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  1. Best of luck Pann! We’ll always have the memories! ...😫
  2. OK, you got me, I don't even want to play Crowfall anymore. I just want more insight into the life of JTC.
  3. Database guy here. Appreciated the schema discussion, sounds like a fun problem. puts down his sandwich and turns off the Cosby Show
  4. Yeah VN, just be happy you were banned for something actually legitimate. :-)
  5. VN, I have you beat, I earned my 2nd ban months ago. Don't ask me how, though.
  6. Aw shucks, hope you had a decent cheesesteak at least. And yeah, there's not much down here in general heh.
  7. CYT, Make it out to South Jersey and I'll buy ya a beer. We don't exactly have a whole lot of trails out here though.
  8. Yeah, this stretch goal seems to be progressing just as quickly -- if not slightly faster -- as the previous ones.
  9. I'm strongly against a respec option. In a game promoting strategy and consequence, your decisions should have actual weight -- and not just the appearance that they matter. I'd be OK if you were able to buy back very small sums of skill points, but there'd have to be a considerable timer associated with it.
  10. Eldreth


    Oh man. Even I wouldn't subject you to such cruel and depraved punishment.
  11. Eldreth


    how ever far away, headlight
  12. Every couple of weeks I get the urge to throw some money at this. I keep reminding myself at how lame the combat looks (and I don't mean graphically).
  13. The way I interpreted it, the time of life dictates a theoretical maximum, where the distance traveled is a function of at least mass - and probably mass * power/skill. Not sure if arrows will have a 'true' trajectory or just a visual one, but based on what we've seen so far in terms of physics, I'd wager it's the former.
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