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  1. What are you talking about? We were clearly having a discussion about glasses and if they are half full or empty and the fact that some of us dont have a glass. 😁
  2. They made it very clear when they made the change two days till the end of campaign my guy. We all got the memo and it upset a lot of people because they did it right before the end. They then decided to leave the score alone and distribute rewards as earned but it was stated that the 100 point minimum for conquest would be effective going forward. So the start of this last campaign held the 100 point benchmark.
  3. If they were showing their texas roots it would be brown starting in mid summer with parts of it actuly being on fire at random times for no reason. The whole thing is a little odd, evergreens go from green to brown to blue? While the trees that are supposed to change stay green. Also, why blue in winter? How does grass go from brown to blue?
  4. I mean you can smash it but you will spend the next 100 year's paying for the repairs.
  5. W? Who is this W? Can someone pass the butter? *sips soda*
  6. It is, unfortunately, the nature of the beast. It is not the first game it has happened in, nor will it be the last. Back when we where the main guild on Balance, we where called bullies for running harvester ganks and organizing an extremely loose faction into a somewhat cohesive force able to take and hold forts and keeps. Everyone started jumping to one faction when they did the wipe for 5.5 and then 5.6 for harvesting. My point is, it doesn't matter if there is bright new shiny, easier harvesting, or people just wanting an excuse to cause drama in the community, there will always be the potential for this to happen in a game such as this. If it gets to be a constant problem, then maybe the gods should look at implementing something. I have read a few good ideas but I won't rehash them. If you will all excuse me, I need to refill my popcorn.
  7. Not completely accurate, but I do see your point. Some of us have been rolling Balance since the land was flat and we had capping trains.
  8. *Passes popcorn around* @PopeUrban, should we sell tickets?
  9. Hello everyone, I meant to ask this earlier and it has constantly slipped my mind. Arcane Bows, in the description it states that they have the ability to shoot elemental arrows, but currently there are no elemental arrows on the crafting menu. Will we get elemental arrows at some point or with the arcane bow charge arrows with elemental magic? I am just looking for a little clarification on this, thanks.
  10. I average 2-5 dust from knotwood trees, I can spend an hour in my ek and end up with more dust than I can use.
  11. I have been skinning for a while now and the only time I get bloodworms to drop is when using survivalist, and that is with my skinning skills maxed.
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