only thing I felt like I had to do was run pigs because the building costs for stuff was so high for a 7 day campaign which I understand is just to get more iterations in but this pace of testing with the amount of running it needs to build anything is going to burn out groups if the campaigns remain competitive.
  2. Sorry for the long video, I tried to edit out as much as possible but it was also necessary to show how long things were taking so that issues could be seen. Issues: - The initial hit on tower sections of the wall take the shield health to half(the shield drop to half can be seen more clearly at 33:00), from there it takes nearly 20 minutes of constant barrage by 2 trebs and 2 catapults to take down one section of the wall. These were all Mark IV. This might be the expected length if time it should take to break keep walls but the health bar being cut in half by one shot and then seeming to barley move after that should be fixed because it makes it hard to tell if you are actually damaging the wall until you have hit it for a long time. -Unrelated to the siege but still an issue at the 18:50ish mark you will see I forgot to switch to range tray after zoning because the game used to stay on the tray you were on and I think it should again. Also once I do make the switch all powers have been cleared from my ranged tray after zoning which is a big deal because if I forget to swap back to ranged tray I don't notice it has been cleared now I am entering a fight with no powers on the tray. Luckily there were only guards at this keep. -Once we do enter the keep and start fighting the first ranger guard its AI is messed up I think this might be due to it having been stuck in the tower prior to use breaking it as it it doesn't think there is a tower there and is having trouble navigating it. -Next we fight a knight guard and it has no weapons meaning it can use powers but has no basic attacks. The cleric guards also do not have their weapons but are still able to attack. -At 24:00 I have moved around to the back of the keep and placed another treb and attempt to attack the Barracks but the shots from the treb appear to pass through the walls of the barracks building and do not damage it. After moving to a second treb I tested the Arcane Armory which appeared to work fine. In a siege on the previous build I had similar results with the buildings in the opposite positions in the keep and the barracks was unable to be hit while the arcane armory was so it appears to be an issue with the building itself and not the position it is built in. At 33:30ish i cut to attacking the barracks with a catapult and you can see the the shots appear to connect however no damage is done to the building. At 34:30 I place a second catapult and attack the building from a different angle and I actually get a hit with a damage number pop up that comes later and from near the ground. However if the catapult is aimed at the right spot at the apex of the lower roof in the back the damage numbers do not show up. The other catapults shooting did never saw the damage numbers come up.
  3. Make Winter look this like everywhere, and then if you have to make the hunger crystals have a different effect. The visual effect of winter is lack luster compared to the changes that happen between spring, summer, and fall.
  4. I don't know if killing the Sentinel through the window is a big deal or not since forts are becoming mini keeps, but having it be vulnerable outside of the siege window doesn't seem right.
  5. It would be nice if the tray didn't reset from ranged to melee every time you go through a gate. On and archer it is annoying to start a fight by swinging my sword instead of pulling out my bow that I was just using in the last zone.
  6. I'm a little late to the party because I was out of town until this evening but I really feel like the flight model for the champions could be tightened up a bit. 😋
  7. Edit: Just found where the Spirit tool Proficiency comes from so looks like the bug is just with the naming of the tools as Advanced Runestone instead of now Spirit. This seems like a pretty significant change that should have been called out in the patch notes.
  8. Gold that was exported from the campaign will not stack with gold that was already in GR.
  9. @thomasblairIs the a confirmation that Wood Elves lose Trail Master as a passive in 5.110?
  10. Interesting that Trailmaster is active in all trays. Does this mean that Trailmaster now works in combat and stealth? I doubt it but trying to glean some more info from this than what is specifically being said.
  11. It would be nice to be able to sacrifice a vessel that has already been leveled up for all or a portion of the xp that was put in to level it.
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