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  1. 1. Blob PVP isn't fun. Two masses of players moving into each other and clicking buttons hoping to hit the right targets because everything is moving at 10 FPS is not compelling game play. Maybe the few people calling out orders into the mic trying to get the blob to move in the right direction get some enjoyment out of it although I often hear and have experienced the opposite, but for most players in the blob it is basically brain dead pvp with no real chance to make a personal impact. My suggestions for fixing this: - Performance is being worked on but honestly I don't believe that we well ever get to a point where the performance of the game will allow for all of the players that can show up to a fight to actually be in a big blob and the performance not tank. Can it be improved from where it is no sure but I think additional measures ought to be taken. Enable friendly fire outside of group this will force the blobs to spread out meaning that all players will not be standing in the exact same spot which means less players on screen for other players at any given time. This will also mean that larger groups will need to coordinate better that smaller groups so as not to kill each other and help lower the advantage of just bringing more. Along with this I think group sizes should be increased to 10 which will allow the friendly fire not to be completely onerous. 2. Forts give way to much compared to the level of effort for harvesting individual nodes. And end up being a game of watching timers while logged out and just logging in to collect. My suggestions for fixing this: - Combine forts and caravans. Instead of making forts a free resource spawner once an hour for the group that was able to bring their blob to that fort in the last 5 minuets of the hour that is was up for siege. Make it so caravans spawn at the forts either on a timer if you have to or allow the owning guild to spawn a set number of them. When the Caravan spawns put out the event message and let people know and then the owning guild will need to transport that caravan to their keep or a caravansary allowing them to be attacked and the caravan raided. This creates opportunity for pvp more often than just the one hour siege of the fort which is really just 15ish minuets maybe. It also gives value to holding keeps that are in proximity to forts that you want to run from thus creating a sort territory control system. Caravans could still spawn in the world if you wanted to give unlanded groups a chance to use them but wouldn't have to in my opinion which would mean more groups would potentially be out harvesting but also out looking for the events to pop of the land owners running their caravans. 3. New players make it to level 30 and then get lost on what to do. My suggestion for fixing this: - Right now the only real end game content for players at level 30 is the Dregs which is by design for guilds/alliances. New players make it to max level very fast and the are basically dropped into the deep end where they need to be in a guild but there is no option for them to even join a guild in the game...they have to go to the forum or a community run discord to find out what guilds exist and are recruiting, then they have to go to a different place on the website to apply and get accepted. This is ridiculously clunky for a game designed around guilds. Add guild functionality IN GAME. - Additionally running a faction based campaign would surely be much easier for new players to hop into particularly during beta when they are just checking out the game and seeing what it is about. I know Dregs needs to be tested but beta testers are not the best source for that until they understand the game and have had a chance to integrate into guilds. Those are the top three issues I see and my suggestions for improving on them. There is certainly more that could improve but I will save it for later.
  2. If there is a question about if their goal was to take the tree or not, it is easily cleared up just watch this at about 48:30 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/679987207 Edit: not sure if the embed worked right or not so added the link.
  3. I think the issue with the CC for the frost guard is that it is so much different than how all other hard CC works currently. All the other hard CC effects require a combo to use and have a long cool down. FG even if they make all of the damage, bug and aoe changes you suggest will still be able to put out hard CC more often than any other class even those with dedicated CC specs. FG is supposed to be a tank spec but seems like it should probably be more of a CC support spec which is fine but if they want it to be able to put out the amount of CC that it currently does then I think all of the other CC specs need to be brought up to that level however that would make it a very CC heavy game which they have so far avoided because being stuck not doing anything because you are CC'd isn't all that fun. I personally like the idea of CC being a skill shot ability where you have to time it right to interrupt your opponents important abilities. However because most CC requires a combo to setup you pretty much have to guess before they start casting their ability that they are going to use it to get your cc off in time to interrupt it. FG right now has the opposite problem because you don't have to guess or time at all you just throw it out there and it Knocks down up to 5 people and interrupts what ever they are doing faster than they can even use some of their skills because of animation time being longer than it takes for the ice to go off. Adding the delay in it going off would help this some but if I have to dodge to avoid the knockdown I still lose the ability to cast the skill at that time so rapid spamming of CC would still be a problem just a little less of one. If they want to balance FG in with the other classes and the current way other CC works is to take the Knockdown off of Free Weaved volatile ice and only have it on ice that is converted. Then it would still be table to be triggered by the FG when they want it to go off making it skill based but it would require the ice to be placed in advance a a likely spot that an enemy will be by the time you can complete the combo to convert it and this would also introduce an delay in the FG being able to use it again so that it would not be spamable.
  4. @thomasblairIs the a confirmation that Wood Elves lose Trail Master as a passive in 5.110?
  5. Interesting that Trailmaster is active in all trays. Does this mean that Trailmaster now works in combat and stealth? I doubt it but trying to glean some more info from this than what is specifically being said.
  6. It would be nice to be able to sacrifice a vessel that has already been leveled up for all or a portion of the xp that was put in to level it.
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